Student Life

Class of 2026 to be RPI's largest first-year class

The class of 2026 will be made up of 2,110 students, making it the largest freshman class in RPI history. For comparison, the class of 2025 is made up of around 1,500 students.


Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson retires, Dr. Martin A. Schmidt begins presidency

July 1 marks the end of Dr. Jackson’s position as president of RPI and the start of Dr. Martin A. Schmidt’s presidency.

Student Life

Commencement guest policy updated

Commencement guests must now show proof of a negative PCR test taken up to 72 hours before arrival on campus or a rapid antigen home test taken 24 hours in advance of campus arrival. This update comes after a COVID-19 requirement update sent yesterday sparked discussion on Reddit and the RPI parent Facebook group. Previously, only PCR tests taken up to 48 hours before Commencement were permitted.

Executive Board

Executive Board approves facility projects, additional club subsidies

The Executive Board approved a total of $90,500 to demolish the W2SZ trailer on Sunset Terrace and build two offices in the Mueller Center. Additional subsidy requests by TeamRPI eSports and the Union Show Techs were also approved.


Notes back from Colonie: student experiences with COVID-19 at Rensselaer

Being notified of a positive for COVID-19 test result can be an overwhelming ordeal. The Polytechnic interviewed six students to take a closer look at the experiences of people who contracted COVID-19 while living on campus. While they report being well taken care of during their stay, they still have reservations about certain aspects of their time in Colonie Apartments.

Student Senate

Grand Marshal recaps meeting with President Shirley Ann Jackson

During the Student Senate meeting on April 12, Grand Marshal Cait Bennett ’22 reported on meeting with President Shirley Ann Jackson about the upcoming presidential transition. Furthermore, the Student Senate motioned to reappoint Alexander Grant ’24 as Secretary.

Executive Board

Executive Board confirms nine members to Board

The Union Executive Board confirmed nine members to join the Board, including a new “Counselor to the President” position.

Student Senate

Executive Board and Student Senate officers approved

The Student Senate approved the appointments of Executive Board and Student Senate Committee chairpersons. Among them is the first Graduate student Student Life Committee chairperson, Zachary Barringer.

Executive Board

Union to conduct campus renovations for Fall

The Rensselaer Union is planning to introduce two new offices in the Mueller Center, demolish the W2SZ trailer near ECAV, and renovate the Student Government Suite in the Union.

Greek Life

Stickers around campus claim "Ski drugs women"

Stickers that stated “SKI DRUGS WOMEN” were found around campus yesterday, featuring a picture of a hand holding a pill over an open drink. The Polytechnic has attempted to investigate the stickers’ accusation but has not verified it.

Student Life

Graduates now allowed four Commencement guests

Graduating students can now bring four guests to the Commencement ceremony, scheduled for Saturday, May 21 at the East Campus Athletic Village at 8:15 am, according to an email sent out on Friday. Registration information is set to come out sometime this week.

Executive Board

Girls Who Code, Bitcoin club become Union-recognized

The Union Executive Board designated Girls Who Code and the Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Technology Club as Union-recognized clubs. A motion to purchase two AEDs also passed unanimously.

Campus Security

Sorority members warned of alleged drugging by fraternity brother

Editor’s Note: This story contains information about an alleged drugging that readers may find triggering.

Executive Board

Multicultural Sorority and Fraternity Council becomes Union-affiliated

The Executive Board approved a motion to designate the Multicultural Sorority and Fraternity Council and their sub-organizations as Union-affiliated clubs.


RPI hires second Title IX coordinator

Melissa Walega has been hired as a Title IX Coordinator and Senior Human Resources Specialist according to an announcement sent through Morning Mail this morning. Walega is now one of two Title IX coordinators at Rensselaer.

GM Week 2022

GM Week election results: live updates

Cait Bennett was reelected for Grand Marshal, Colleen Corrigan was elected President of the Union, and Ria Massoni was elected Undergraduate President. Check back here for GM Week Election updates as results roll in.

Student Rights

Students' GPAs leaked in mass email

The personal information of 570 students was inadvertently leaked on Tuesday, March 22, when a spreadsheet containing the information was mistakenly attached to a mass email for the Lee Foundation Scholarship. The spreadsheet contained students in the School of Engineering with GPAs above 2.80 who have Sophomore or Junior credit standing.

GM Week 2022

Polls close in GM Week elections

Voting for GM week elections closed at 5 pm today. An estimated 1,820 ballots were cast in the election across four polling locations.

GM Week 2022

Bennett, Gramenides face off in GM Week Debate

On Tuesday, the two candidates for Grand Marshal, Cait Bennett '22 and Nicole Gramenides '23, participated in a debate held by the Elections Commission. Positions for Undergraduate President and President of the Union were uncontested, so both candidates participated in a 30 minute Q&A session. Elections Commission Chairperson Nicholas Longchamp '24 and The Polytechnic News Editor William Hawkins '23 moderated the debate.

GM Week 2022

GM Week voting opens

Today is election day. Voting will be open from 8 am to 5 pm at Commons Dining Hall, the Union, DCC, CBIS, and the Folsom Library. Additionally, there are no classes today so that students can vote.

GM Week 2022

Ballots finalized for Wednesday Election

The Elections Commission has finalized which candidates will appear on the ballot for tomorrow's election. Voting in GM Week elections is open tomorrow from 8 am to 5 pm. All students, including those graduating in May, are eligible to vote.

GM Week 2022

GM Week debates Tuesday in Union

For the first time since 2018, the Rensselaer Union will hold an in-person GM Week debate Tuesday in the McNeil room of the Rensselaer Union from 6 to 8 pm.

GM Week 2022

Bennett recuses herself from Grand Marshal duties

In an email to the Senate email list Friday night, Grand Marshal Cait Bennett ’22 announced that she is recusing herself as GM until voting in GM Week elections closes.

GM Week 2022

GM Week is back in person — Here’s what you should know

GM Week begins today with elections on Wednesday. The theme for GM Week is Sweet Week. Associate News Editor Alexander Orr ’25 gives a crash course on what to know and expect for GM Week.