Executive Board

RPI Rudras granted funds to compete in Pittsburgh

President Sanjana Davuluri ’20 and Treasurer Nirav Patel ’20 of the Desi Network of Dance stood before the Board for approval of the RPI Rudras to travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in February to compete in the Dhirana Competition, an Indian classical dance competition. They requested a budget from travel contingencies for this purpose.

Executive Board

Two women's clubs gain Union affiliation

The Executive Board approved the annual art show held by the Black Students Alliance and the Union recognition of Women’s Club Basketball and Women in Business on Thursday.

Executive Board

Over $60,000 approved for new Playhouse sound system

The Executive Board approved over $60,000 for the purchase of new sound equipment for the RPI Playhouse on Thursday.
The Arch

Student survey reveals negative views of Arch

A survey conducted by the Student Senate showed that 78 percent of respondents were unsatisfied with the Arch after they participated in it. 94 percent of respondents thought that students should be able to live in off-campus housing during the Arch. 64 percent of respondents said they would not participate in the Arch if it were optional.

Executive Board

Disc Golf and Project Sunshine now Union clubs

The Executive Board unanimously approved three programs for the African Student Association, granted Union recognition to the Disc Golf Club, and granted Union affiliation to Project Sunshine on Thursday.


RPI introduces four new majors

Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Analytics; Communication, Media and Design; and music have been added to Rensselaer’s offerings. In January of 2020, biological neuroscience will be added to the School of Science.

Student Senate

Counseling Center recommendations endorsed

The Senate passed a motion to endorse the Counseling Center recommendations, expressed support for the establishment of “Hail! Dear Old Rensselaer!” as the school’s official fight song, and heard reports from various senators on Monday.

Student Senate

Changes made to Counseling Center

The addition of two counselors, drop-in counseling, and the ability for students to book their first appointments online were some of the recent changes to the Counseling Center presented by the Student Life Committee on November 4.


Students work on AI, natural disaster, education solutions at HackRPI

An accessibility assessment application, a wildfire detection device, a disaster evacuation application, and a peer-to-peer service were all developed within a day at the Darrin Communications Center last weekend at HackRPI.

Executive Board

$35,000 approved for multicultural lounge renovations

Seven months ago, the 49th Executive Board approved the shifting of the current Multicultural Lounge in the Union and the creation of a new one to be completed over the summer. On Thursday, the current E-Board approved up to $35,000 to be spent on “renovating the spaces.”

Executive Board

Dungeons and Dragons, RPI Yu-Gi-Oh! now Union-recognized clubs

The Executive Board met on Halloween to vote on club requests for budgets and official Union recognitions.

Executive Board

Dance Dance Revolution funding denied

Executive Board members approved an event proposal from the African Students Association and denied a funding request from the Dance Dance Revolution Club on Thursday. The Board then closed their meeting to work on the upcoming budget for the next three hours.

Student Senate

Changes to Undergraduate Council Bylaws approved

The Student Senate meeting brought multiple changes to the Undergraduate Council Bylaws, as well as presentations on this year’s Senate survey and Light Walk on October 21.

Town Meeting

Jackson announces 10-petaflop supercomputer

During this semester’s Fall Town Meeting held Wednesday in the EMPAC Theater, President Shirley Ann Jackson spoke in front of a smaller-than-usual crowd about the acquisition of a new supercomputing facility, the establishment of a Greek Commons fund, and the impacts of the recent storm on RPI’s campus.

Town Meeting

Jackson announces Greek Commons fund

Wednesday’s Fall Town Meeting brought forth a discussion between President Shirley Ann Jackson and students about how Greek life is being supported, and what its future is at Rensselaer.
Town Meeting

Jackson: Arch will not be optional

President Shirley Ann Jackson confirmed that she would not consider making the Arch optional, when asked by The Polytechnic during her biannual town meeting on Wednesday, regardless of if the majority of students wanted it to be.

Town Meeting

PubSafe director addresses recent RPI Alerts

“Given the recent uptick in campus shootings, why did PubSafe not issue any warning to shelter in place as soon as they were aware of something happening on campus?” asked a student during the Fall Town Meeting in reference to the recent incident in which a SWAT team apprehended someone near the Darrin Communications Center on October 16.
On-Campus Event

Family weekend closes with GM–PU brunch

The Grand Marshal–President of the Union brunch was held in the McNeil Room as part of an activity-packed Family Weekend. During her address to the students and parents, President Shirley Ann Jackson stated how proud she was to have “a Union run by the students.”

The Arch

Six-week courses removed after student feedback

The Arch Core Committee approved the recommendation to eliminate six-week courses during the Arch.


Is your code worth $1,000? Find out at HackRPI

Rensselaer's annual student-run hackathon will be held over the weekend of November 2 in the Darrin Communications Center. HackRPI invites students of all majors to work in teams and develop a software project in one of this year’s project themes: natural disaster and mitigation, accessibility in education, and artificial intelligence.

Freshman Elections

Freshman elections held across campus

The Class of 2023 chose their representatives through a two-day election on October 9 and October 11.

Student Senate

Meeting reveals numerous student concerns

The Student Senate met on October 7 to listen to reports from senators about the state of each of their constituencies. Additionally, there was a report from Grand Marshal Meagan Lettko ’20.

Executive Board

TeamRPI will return to ECAC tournament

As of September 26, TeamRPI eSports is now a Union funded club and will attend this year's Eastern College Athletic Conference tournament. The RPI Pep Band will also—for the first time in years—attend an away men’s football game rather than an away men’s hockey game. Finally, a Pedi-Mate was purchased for RPI Ambulance to facilitate safer transport of pediatric patients. Each of these expenditures was approved by the Executive Board with no votes against.

Student Life

Period products absent from campus, Student Government takes action

This year, all provided feminine hygiene products on campus—both free and paid for—have been removed by the Environmental and Site Services department. In response to student complaints, the Business Operations Committee of the Executive Board responded by purchasing period products to place in all three women’s bathrooms in the Union.