Student Life

Renovations of Russell Sage Dining Hall completed

During the Summer semester, Rensselaer renovated on-campus Russell Sage Dining Hall. Changes were made to the main food areas, preserving the table seating area. Food stations are relatively the same, but the location of the plates and ice cream machine have changed. Before this semester, Sage Dining Hall used to have one large trash barrel, but now there is a built-in system for trash and food waste.

Large adjustments were made for students with dietary restrictions, changing the UCook station to a Simple Servings similar to the one in Commons Dining Hall. In addition, a small corner in the seating area is now a distinct Simple Zone with various kitchen equipment to hold specialty food options.

To accommodate students with disabilities, a large ramp was added from the food to the seating section of the dining hall.

Lastly, the old entrance is now exit only, while the new entrance is on the left side of the building closer to the Low Center for Industrial Innovation.