Anna Zuniga

Features Editor

Anna Z is a freshman Industrial Management Engineer and Communications, Media, and Design dual major from Boston, Massachusetts. She loves Taylor Swift.

Previous positions
  • Associate Features Editor October 2022 to December 2022
  • Photography Coordinator September 2022 to October 2022
Executive Board

Cognitive Science Graduate Students Association becomes Union-affiliated, Rensselaer TV fails funding for news program

March 14, 2023

UPAC Grand Marshal Week is allowed to use the McNeil room for Grand Marshal Week, the Rensselyrics received a funding reallocation for microphones, the Cognitive Science Graduate Students Association becomes Union-affiliated, and the badminton club gained funding for tournaments while RPI TV was rejected for funding for a news show.

On-Campus Event

Artistic attire billows down the runway in BSA’s Fashion Show

February 28, 2023

Editorial/Opinion Editor Soma Patra ’26 and Features Editor Anna Zuniga ’26 attended BSA’s Fashion Show last Saturday night, featuring a variety of modern, vibrant, and chic pieces.

Executive Board

Young Democratic Socialists Club fails again to become affiliated

February 28, 2023

Pickleball becomes affiliated with the Union while the Young Democratic Socialists of America Club fails affiliation for the second time. The Humans Vs. Zombies club gets approved reallocation of funds.

Executive Board

Students on Arch to vote using Simply Voting

February 21, 2023

The Elections Commission received $1,000 to change their voting website so that Juniors on Arch Away can vote during Grand Marshal week. Dr. Charlie Potts received 45,000 dollars of funding for a new low ropes course near ECAV. The Executive Board discussed possible Union hour changes for the Show Techs.

On-Campus Event

PSS: Winter Carnival welcomes students with activities and prizes

February 14, 2023

Rensselaer’s annual Winter Carnival was a day full of fun festivities. Features Editor Anna Zuniga ’26 shares about the activities of the carnival.

Editorial Notebook

Students should take more advantage of EMPAC

January 31, 2023

Features Editor Anna Zuniga ’26 reflects on EMPAC, encouraging more students to use the space and attend events.

Executive Board

Reallocation of funds and new prizes approved for UPAC

January 24, 2023

UPAC Cinema gained funding for movies and a film festival prize program. Jake Herman, Ava Gallagher, and Tomas Gonzales-Zugasti were appointed to new positions on the Executive Board.

Empac Event

Clouds and waves wash into EMPAC

January 17, 2023

Features Editor Anna Zuniga ’26 shares her experience at Cuando las nubes eran las olas (When the clouds were the waves) at EMPAC.

On-Campus Event

Celebrating the holiday season with the RPI community

December 13, 2022

Features Editor Anna Zuniga ’26 shares her experience at the Campus Seasonal Celebration.

On-Campus Event

PSS: Undergraduate Diwali Festival Show

December 8, 2022

Associate Features Editor Anna Zuniga ’26 shares her experience going to The Indian Student Association’s undergraduate Diwali Show.

Photo Short Story


December 8, 2022

Associate Features Editor Anna Zuniga ’26 and Justin Chassin ’22G attended the dress rehearsal and the 8 pm performance of Adam Weinert’s ANTHEM in EMPAC’s concert hall on November 4. The event employed layered symbolism, choreography, and film to criticize the American national anthem.


Taylor Swift is a vibe for every occasion

November 8, 2022

Anna Zuniga ’26 and Justin Chassin ’22 G demonstrate that Taylor Swift’s broad discography covers any mood or situation.

Student Life

What to know about computer help on campus

November 1, 2022

Need your computer fixed? Go to the Voorhees Computing Center for free computer help and repair!

Photo Short Story

PSS: Latinx Heritage Month Closing Ceremony

October 18, 2022

On Saturday October 15th, we attended the Latinx Heritage Month Closing Ceremony held in the McNeill room. The celebration—packed with music, dinner and dancing—was coordinated by the LHM Eboard and clubs such as Alianza Latina, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Phi Iota Alpha, and Omega Phi Beta.

Editorial Notebook

A love-hate relationship with electric bikes

October 11, 2022

As a bike mechanic and cyclist, Anna Zuniga ’26 explains the pros and cons of electric bikes, noting problems of accessibility, mobility, safety, and sustainability.