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The Rensselaer Polytechnic October 19, 2016

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Helicopters, businesses take ’86 Field

Rensselaer’s fifth annual National Manufacturing Day program, hosted by the School of Engineering, took place last Friday in tandem with many manufacturing organizations. Companies from across the country traveled to Rensselaer to inform the students, faculty, and staff on what manufacturing actually is, and to take charge of the public perception of it. Events included programs and keynote speakers, exhibits from student organizations, and undergraduate-led lab tours of several Rensselaer facilities. However, the most visible event was the landing of a Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk on Rensselaer’s ’86 field. Read more...

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Staff Editorial

Shifting weekly printed content to daily online news

In the coming weeks, The Polytechnic will be testing a new way of publishing. Instead of waiting for Wednesday to roll around, we will aim to publish content to our website as it comes in. We live in a world where social media is a dominant news source—everything happens faster today than it did 10 years ago. Waiting until Wednesdays for coverage of events happening today simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Read more...

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New fan favorites found in Korean pop group

The past week saw the music world shaken, records rewritten, and a new bar set for the industry. The group in question is an international sensation, boasting YouTube fame and topping iTunes album charts in 27 countries, ranging from Russia to Sweden. Yet, despite these artists dominating the news, odds are that this is the first time you’re ever hearing about them! Read more...

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Rensselaer now 11-3 after successful weekend

Women’s Soccer had two away games this past weekend as they traveled to face Clarkson University on Friday and St. Lawrence University on Saturday. The Engineers, who had just come off a 1-2 loss to Vassar College in overtime last weekend, were out for redemption this time around. Read more...

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Director of Archer Center honored

Linda Teitelman McCloskey retires after 30 years with Rensselaer

This past Wednesday marked the retirement reception for Linda Teitelman McCloskey, founding director of the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development and 30 year veteran at Rensselaer. Prior to her role in the Archer Center, she served as Associate Director of Student Activities. Read more...

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Hydroponics redefining future production of food

Changes from centralized to invidualized distribution

Food is an interest of mine. Big surprise for a college age male, right? But it’s not just the consumption of food that I’m interested in, it’s the production: how it’s grown, harvested, and shipped. In high school I discovered a passion for hydroponics—the growth of plants without the use of soil. The roots often are left to dangle in reservoirs of nutrient-rich water, with inflated clay pellets used to support some of the roots and hold in moisture. I was fascinated by the ability to grow plants in such a controlled environment; in that, I saw a future. Read more...

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Book Review

Lewis novel challenges readers’ view

Released in 1942, C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters serves as the author’s second standalone novel, and is widely respected for its original concept and smart reimagining of Christian themes. Lewis is primarily known for his children’s series, The Chronicles of Narnia, wherein he adapts biblical stories into an easily digestible fantasy world for young readers. In The Screwtape Letters, however, Lewis abandons his goal of making Christianity an easy concept for the reader; the novel takes an infinitely more grim approach to the idea of sinning and salvation. In an interview with Dr. Shirwood Wirt of Decision magazine, Lewis stated that of all his books, The Screwtape Letters was “was only one [he] did not take pleasure in writing.” Read more...

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Fazio places fourth, Lord sixth at New Jersey championship

Senior Ben Fazio finished the men’s 8000 meter championship race ahead of 371 runnings with his fourth-place time of 23:35.1 on Saturday in Glassboro, New Jersey, at the 45-school Inter-Regional Border Battle hosted by Rowan University. The men’s and women’s teams, both ranked No. 11 in Division III heading into the meet, represented one of ten nationally-ranked schools at the meet. Colleges from as far away as Georgia attended. Read more...

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Changes to HASS and Science core coming soon

Upcoming reforms mandate that students gain leadership experierience as freshmen

The Senate meeting opened with a presentation of proposed changes to the Institute core curriculum by Associate Professor of Biology and Faculty Senate Core Curriculum Implementation Committee Chairperson Lee Lignon and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Linda Schadler. The committee has been working on a proposal to make changes since “no one can remember the last time core curriculum was updated,” according to Ligon. Ligon said that the proposals are guided by the intersection of three main areas: the Science and the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences core, major requirements, and co and extracurricular activities. In fact, one of the guiding principles behind these changes would be to more deliberately intersect the varying segments of the student experience here at Rensselaer. Any changes would not be implemented until the fall of 2018 at the earliest (and then only for incoming students), so the Senate was asked to provide feedback on behalf of future students. Read more...

