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Inclement weather leads to communications mistake

On Sunday, February 12, as heavy snow fell across most of the Northeast, notifications in the form of email, robocall, and text message went out to the Rensselaer community instating the Liberal Leave policy, allowing all non-essential staff members an additional two hours to arrive at work to account for conditions on the following Monday. Read more...

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Learning in college ends up different from high school

Frequest transitions from topic to topic discourages retention of material, diminishes feeling of achievement

As I continue to trudge through the mid-semester lull of RPI, right before exams start, on the brink of stressed but not getting panic attacks, I’ve come to the conclusion that my experience at RPI is really starting to feel like the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it”. Read more...

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Post-Grammy look at gilded Coloring Book

Following the 2017 Grammy Awards, the relevance of which is a different matter altogether, I decided to revisit, and rewrite, a review for one of my favorite albums of last year. The album was produced by none other than this year’s Best New Artist, Chance the Rapper. Although the award is thematically incorrect—Chance released his first mixtape 10 Day in early 2012—it serves as a great way to honor a man who managed to become a breakthrough success without signing to any major labels. With his third mixtape, Coloring Book, winning Best Rap Album, Chance seems only to go further and further on his past towards musical stardom. Coloring Book is an experience from start to finish, one where gospel, hip-hop, and jazz blend into a unique cocktail of sound only Chance could deliver. Read more...

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Highs, lows during weekend’s games

Women victorious over William Smith College, men stumble to Hobart College at home

The women’s basketball game against the William Smith College Herons was an exciting one, with the Engineers defeating their opponents 66–52 in the East Campus Athletic Arena. The crowd burst into cheers continually throughout the game, as sophomore guards Sam Krumbhaar and Elizabeth Eckhardt each scored 22 points. Read more...

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Senate responds to weather petition

Grand Marshal Paul Ilori ’17 opened the Student Senate with committee reports. Those began with Facilities & Services Committee Chairperson Austin Miller ’17 who followed up with information on suggestions to replace plastic bags in Sodexo locations with reusable bags. Miller is currently working with Hospitality Services in order to make this a reality as well as work out the logistics of distributing reusable bags to all students on campus at a cost equal to or lower than the current cost of purchasing plastic bags. Read more...

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Editorial Notebook

Familial love is a permanent, enduring love

Valentine's Day may not always have a fairy tale ending, but love is about more than romance

As Valentine’s Day approaches each year, I always witness two prevailing attitudes: one of fullness, and one of emptiness. For those who feel as though emptiness has taken their heart hostage this year, know that there is one source of love that has existed since you entered this world that will exist indefinitely. This love is the love that comes from family, and it promises to fill what may at times feel like an incurably deep void inside. Whether or not you have a loved one to shower with gifts and affection this year, there are people in your life who wish to do those things for you, and those people come from your family. Read more...

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Recyclemania promotes collegiate competition

Does your dorm have a convenient recycling system? Many people know about RPI’s single stream recycling, but sometimes it’s faster to just throw things in the trash. In an effort to make recycling simple for students, members of the Student Sustainability Task Force and Ecologic handed out free recycle bins to students living on campus. These bins, provided by Environment and Site Services, were given out in anticipation of a large, nationwide recycling competition called Recyclemania. This competition spans the United States and Canada, and pits college campuses against each other to see which campus has the most recycling per person. RPI will face some tough competition from the other schools, which include our rival Union College! Recyclemania officially starts Monday, February 6 and goes until Friday, April 1. During each week of the competition, County Waste, RPI’s waste hauler, will measure how much we have recycled as a campus. If you care about the environment, want to see RPI win, or just want to beat Union, then recycle as much as you can during the next few months! We hope that you will join in on the competition and recycle as many recyclable materials as possible! Read more...

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Women's Hockey

PSS: Women’s Hockey

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Crime declines in Rensselaer County, Jackson attributes to local investment in Capital District

Over the past several years, Rensselaer County, in conjunction with RPI’s campus, has seen an unprecedented decline in crime according to new data obtained by The Poly. Read more...

