Gallery: Engineers pummel Panthers in doubleheader

The first game of Saturday’s doubleheader began with Cole Paquin scoring off of a double by Martin Marintchev, who then took the second run of the first inning. From there, it was a slow game with five scoreless innings for the Engineers. During this time, the Panther’s Cameron Cruz homered in the third inning, and Joe Salerno scored of a single by Patrick Reye in the top of the sixth. Going into the seventh inning, RPI was down 4‒2. However, this took a quick turn when Jake Contois scored on a throwing error, allowing Ayush Krishnappa to get on base. Two singles from Paquin and Phillip Li loaded the bases for Marinitchev. Cranking the ball over the fence, Marinitchev hit his first home run of the season—a grand slam bringing the Engineers up by three runs at 7‒4. In the eighth inning, Marintchev doubled down the left field line, bringing Paquin, Li, and Robbie Reddington home. Julian Scarpa then singled to center field, letting Marintchev make the last run of the game. After eight and a half innings, the Engineers won the game 12‒4.

Shortly after, the second game started strong with the Engineers scoring five runs in the second inning. Jack Moncur flew out to center field, letting Scarpa score the first run of the game. Joey Saia and Li then both scored on passed balls. Aidan Hicks then doubled to center field, bringing Reddington and Parker Gelfuso home. The game continued relatively slow, with Aidan Hicks scoring off a single by Scarpa in the fourth inning. The game ended 6-2 for the Engineers, wrapping up a great double header for RPI.