Executive Board

Cognitive Science Graduate Students Association becomes Union-affiliated, Rensselaer TV fails funding for news program

The Cognitive Science Graduate Students Association, a club for graduate students in Cognitive Science to promote communication and collaboration within the department and other departments, as well as faculty and alumni. President Alexander “Sasha” Lutsevich presented on the club's behalf, explaining that they do not need money from the Union. Instead, the club wants the ability to host meetings and events in the Union, use services like photographers, and have an agency account with the Union. This is meant to make funding and sponsoring for events easier. This motion passed unanimously.

Club Treasurer Dan Moseley ’23 presented on behalf of the Rensselyrics, explaining that they currently have 16 microphones but need more for their 20 active members. The Rensselyrics expect more returning members after the Arch semesters, so they wanted to reallocate $468.99 from the ICCA fees to fund four new wireless handheld microphones and a carrying case. They didn’t need the money for ICCA's because RPI hosted it this year in February. This motion passed 9-0-2.

The Badminton club asked for the E-Board to pay for half of the costs of eight or nine players to attend the 2023 Durabird Intercollegiate Playoff Tournament in Philadelphia this spring. Alongside more than 20 teams that participate, RPI placed sixth in division two in last semester’s tournament in Boston. The motion to give the club $755 for these costs, reducing each individual’s cost from $170 to $64, passed 10-0-1.

Toby McDonald ’26, the chairman of UPAC Grand Marshal Week, asked the E-Board for special allowance to use the McNeil room for Grand Marshal Week kickoffs and debates. They asked to use the room on March 20 from 7-11:59 pm and March 21 from 6-8 pm. During deliberations, Scott Visser ’25 motioned to move the times to 5 pm for both days so that the Union Show Techs would have more time to set up. Both motions passed unanimously.

After these motions, RPI TV asked the E-Board for funding for a computer and new technologies. Justin Dao ’23, Joseph Bowers ’25, and Kate Goldstein ’26 presented on behalf of the club. RPI TV provides streaming services for RPI Athletics, the Union, and clubs on request. The club wanted to start a news program, with stories submitted by clubs and organizations like The Polytechnic. Similar to many other colleges and universities, they wanted to have bi-weekly news shows about 10-15 minutes in length, shown on their YouTube channel and campus cable. The club explained that their current computer takes days to render videos, and they needed a more powerful 4K computer for their high quality show. They asked for $5,058 to purchase additional equipment. The E-Board asked questions about the computer, specifically, why they needed such a high-powered computer. In addition, the E-Board was concerned about viewer count, especially given the club's recent switch to a new YouTube channel. After long discussion about the equipment, the motion failed.

This Executive Board meeting was held on March 2. The next Executive Board meeting will be held Thursday, March 16 at 7 pm in the Shelnutt Gallery.