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Union facilities reorganized, student Activity Fee approved

Yearly Executive Board agenda transition proves difficult

Hello again RPI! It’s good to be writing to all of you this week, especially since this past Monday the Student Senate approved the Activity Fee recommendation for next fiscal year (that would be Fiscal Year 18). This is a great load off of my shoulders. Now that the Executive Board has finished budgeting and the Student Senate has approved a recommendation, next year’s Activity Fee goes to the Institute for final approval. Since working with club officers, staff members, and students to make the budget every year is one of the main functions of the Executive Board, the only thing we have left to do is wrap up the school year. We are going to spend our last two months finishing projects we began this year and leaving our plan for what’s next to our successors. Read more...

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Hello Internet piques interest

When two people with extensive interest in somewhat obscure subjects come together to talk, you’ve got yourself an excellent podcast. Hello Internet is, in my opinion, the epitome of the “two dudes talking” podcast genre, if you can call it a genre. What started out as an audio experiment between two YouTube friends, CGPGrey and Brady Haran, has blossomed into unique masterpiece of the podcasting world. Read more...

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Club curling team sets sights on nationals

After their most successful season yet, the RPI Curling Club is sitting at number one in the nation

Last weekend, the rpi Curling Club attended the Utica Curling Club bonspiel. RPI 1 swept the A event, taking down Colgate University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University to win the event. RPI 2 also saw success, going 2–2 over the weekend and defeating Yale 2 in the F event. Read more...

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Four-year journey to the top

From humble beginnings as a Senate committee leader, Ilori is proud for reaching the pinnacle of student power

The question I’ve been asked the most over the past few months has been some version of “what is it like to be Grand Marshal?” and “what do you dislike or like most about the role?” I normally throw out some pithy response: the main difference for me is that I have more meetings and get asked the same questions a lot. I don’t like wearing a top hat because it’s not exactly casual apparel. But if I sit down and think about it more, I can find more substantial answers. Read more...

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Unofficial hug group brightens Fridays for all

On most Fridays, you can hear us chanting “Happy Friday!” and “Have an awesome day!” outside of Russell Sage Dining Hall. Maybe you’ve even seen us dancing to some music. As one of the campus “Free Hug Friday” huggers, I’d like to tell you from my perspective what our little group is all about. Read more...

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Science & The New Polytechnic

First of all, the title of my column isn’t meant to suggest that we need a new version of “The Poly” – in fact, I feel honored to share some of my thoughts with you here. The title actually reflects on how the School of Science is committed to realizing President Jackson’s vision of “The New Polytechnic” as articulated in the Rensselaer Plan 2024—as an intellectual construct that embodies new ways of thinking and new ways of tackling some of the most important global challenges of our time. More on that later… first, here’s a little background about me. When I arrived at Rensselaer during the summer of 1989 as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry—the Department didn’t have “Chemical Biology” as part of its name then—I felt a deep sense of responsibility and excitement about becoming a part of this great institution, and I wanted to make sure that I did my best in both teaching and research in order to live up to its reputation. I had heard a great many things about how highly regarded the student body was, and that the faculty were known for inventing new ways of teaching, such as “studio” courses. They were also national and international leaders in their respective fields of research. Wow! Well, it’s 2017, and I’m even more excited about the success of Rensselaer, and amazed at how much progress we have already made together. When President Jackson appointed me Dean of the School of Science in January of 2015, I was honored and excited to have the responsibility of making sure that the School of Science continued to grow and thrive, provide the best instruction and a great student experience, and grow our international research reputation to new levels. Read more...

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Full Issue: February 8, 2017


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Comics: February 8, 2017

The Rensselaer Polytechnic January 25, 2017

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Men's Hockey

Engineers pick up sixth victory of season

The Engineers had their second to last home stand of the regular season this past weekend, picking up one win and one loss. RPI grabbed win number six of the season with a strong team performance against Colgate University on Friday, February 3. The next night, it looked like the Engineers might pull out an upset win over 16th ranked Cornell University. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen, as the Engineers imploded late in the game and ended up losing 4-3 in regulation. Read more...

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Editorial Notebook

Avoid procrastination this semester

Ever since coming back to RPI following Winter Break, I’ve felt a sense of dread about going to class. My motivation has been slipping, and I haven’t felt any drive to do work until it is absolutely necessary. I’ve talked to a few other freshmen about this, and it seems to be a common thought. As I finished my first semester, I felt like I cleared some sort of monumental hurdle; a hurdle which made it ok to stop trying in school. However, as we progress further and further into this spring semester, I realize that this is not the case. Read more...

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