Breaking News

RPI settles COVID-19 tuition lawsuit for $6.5 million

President Martin A. Schmidt ’81 announced that Rensselaer has settled a class action lawsuit related to tuition payments during the pandemic for $6.5 million.

Executive Board

E-Board confirms the closure of Ben and Jerry’s on campus

The Executive Board proposed a flurry of changes in the upcoming Fall semester including Ben and Jerry’s closure on September 1, 2023, Student Government Suite renovations, and Union Hair Salon plans.

Executive Board

E-Board approves installation of new security cameras in the Union

The first Executive Board meeting of the Fiscal Year 2024 started with an additional subsidy approval for RPI Rugby. The Board also approved the installation of new security cameras in the Union which will be funded by the Institute.

Executive Board

E-Board caps off semester granting starter budget to Club Softball

The Executive Board held its final business meeting of the year last Thursday. In contrast to the prior two meetings, the E-Board did not have issues reaching quorum as the Senate appointed 17 new voting members to the E-Board the night before.

Student Senate

Senate approves Executive Board, Judicial Board appointments

Talulah Patch ’24 won the run-off for Class of 2024 President. Moreover, the Student Senate approved six Judicial Board appointments and 17 Executive Board appointments.

Student Senate

Senate debates micromobility device concerns

The Student Senate debated over possible future handbook changes regarding micromobility devices on campus.

Executive Board

E-Board approves funding reallocation for UPAC to host Field Day

UPAC General was approved for a funding reallocation to host a Field day on April 23. For the last day of classes on April 26, UPAC comedy has invited two comedians to perform in the McNeil Room. RPI Wrestling received an additional subsidy to cover a portion of the cost for the team to travel to their national tournament in Puerto Rico.

Student Senate

Viner holds first meeting as Grand Marshal

Grand Marshal Ben Viner ’24 runs his first Senate meeting as Grand Marshal. The Senate held basic introductions.

Executive Board

UAR 2024 approved, Dance Team receives subsidy

President of the Union Ava Gallagher ’23G has announced that the Union Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2024 was approved by the Institute. RPI’s Dance Team received a subsidy to attend the National Dance Alliance competition in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Executive Board

RPI Rugby receives tournament funds in first Gallagher-run Executive Board

RPI Rugby gains funding for upcoming Beast of the East tournament, while Dance Team’s additional subsidy for National competition gets tabled for next meeting. The board discusses marketing and solidifying one shade of red for the Union.

Student Life

Introducing Puckman, RPI’s new experimental chatbot

Rensselaer has begun testing a new chatbot named Puckman, an initiative being led by the Department of Undergraduate Education. The chatbot sent out text messages to most of the freshmen cohort on March 30. An email from Keith Moo-Young, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, explained that the goal of the initiative is to boost student success.

Breaking News

RA Union approved in 55-9 majority

Resident assistants voted overwhelmingly 55-9 to approve the RA Union. The election, administered by the National Labor Relations Board, took place last Tuesday and Wednesday in the Union. Rensselaer will now be required by law to bargain collectively with the union in relation to RA compensation, benefits, and working conditions.

Town Meeting

Faculty applauds updates at Spring Town Meeting

President Martin A. Schmidt ’81 gave an update on what future finances will look like, as well as a few institution changes that many faculty appreciated. Some changes include no charge on paid time off when the school is closed for holiday break and adding Juneteenth to the faculty holiday calendar.

Executive Board

Colleen Corrigan hosts her final E-Board meeting as President of the Union

Former President of the Union Colleen Corrigan ’23G held her final E-Board meeting as President last week. She will be succeeded by Ava Gallagher ’23G.

GM Week 2023

GM Week election results: Viner, Gallagher elected GM, PU, Massoni reelected UP

Ben Viner ’24 has been elected Grand Marshal and Ava Gallagher ’23G has been elected President of the Union. Ria Massoni '24 was reelected as Undergraduate President.

Executive Board

Cognitive Science Graduate Students Association becomes Union-affiliated, Rensselaer TV fails funding for news program

UPAC Grand Marshal Week is allowed to use the McNeil room for Grand Marshal Week, the Rensselyrics received a funding reallocation for microphones, the Cognitive Science Graduate Students Association becomes Union-affiliated, and the badminton club gained funding for tournaments while RPI TV was rejected for funding for a news show.

Student Senate

Senate approves changes to Good Samaritan Policy

The Senate approved changes to the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy along with changes to the Judicial Process. Both sets of changes were aimed at providing more clarity to students about when certain policies apply.

Student Senate

Senate approves motion in favor of RA Union

President Martin A. Schmidt ’81, Vice President of Student Life Peter Konwerski, and Dean of Students Travis Apgar attended the 24th Senate meeting to address the formation of the RPI RA Union.

Executive Board

Young Democratic Socialists Club fails again to become affiliated

Pickleball becomes affiliated with the Union while the Young Democratic Socialists of America Club fails affiliation for the second time. The Humans Vs. Zombies club gets approved reallocation of funds.

Student Life

Exchange Online replaces Webmail during Spring Break

Starting over Spring Break, students will receive emails through Exchange Online instead of webmail.

Student Senate

Union Constitution amended to include MFSC senator

The Student Senate amended the Union Constitution to have an Multicultural Fraternity and Sorority Council senator, another independent senator, and another graduate senator. Furthermore, Director of the Union Charlie Potts spoke about Rensselaer Union safety, and Giuseppe Molfino was appointed MFSC liaison.

Student Activism

Konwerski responds to RPI RA Union, union responds back

Vice President for Student Life Peter Konwerski sent out a new RA compensation plan in light of the RPI RA Union's letter. The union wrote a press release back.

Executive Board

Students on Arch to vote using Simply Voting

The Elections Commission received $1,000 to change their voting website so that Juniors on Arch Away can vote during Grand Marshal week. Dr. Charlie Potts received 45,000 dollars of funding for a new low ropes course near ECAV. The Executive Board discussed possible Union hour changes for the Show Techs.

Executive Board

RMA approved for new recording equipment

The Rensselaer Music Association was approved for funds towards new recording equipment and The Polytechnic was given funds to attend the College Media Association convention.