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Pledging for future success

Revising expectations, capitalizing on bold new opportunities for betterment of our community

I’ll be honest that I was one of those freshman nearly three months ago who came to RPI and was instantly overwhelmed by opportunities, whether they were academics, meeting new people, or that endless stream of emails once you sign up for RPI Jinder (JobLink) alerting you that companies are interviewing in your area. Read more...

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Netflix series breaking controversial ground

If you’ve read my reviews before, you know I’m a fan of Netflix’s original programming. In general, I think it’s one of the most consistently entertaining and high value programming of any service, from TV channels, HBO, to other platforms like Hulu. However, I have seen Netflix stumble. Jessica Jones wasn’t to my liking, and I was mixed on Daredevil Season 2. So, what do I think of Luke Cage? To be honest, I am a bit conflicted. Read more...

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RPI Engineers fall short against Fighting Hawks

The Engineers traveled west over the weekend to face off against the University of North Dakota in their third weekend of play. The puck dropped at 7:05 pm at UND on Saturday evening. Tyson Jost won the first faceoff against the Engineers’ sophomore Evan Tironese. Following were the first two shots of the game, one blocked by junior defenseman Mike Prapavessis and the other a save by freshman goalie Chase Perry. Despite the immediate offensive push by UND, Tironese, assisted by senior forward Riley Bourbonnais and junior forward Lou Nanne, scored the first goal of the game four minutes in for RPI. Read more...

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Sole Survivor becomes Union recognized

Campus group brings awareness to sexual assault, provide victims with resources at RPI

The Rensselaer Union Executive Board began their meeting Thursday, October 13 by approving the constitution of the RPI Interplanetary Society. They are now an official Union-recognized club. Read more...

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Students appreciate educational evolution

Hi, RPI!

As many of you may know, Linda Teitelman McCloskey, the founding director of the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development, retired last week. In her roles on campus, she was a mentor and teacher to student leaders and worked hard to advocate on behalf of all students and on behalf of the Rensselaer Union. Linda was truly a transformative force at RPI. She began working in the Union as director of student activities in 1984 and not long after, she and student leaders in the Union formed what would later become the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development. The Archer Center went on to become a national model for leadership instruction at colleges and universities. Read more...

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From room to headphones

Artist breaks mold with fiery home-recorded music

You might have seen her crowd-surfing at a music festival in the heat of last summer. You might have seen her belting a lyric during a late night talk show performance, with her signature, tight braid twisting to the beat. Karen Marie Ørsted, known as MØ, has been on the rise in the music scene for several years now. With a debut album under her belt and a string of electrifying singles released this year alone, MØ is overdue for a supermassive explosion to stardom. Read more...

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Freshmen duo faces stiff competition in AZ

Freshmen duo faces

As the tennis season comes to an end, the Engineers competed in one last tournament. After freshmen duo of Sebastian Castillo-Sanchez and Zack Ebenfeld won the doubles title at the ITA Northeast Regional earlier this month, they qualified to compete at the ITA Oracle Cup. The prestigious Oracle Cup took place in Surprise, Arizona this past week. Read more...

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An engineer’s worst nightmare

Horror games are usually very typical in terms of content: random jumps, scares, and sounds to escalate the player’s sense of fear. Death by Daylight is no typical horror game; it is pure terror. Read more...

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Full issue: October 12, 2016

The Rensselaer Polytechnic October 12, 2016

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Union Fund holds potential for change

On Saturday, October 8, a new Reddit user, /u/rpiunionfund, posted a link to a new website https://poly.rpi.edu/s/sjdr describing a proposal by Rensselaer alumni to create a fund that would take donations in the name of Rensselaer Union clubs, and disburse them once a year to the Union. What makes this concept different from the existing mechanism to donating to the Union through WeRGold, or even through https://poly.rpi.edu/s/werct is that donated funds would only be disbursed to the Union if certain critera related to student governance are met. In the current proposed charter on the rpiunion.fund website, conditions for dispersal of funds include significant student input in professional staff hiring, club and organizational budget formation, activity fee disbursement, and student say in major policies affecting student life at RPI. Read more...

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