Editorial submissions

The Polytechnic welcomes your opinions. Letters to the editor must be typed, signed and less than 500 words in length. Longer submissions are accepted as “My View” columns. A telephone number is required from all authors not submitting from an e-mail address. All letters are due by 5 pm on the Friday prior to publication.

All Editorial/Opinion Submissions should be sent to our Editorial/Opinion section at

News, Features, and Sports submissions

The Poly accepts articles from non-staff writers. Submissions should be arranged by emailing the relevant section:,, or

All material submitted to The Polytechnic, whether it is eventually published or not, becomes the property of The Polytechnic, and the paper reserves the right to unlimited use of the material.

Code of Operations

The following is a statement of the publication policy of The Polytechnic in accordance with the Rensselaer Union Media Statement. These guidelines should be followed to ensure that all submissions are considered for publication.

Article I: General Policies

  1. All submissions should be made via email as an attachment in Microsoft Word format or in the body of the email.
  2. Submissions should conform to Poly style. This means, among other things, that submissions use correct English grammar and spelling. The Editorial Board of the Polytechnic reserves the right to edit submissions for reasons of space, clarity, or style. More detailed information concerning Poly style is available at the Polytechnic office.
  3. Opinions expressed in The Polytechnic are not to be taken as representing the official views of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the Rensselaer Union, or of the student body in general.

Article II: Deadlines

  1. The following deadlines have been established so that deadlines imposed by the printer may be met. Late submissions cannot be guaranteed space. Deadlines are subject to change without notice.
  2. Deadline of all advertising, including Classifieds and Personals: 5 pm of the Friday preceding publication. Deadline for Campus Notices, What’s Happening submissions and related public service material: 5 pm on the Friday preceding publication. Deadline for opinion pieces: 5 pm on the Friday preceding publications. The deadline for news, features, and sports articles are to be set by the editors of those sections and communicated to the staff of those departments.

Article III: Editorial and Editorial Responsibility

  1. The views of the Polytechnic Editorial Board will be presented in the Poly Editorial Section. Editorial opinions will be bound only by the views of the Poly Editorial Board, and shall only represent the opinion of the Board.
  2. The Editorial Board will accept the responsibility for the content of each issue. The decision to publish, edit, or change submitted material rests with the appropriate members of the Editorial Board. Final decision to publish, edit, or change submitted material rests with the editor in chief. Specifically, the Poly reserves the right to edit material so that it will conform to style requirements. The Editorial Board also reserves the right to determine the placement of any story within the newspaper and to write headlines for all stories.

Article IV: Opinion Pieces

  1. The Polytechnic provides space for the airing of opinions on campus issues in the “Letters to the Editor” part of the opinion section. Letters to the editor must be no longer than 500 words in length. This forum is intended for use by the entire Rensselaer community.
  2. Another medium available for the use of the Rensselaer community is My View. My Views are editorial columns by an individual on a campus-related issue. My Views must be between 500 and 700 words in length, and individuals can have no more than two My Views per semester.
  3. All opinion pieces must be signed and have the author’s email address in order to be considered for publication. The Poly may, however, withhold the name(s) of the author(s) upon request.
  4. While the Poly is under no obligation to publish any material received, such material will be published as space permits. The Poly reserves the right to refuse the publication of any material it considers libelous, obscene, poorly written, or in conflict with this Code of Operations. The Poly also reserves the right to delete such portions of opinion pieces which are considered unnecessary or irrelevant to the point in question, or to edit or delete sections for reasons of space, style or clarity.
  5. The columns “Top Hat” and “Derby” are granted as a forum for the grand marshal and the president of the Union to present their views and to help them keep their constituents informed on some of the pertinent activities of student government.
  6. Other columns are granted on a semesterly or yearly basis by the Editorial Board. These columns shall provide differing viewpoints to help balance the newspaper. Like all columns, however, they are subject to the same regulations as opinion pieces.

Article V: Campus Notices and Public Service Messages

  1. Notices pertaining to the activities of any Rensselaer community organization may be presented in the “Campus Notices” column. Notices must be sent via e-mail to and should not be more than 35 words long. The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit notices for reasons of space, grammar or clarity.
  2. Consideration will also be given to the publication of free public service advertising. Requests for this space submitted by student government and Institute sources will be given highest priority. Poly Centerspreads are a public service provided by the Polytechnic. They are allocated on a first-come basis, depending upon space availability. Further information is available on The Poly’s website by clicking on the link labeled “the poly.”

Article VI: Advertising

  1. Advertising is handled by the Advertising Director and her representatives. Those wishing to advertise in The Polymay do so by contacting our Business Office. All politically oriented advertising, including student elections, must be paid in full prior to publication. Union-funded clubs may advertise their respective events for free in the Poly as limited by the number of Poly credits allocated to the club and in accordance with the rules governing these credits. The placement of these ads must conform to standards and policies of both The Poly and the Rensselaer Union Executive Board on Union-funded club/organization advertisement allocation. Also, these ads must conform to The Poly‘s layout dimensions and style. Further information regarding advertising rates, policies and services is available from the Poly office or on its website clicking on the link labeled “advertise.”

Article VII: Classifieds and Personals

  1. The Polytechnic shall continue to provide space for paid classified and personal advertisements. All classifieds and personals must include the name, address and phone number of the person purchasing the advertisement. Specific guidelines concerning classifieds and personals can be obtained from the Poly website by clicking on the link labeled “advertise,” or from contacting our Business Office.
  2. The Poly reserves the right to refuse the publication of any classifieds or personals it considers libelous, obscene, poorly written, or in conflict with this Code of Operations. The Poly also reserves the right to edit classifieds and personals for reasons of space, style, or clarity.

Article VIII: Errata

  1. Factual errors will be corrected or retracted in subsequent issues, if such errors are reported to the editor in chief either by email or mail.

Article IX: Editorial and Business Offices

  1. The Editorial and Business offices of The Polytechnic are located in Room 3418 of the Rensselaer Union.
  2. Mailing address is: The Rensselaer Polytechnic, Box 35, Rensselaer Union, RPI, 110 8th Street, Troy, NY 12180-3590.
  3. Telephone: (518) 276-6770. Fax: (518) 276-8728.
  4. The Poly‘s e-mail address for general correspondence is, and for its advertising section is
  5. The Poly‘s website, which is updated weekly, is and contains email addresses for each of The Poly’s departments.