Student Life

What to know about computer help on campus

Many first-years notice that Rensselaer gives money for students to purchase school computers through the Mobile Computing Program. Students had the option between two Lenovo ThinkPads, the Lenovo ThinkPad T14 (Gen 2) and Lenovo ThinkPad P1 (Gen 4), costing $1,325 and $2,725, respectively. After the scholarship, some students were able to get them for less than $100. No matter how well these laptops are treated, like any computer, repairs can be neccessary. Located across from the Folsom Library, the Voorhees Computing Center is open on weekdays at 8:30 am, closing on Mondays through Thursdays at 9pm, Friday at 4pm, and is open Sundays from 5–9 pm.

Online, students can submit help requests to The Division of the Chief Information Office. The Information Technology Services and Support Center offers computer help, including VPN and software installation required for all RPI students. The help desk will assist school computers both over the phone (518–276–7777) and in person, but Client Services Support Manager Mare Donahue recommends that you come no later than an hour before closing to assure plenty of time for troubleshooting. Students and staff alike work at the center, available to make repairs for free on laptops from the Mobile Computing Program. There is also a free repair center for hardware issues on these school computers located in the basement. Laptops from the school come with a warranty, so if these computers need extended repairs, students can use a loaner in the meantime. It is crucial that every student has functioning computers for their schoolwork, so the VCC is dedicated to assisting students with their laptops.