Executive Board

Reallocation of funds and new prizes approved for UPAC

Scott Nwosu ’25, the Chair of UPAC, requested their unused funds be put towards more films and proposed a new program for film festival prizes. UPAC wanted to reallocate $7,752.50 to purchase and show eight films. They wanted to transfer payroll, food funds, and projectionists' payroll for renting of films. UPAC has seen an overall increase of attendance in 2022, with 340 additional attendees at their showings compared to previous years. Last year, they held a film festival for Rensselaer students and alumni to submit films. The turnout was high and UPAC wanted a new program for better prizes in addition to the gift cards given from the Union bookstore. The two motions to reallocate the funds and create the program for prizes passed unanimously.

The E-Board moved into business, and three new students were appointed to new positions on the board. Jake Herman ’23 was appointed as Vice President for Board Operations, Ava Gallagher ’23G was appointed as Vice President for Club Relations, and Tomas Gonzale-Zugasti ’24 was appointed as the Student Government Communications Chair.

This E-Board meeting was held on January 19. The E-Board meets Thursdays at 7 pm in the Shelnutt Gallery.