Restaurant Review

Bubble tea splashes into Troy

Earlier this summer, a Gong cha bubble tea location opened on 6th Ave. Gong cha, meaning “tribute tea for the emperor,” was founded in Taiwan in 2006, expanding through Asia and eventually to the U.S. Currently, there are more than 225 locations in the country and 2,000 worldwide.

The location being so close to campus is a big deal for many students, especially those who may not have cars. Before this spot opened, the nearest bubble tea shops were mostly in Albany, with the closest Gong cha being a 20 minute drive away. Some small tea shops like Argo Tea and Bard and Baker sell teas with boba, but for mainstream boba companies, this is the only one in Troy.

The menu has various options of coffee, milk tea, fruit teas, tea lattes, slushies, and seasonal options. Toppings also vary from tapioca pearls to jellies and milk foam. Alongside different types of drinks, it also shares retail space with Basak Wing, a restaurant which serves Asian fusion wings, burgers, and more.

Inside the store, there is also ample seating if students want an off-campus study spot. The Troy location is open 11 am to 9 pm daily. Just steps away from downtown Troy, it could be a great place to work after going to the Troy Farmers Market.