Executive Board

The Executive Board approves multiple club and Grand Marshal Week related motions

The Executive Board approved the usage of the McNeil room for two events related to Grand Marshal Week. First, the Rensselyrics approached the board in hopes of securing the room for their A Night of A Cappella performance the night of March 21st in collaboration with other campus a cappella groups. They hoped to showcase music prepared by each group, as well as bring in an audience to celebrate and support GM Week. After a brief discussion, this motion was approved unanimously. Next, Toby McDonald ’26, representing the GM Week Committee, approached the board in the hopes of receiving permission to use the room for both the GM Week Kickoff on Monday night and candidate debates on Wednesday night. Both events were put in place to celebrate GM week, and the motions were approved unanimously.

The Indian Students Association approached the board requesting an additional subsidy for their upcoming formal. The club has held many events throughout the year and planned on the formal being their final event for this academic year. In total, the club requested $2,000 to cover venue costs, cleanup fees, and other expenses. After a lengthy discussion, the E-board approved a smaller cultural subsidy of $500.

The Badminton Club was also seeking a subsidy of $755 to attend their upcoming tournament. The team explained that they have attended this tournament in previous years and need to attend this year in order to qualify for nationals. After discussion, the subsidy request was approved unanimously.

RPI Bhangra approached the E-board requesting a reallocation of their current funds. Bhangra is an Indian folk dance team that performs both on campus as well as locally to raise awareness and share cultural traditions. The club explained that their costumes, which are very important to their performance, had become damaged and were not being properly maintained. They requested that $400 of their funds be reallocated so that they can repair their costumes alongside keeping up with other props and traditional garments they use in the art form. After a brief discussion, the motion was approved unanimously.

The Rensselaer Pride Alliance also approached the board looking to add a formal as a club event this semester. They explained that on April 12th, there would be a day of silence to raise awareness for bullying of members of the LGBT community. Following this event, the club wanted to hold a formal to celebrate. After discussion, the motion was approved unanimously.

The Executive Board meeting was held on March 14. E-Board meets every Thursday at 7 pm in the Shellnutt Gallery.