Current Grand Marshal Ben Viner endorses Vivian Rost-Nasshan for GM

By Ben Viner March 17, 2024

I am proud to endorse Vivian Rost-Nasshan for the role of Grand Marshal at Rensselaer. Rost-Nasshan’s proactive engagement in Student Government from the start of her time at RPI, coupled with her impactful leadership as chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, showcases her dedication to improving the student experience. Her commitment to addressing genuine student concerns, demonstrated through both her involvement in clubs and her advocacy for tangible initiatives, makes her an exceptional candidate for this position. Rost-Nasshan’s passion and leadership skills make her well-suited to effectively represent and serve the student body.

Rost-Nasshan distinguished herself as a trailblazer in her class by becoming actively engaged in Student Government from the very beginning. Throughout her first semester at RPI in Fall 2022, she consistently attended weekly Senate meetings and enthusiastically participated in Senate committees. Notably, Rost-Nasshan stood out as the lone freshman to attend our Student Government training sessions prior to elections. Her unwavering commitment and fervor have been evident from the very beginning and only intensified over time.

Over the past year, Rost-Nasshan has served as the chair of the Senate's Academic Affairs Committee. In this capacity, she has forged valuable relationships with key administrators, including President Schmidt and Provost Doerge. Furthermore, she has spearheaded several of the Senate's most impactful initiatives this term, such as initiatives to decrease textbook expenses and implement policies to prevent exams and assignment due dates from immediately following breaks. In addition to her work on AAC, Rost-Nasshan has been an integral part of other Senate and faculty/staff committees.

Beyond her dedication to Student Government, Rost-Nasshan’s genuine concern for the well-being of her fellow students at RPI is unmistakable. This is evident not only through her active participation in four clubs, but also through the priorities she has set for the upcoming term. Rost-Nasshan’s commitment to addressing genuine concerns that impact all students at RPI is commendable. She will not spend her time chasing internal policy and trivial issues. I am confident that she will allocate her time and energy toward initiatives that yield tangible, positive results for the entire student body.

Rost-Nasshan’s remarkable dedication to Student Government and her proactive approach to addressing student concerns make her an outstanding candidate for the role of Grand Marshal at RPI. From her early engagement as a freshman to her leadership as chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, Rost-Nasshan has consistently demonstrated her commitment to improving the student experience. Her ability to forge valuable relationships with key administrators and spearhead impactful initiatives speaks to her leadership skills and effectiveness as an advocate for her peers. Moreover, Rost-Nasshan’s genuine concern for the well-being of all students at RPI, combined with her thoughtful priorities and focus on tangible outcomes, make her an ideal candidate to represent and serve the student body effectively. I have complete confidence that Rost-Nasshan will continue to make significant contributions to the RPI community in this esteemed position.