Executive Board

Humans vs Zombies receives additional subsidy

The Humans vs Zombies club approached the Executive Board asking for an additional subsidy of $975.

The club explained that they participate in a giant game of tag where “zombies” attempt to tag “humans” while the "humans" defend themselves. Many colleges have this club and some host invitationals in which different schools will travel to participate in a large-scale game. The club mentioned they were much more active in these invitationals, but were forced to cut costs during COVID-19. They requested additional funds in order to rent cars and pay for gas so that more members of the club would be able to travel to four invitationals planned this year. After a brief discussion, their subsidy was approved unanimously.

This Executive Board meeting was held on October 12. The next E-Board meeting is Thursday, October 19 at 7 pm in the Shelnutt Gallery.