Executive Board

RPI TV gets funding for hockey broadcasting

Member-At-Large Kate Goldstein ’26, Edward Chan ’26, and Member-At-Large Joseph Bowers ’25 approached the Executive Board on behalf of RPI TV requesting money for a graphics and replay system and replacing equipment to perform to ESPN+ standard. Rensselaer Athletics has a standing contract with ESPN+; however, the club recently learned that their contract requires them to use the company's graphics which their current equipment is not suitable for. The club spoke to the Director of Media Operations Jim Evans who originally recommended a $50,000 system for what they need. After adjusting this to use software they already have, the total came to about $20,000. Specifically, the club wanted $7,256.42 for graphics and replay, $2,085.29 for broadcast monitoring, and $3,385.34 for video production infrastructure. In total, the club requested $12,827.05. 

During the discussion period, the board was confused about the contract between ESPN+ and RPI Athletics. From the way the proposal was presented, members thought that the club had knowingly gotten themselves into a contract without being able to fulfill the technical requirements. This wasn’t true, as Gallagher explained that the contract in question was signed about four years ago between ESPN+ and RPI Athletics, and that the club is more of a “middle man with cameras.” The club recently learned that they had to use ESPN+ graphics, but they currently do not have the means to do so. Moreover, members asked about Athletics paying for these costs, but Gallagher explained that they are getting space and storage, alongside a smaller sum of money from them, so they had to go to the board for the main part of the fund. After discussion, this motion passed 12-1-1. 

Before they started voting on the motion for RPI TV, the board wanted to first move money from an inactive account. Rensselaer used to have a yearbook organization, but there has been little interest since 2016, so there was about $22,000 sitting in an account called Transit Tacilities. The motion was to move the remaining money in the account, $21,912.74, to Facilities Reserves. When members of the board asked about the purpose of the account, President of the Union Ava Gallagher ’23G noted that it was a quite broad account, covering a variety of physical upgrades around campus. The motion to close transit facilities reserves and move the money into facilities reserves passed 14-0-2. 

The final motion of the night was presented by James Hunt ’26 requesting club recognition for RPI Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The club currently practices in the Mueller Center and requires minimal equipment—mainly just solid mats to train on. The club teaches the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, currently from Hunt himself. In the future, they want an instructor, but for now, they are training themselves. The board verified that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is considered one of the safest martial arts, easing their concern for the club. The board had very little questions on the merits of the motion, passing it unanimously. 

This Executive Board meeting was held on September 7. The next Executive Board meeting will be held on September 14 at 7pm in the Shelnutt Gallery.