Nilay Kapadia

Senior Managing Editor

Nilay is a sophomore Computer Science major from Scarsdale, New York.

Previous positions
  • News Editor October 2022 to December 2023
  • News Coordinator September 2022 to October 2022
Executive Board

Philipps hosts penultimate E-Board meeting of first term

April 10, 2024

President of the Union Catherine Philipps ’24, ’25G hosted the penultimate Executive Board meeting of her first term last Thursday. The RMA reallocated funds to purchase a Mac mini, Chess Club received a $500 subsidy to purchase chess sets, and RPI Dance Team and Women’s Club Volleyball both received subsidies to attend national competitions. Director of the Union Charlie Potts also gave a presentation on upcoming Union renovations.

GM Week 2024

Vivian Rost-Nasshan elected Grand Marshal in runoff election

April 5, 2024

Vivian Rost-Nasshan ’26 has been elected Grand Marshal, beating Ria Massoni ’25G in a historic runoff election.


Ria Massoni endorsed for GM by Active Minds, Sole Survivors, Disabled Students at RPI DREAM, Autism at Rensselaer, and Comma

April 2, 2024

Ria Massoni ’24, ’25G has been endorsed for Grand Marshal by Active Minds, Sole Survivors, Disabled Students at RPI DREAM, Autism at Rensselaer, and Comma.

Breaking News

Second debate for GM to be held on April 1, runoff election set for April 3

March 27, 2024

The Elections Commission has announced a second debate for Monday, April 1 between Grand Marshal candidates Ria Massoni ’24, ’25G and Vivian Rost-Nasshan ’26. The Commission has also set Wednesday, April 3 for the runoff election.

GM Week 2024

GM Week preliminary election results: Philipps, Khoury elected PU, UP, runoff election to be held for GM

March 23, 2024

Catherine Philipps ’24, ’25G has been elected President of the Union. Paul Khoury ’26 has elected as Undergraduate President. A runoff election between Ria Massoni ’24, ’25G and Vivian Rost-Nasshan ’26 will be held to elect the Grand Marshal.

Executive Board

Rensselaer Economics Club gets affiliation, Rounak obtains subsidy to attend national competition

February 21, 2024

RPI Rounak secured a subsidy to attend a national competition. The Black Students' Alliance also had a subsidy approved for their annual Ebony Ball, while the Rensselaer Economics Club gained unanimous Union affiliation.


President Schmidt on RPI at 200 and the Institute’s future

February 15, 2024

An interview with President Schmidt on his goals for the year, RPI at 200, campus safety, mental health, the Arch and more.


RPI’s quantum computer finishes up construction, will go online in April

February 14, 2024

Construction on Rensselaer’s quantum computer is finishing up, with an unveiling set for April 5.

Breaking News

RPI looking to invest $25 million in new AI initiative

February 13, 2024

RPI is looking to invest $25 million in a new AI initiative, the Empire AI consortium. The $400 million initiative will be funded by several private institutions along with a $275 million grant from New York state.

Executive Board

Undergraduate Council to oversee busing to Mayor’s Cup Game

February 12, 2024

The Undergraduate Council will now oversee bussing to the Mayor’s Cup Game. RPI Red Zone had traditionally overseen the program, but since the club has become inactive the UC will now be in charge of the $750 program.

Student Senate

Senate fails, reconsiders, and tables the motion to confirm new PU

February 7, 2024

The Union will be left without a permanent president when Ava Gallagher ’23G steps down to graduate. The E-Board appointed Catherine Philipps ’24 to replace Gallagher but the Senate failed to confirm Philipps.

Executive Board

E-Board approves a flurry of motions in the penultimate meeting of the semester

February 7, 2024

The Executive Board held their penultimate meeting of the semester last Thursday as they were approached by seven clubs, most of which were seeking union affiliation or union recognition. The Board also appointed Jake Herman ’23G and Abigail Golden ’24 as Advisor to the President and Archduchess to the President, respectively, approved a room reallocation and renamed a fund.

Student Senate

Grand Marshal, Provost hold discussion

November 20, 2023

The Student Senate hosted Provost Dr. Rebecca Doerge for a discussion on the future of Rensselaer on Monday, November 6.

Executive Board

E-Board honors Union donor, Young Democratic Socialists of America gets affiliated

October 4, 2023

In a jam-packed meeting, the Executive Board honored Union donor Jon Kessler ’79, ’82G, who pledged to donate $1 million to the Union over the next five years. Additionally, The E-Board granted a subsidy request to ACHA Hockey, approved fundraising and tabling motions for RPI Dance Team, and approved the affiliations for Young Democratic Socialists of America and the Rensselaer Philosophy Society. Four clubs were sunset, Conversation Corner and Mandarin Club, Isshinryu Karate, Juggling Club, and Kung Fu Club.

Executive Board

Caribbean Students Association gets stopgap budget

September 26, 2023

The Executive Board has approved a stopgap budget request for the Caribbean Students Association for $1,070.

