Executive Board

E-Board approves installation of new security cameras in the Union

The Executive Board had their first meeting of the fiscal year this past Thursday via WebEx. President of the Union, Ava Gallagher ’23G, and Director of the Union, Dr. Charlie Potts, presented to the E-Board that the Institute wants to fund the installation of new security cameras in the Union before the start of the fall semester. They previously met with Dean of Students Travis Apgar and the Department of Public Safety on the matter, all who agreed that the current system is outdated. The Institute does not wish to monitor regular activities nor impede anyone’s privacy but rather use it as a safety precaution if a situation arises.

After a short presentation by Gallagher, Dr. Potts answered follow-up questions from the Board. Gabriel Jacoby-Cooper ’24 asked about any retention policy for the videos, to which Dr. Potts didn’t have a definite answer, but explained that Public Safety is only interested to use the footage if there is an incident and that they have no intention to keep it for an extended period of time. Ravin Levitt ’26 later questioned the note that these cameras weren’t designed for facial recognition, knowing that anyone can put it through a secondary facial detection software. Dr. Potts noted that while this is possible, the footage is not being kept long term and that these cameras are the same system of other buildings on campus, which aren’t designed for facial recognition. When explaining this system, he noted that “the system was limited to security support, not invasion of privacy.’’ The Board then voted on the matter, which passed unanimously.

In addition, Class of 2025 Representative Jacob Fuhr presented to the Board on behalf of RPI Rugby, requesting $2,160. The team typically has to replace uniforms every two years because of wear and needs new uniforms for the men’s team. The motion passed unanimously.

This Executive Board meeting was held on July 13. The next E-Board meeting will tentatively be held on Thursday July 20 at 7 pm in Gallagher’s WebEx room.