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Mailing address

The Polytechnic
c/o Rensselaer Union
110 8th St.
Troy, NY 12180


Meeting times

During a normal week, The Poly meets three times:

  • Sunday, 3 pm: Business and content meeting
  • Monday, 6:30 pm: Copy night
  • Tuesday, 7 pm: Layout and closing

All meetings are in our office, RU 3418. Everyone is welcome to attend. These times are subject to change, so please contact if you plan on coming.

Editorial and article submissions

Please see our Submit page for information on submitting letters to the editor or other articles.

Ask Brookelyn

Contributing Editor Brookelyn Parslow writes a weekly discussion and advice column called Ask Brookelyn. Submit a question here.


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Departmental contact


Staff Contacts — Editorial Board

Editor in ChiefSidney Kochman
Senior Managing EditorTyler
Managing EditorRex
Managing EditorBrookelyn
Contributing EditorJonathan
Contributing EditorJoey
News EditorDarby
Business ManagerPeter
Features EditorSerge
de facto Sports EditorJoseph
Editorial/Opinion EditorCrystal
Composing EditorAna
Copy EditorNicholas
Photography EditorElena
de facto Web EditorJoseph
Associate Features EditorAna
Associate Features EditorAnna
Associate Ed/Op EditorAnnie
Associate Photography EditorStephanie
Associate Photography EditorNicole

Staff Contacts — Coordinators

Advertising DirectorBrookelyn Parslow
Graphics DirectorAna Wishnoff
Web and Systems DirectorSidney
Systems CoordinatorJonathan
Copy CoordinatorMaria