Student Senate

Shuttle Tracker 2.0 to begin rollout

September 19, 2023

Web Technologies Group chairperson Gabriel Jacoby-Cooper ’24 has announced that Shuttle Tracker 2.0, a complete revamp of the service, will begin to hand out tracking devices to shuttles.

Executive Board

Union to spend $27k to furnish Student Government Suite

September 5, 2023

The Executive Board approved the allocation of $27,268 to purchase new furniture for the Student Government Suite, two-thirds of which came from a donation by Jon Kessler ’79. The Board also approved a motion to fund four parking passes for members of RPI Ambulance.

Executive Board

Changes to Union, Mueller Center, and ’87 Gym hours approved

August 29, 2023

The Executive Board voted to alter the hours of operation for the Rensselaer Union, Mueller Center, and ’87 Gym. They also approved the appointment of Michelle Martinez ’26 as the new Multicultural Leadership Council chairperson.

Breaking News

RPI settles COVID-19 tuition lawsuit for $6.5 million

August 29, 2023

President Martin A. Schmidt ’81 announced that Rensselaer has settled a class action lawsuit related to tuition payments during the pandemic for $6.5 million.

Executive Board

E-Board caps off semester granting starter budget to Club Softball

April 26, 2023

The Executive Board held its final business meeting of the year last Thursday. In contrast to the prior two meetings, the E-Board did not have issues reaching quorum as the Senate appointed 17 new voting members to the E-Board the night before.

Executive Board

UAR 2024 approved, Dance Team receives subsidy

April 11, 2023

President of the Union Ava Gallagher ’23G has announced that the Union Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2024 was approved by the Institute. RPI’s Dance Team received a subsidy to attend the National Dance Alliance competition in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Student Life

Introducing Puckman, RPI’s new experimental chatbot

April 5, 2023

Rensselaer has begun testing a new chatbot named Puckman, an initiative being led by the Department of Undergraduate Education. The chatbot sent out text messages to most of the freshmen cohort on March 30. An email from Keith Moo-Young, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, explained that the goal of the initiative is to boost student success.

Breaking News

RA Union approved in 55-9 majority

April 5, 2023

Resident assistants voted overwhelmingly 55-9 to approve the RA Union. The election, administered by the National Labor Relations Board, took place last Tuesday and Wednesday in the Union. Rensselaer will now be required by law to bargain collectively with the union in relation to RA compensation, benefits, and working conditions.

Executive Board

Colleen Corrigan hosts her final E-Board meeting as President of the Union

March 28, 2023

Former President of the Union Colleen Corrigan ’23G held her final E-Board meeting as President last week. She will be succeeded by Ava Gallagher ’23G.

GM Week 2023

GM Week election results: Viner, Gallagher elected GM, PU, Massoni reelected UP

March 24, 2023

Ben Viner ’24 has been elected Grand Marshal and Ava Gallagher ’23G has been elected President of the Union. Ria Massoni '24 was reelected as Undergraduate President.

Student Senate

Senate approves changes to Good Samaritan Policy

March 14, 2023

The Senate approved changes to the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy along with changes to the Judicial Process. Both sets of changes were aimed at providing more clarity to students about when certain policies apply.

Student Senate

Senate impeaches two senators, debates Elections Handbook changes

February 8, 2023

The Senate approved the GM Week Elections Handbook, appointed Aaryan Bhatt ’25 as E-Board Club and Organization Representative and Raven Levitt ’26 as Member-At-Large Representative, and impeached two senators.

Breaking News

RPI Playhouse, E-Complex Flooded

February 8, 2023

RPI Playhouse and E-Complex were flooded over the weekend

Executive Board

Executive Board holds first meeting of Spring Semester

January 17, 2023

The Center for Career Professional Development and Panhellenic Council were approved to use three rooms in the Union for company info sessions and a “Meet the Chapters” event, respectively. Also, Ramesis Munoz-Valverde ’24 was appointed Club Ops Chair.

Student Senate

Colonie B residents cannot move back until Spring

December 7, 2022

The Student Senate held a discussion led by Philip Paterson ’25 on the recent flooding of Colonie B. Jacob Fuhr was appointed as Class of 2025 Representative, and the Senate approved a motion to urge the Campus Card Office and Student Life to allow students to use their preferred names on their IDs.

Student Senate

Senate rejects proposal to increase class dues by one dollar

November 2, 2022

The Student Senate rejected a proposal to increase class dues by one dollar. Undergraduate President Ria Massoni ’24 submitted the proposal so that the class councils and Undergraduate Council could have more funds available for events and to send two students to the National Association for Campus Activities Conference. Also, Class of 2024 Senator Gabriel Tambalini was impeached.

Freshman Elections

Thomas wins Class of 2026 president

October 26, 2022

Miles Thomas was elected Class of 2026 President and Addison Mulder was elected Class of 2026 Vice President. Class senators and representatives were also elected.

Student Senate

Senate updates Undergraduate Council Budget Policy

October 12, 2022

The Student Senate unanimously approved a change to the Undergraduate Council Budget Policy clarifying how class dues are distributed to class councils.