GM Week 2024

GM Week preliminary election results: Philipps, Khoury elected PU, UP, runoff election to be held for GM

Catherine Philipps ’24, ’25G has been elected President of the Union. Paul Khoury ’26 has elected as Undergraduate President. A runoff election between Ria Massoni ’24, ’25G and Vivian Rost-Nasshan ’26 will be held to elect the Grand Marshal.

The Elections Commission provided a statement to The Poly saying, "[t]he Elections Commission has unanimously determined that the 2024 Grand Marshal race is far below the necessary margin of victory and is too close to call at this time. The margin of victory was established by the Elections Commission in consultation with the Rensselaer Union Systems Administrators and staff with an understanding of the technical status of the voting systems." The runoff election for GM will be held in about two weeks.

The transition of power won't occur until all results of the election have been certified by the Commission. The Commission did add that "[c]urrent Student Government officers will remain in their existing positions until the final certification. However, calling preliminary races permits that the officers start preparing for the transition."

The Commission has provided the following preliminary results.

  • President of the Union: Catherine Philipps
  • Undergraduate President: Paul Khoury
  • Class of 2025 President: Mike Slass
  • Class of 2025 Vice President: Aaryan Bhatt
  • Class of 2025 Senator: William Dugan
  • Class of 2025 Representatives: Jayden Smith, Jonathan Young
  • Class of 2026 President: Henry Hanson
  • Class of 2026 Vice President: Grace Killeen
  • Class of 2026 Senator: Chris Roe
  • Class of 2027 President: Sabrina Beadie
  • Class of 2027 Vice President: Aidan Max
  • Class of 2027 Senators: Williams Chen, Griffin Oliver, Marie Shippert, Andrew Wu
  • Class of 2027 Representatives: Douglas Leach, Ziqing Liu, Steven Pereira
  • Graduate Senators: Tiburon Benavides, Lawrence Hiquiana, Lily Joyce
  • Graduate Representatives: Milena Jonas Bem, Diyanko Bhowmik, Sombuddha Chatterjee, Aditi Tithi
  • Inter-Fraternity Council Senator: Nevin Joshy
  • Independent Senator: Shaurya Chaudhuri, Colette Minor

A recording of Miles announcing the preliminary results can be found here, courtesy of RPI TV.

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