Gm Week 2019

RUVS test run reveals system vulnerabilities

On March 15, the Elections Commission tested the Rensselaer Union Voting Suite in preparation for the upcoming Student Government elections.
Student Senate

No concrete progress made regarding past Senate resolution

In September 2017, Chairman of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Board of Trustees Arthur F. Golden ’66 called into question Section 2, Item F of the Rensselaer Union Constitution through an email to the student body.
Executive Board

$5,150 subsidy for BotFactory printer approved

In one of its last meetings of the year, the Executive Board saw a wide array of clubs on its agenda.

Confusing inclement weather bulletins explained

“Quite frankly, we had to say that we judged… a little too quickly,” said Vice President for Administration Claude Rounds in regard to the confusion generated by several inclement weather bulletin alerts distributed on February 12 and 13.
Empac Event

Talk cancelled as situation in Venezuela turns dire

Ileana Ramírez was scheduled to speak at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center about the Venezuelan and Latin American cultural scene during ongoing political crisis in Venezuela on Monday.
Student Senate

Senate briefed on Blue Apron-like program hosted by Sodexo

Hospitality Services Advisory Committee Chairperson Advaith Narayan ’21 came before the Student Senate on February 25 to give an update on a plan to implement a new food program called “Fresh Pantry.” This program is based on Blue Apron and similar food services, but will not be subscription based.
Gm Week 2019

Elections Commission fails to maintain public record

Though the Elections Commission has issued at least two decisions and one warning, only one decision has been made public as required by the Student Government Elections Policy.
Gm Week 2019

Campaigning for GM Week 2019 elections has begun. What does this mean for students?

Election season is now underway, and students may campaign for elected Student Government positions until March 27.
Executive Board

Global Medical Brigades denied additional funding for medical mission trip

The Executive Board broke precedent on Thursday when it failed a motion to give Global Medical Brigades an additional $900 toward bus transportation to the airport for its medical mission trip to Honduras.
Executive Board

Statler & Waldorf office revoked, RMA funds reallocated

The Executive Board “revoke[d] Room 3332 in Rensselaer Student Union from Statler & Waldorf, effective at the end of Fiscal Year 2019” and reallocated money in the Rensselaer Music Association’s budget toward a jazz clinic on Thursday.
Student Senate

Student Government Elections Policy approved

The Student Senate voted to approve the Student Government Elections Policy with changes presented by Elections Commission Chairperson Zachary Taylor ’21, heard a presentation on the ongoing “Restore SIS Man” petition, and approved multiple policy changes to the Bylaws of the Rensselaer Union Undergraduate Council on February 4.
Student Senate

Grad student activity fee decrease recommended

The Senate approved the Union Annual Report Committee’s recommendation for the Fiscal Year 2020 activity fee and the Union Annual Report Fiscal Year 2020 on January 28.
Executive Board

RPI Quidditch given additional $5,000 for travel to nationals

The Executive Board gave RPI Quidditch an additional $5,000 to attend the 2019 U.S. Quidditch Cup, approved a new ticket sale program for the RPI Players, and approved the purchase of six additional Chromebooks—primarily for use during elections—on Thursday.
Greek Life

Deadline for public comment on Greek life suggestions extended by one week

The Greek Life Review Committee extended the deadline for public comment on the Draft Report of the Greek Life Task Force by one week on Friday.

How does RPI respond to winter storms? Rounds explains

“It’s not a casual process,” said Vice President for Administration Claude Rounds regarding Rensselaer’s inclement weather preparation, decision-making, and response.
Executive Board

Rensselyrics taken off probation

The Rensselyrics were taken off of probation on Thursday January 31 2019. In September, the Executive Board places the a cappella group on probation for violating Union procedures; it had spent around $3,300 on recording a CD without a purchase order.
Executive Board

Rensselaer Union Guidelines & Procedures approved

The Executive Board approved an internal policy overhaul, reallocation of funds for student performers and a fist installation at the Black Students’ Alliance annual fashion show, and new jackets for RPI Ambulance on January 24.
Greek Life

Takeaways from the Draft Report of the Greek Life Task Force

The Draft Report of the Greek Life Task Force, a document outlining the state of Greek life and recommendations for improvement, was released on Friday.
Student Senate

Elections Reform Task Force presents recommendations for future elections

Grand Marshal Stef Warner ’19 and Elections Commission Chairperson Zachary Taylor ’21 presented The Elections Reform Task Force Report—a culmination of recommendations regarding the GM Week 2018 elections—on January 14.
Executive Board

Construction of hearthstone, fireplace in McNeil approved

Director of the Union Charlie Potts and President of the Union Justin Etzine came before the Rensselaer Executive Board seeking approval of “up to $45,000 from Union Reserves” for the “construction of a hearthstone (including an electric fireplace)” in the McNeil Room and “any necessary design and labor fees associated with the project.” The motion called for relocating, to this new hearthstone, the plaques dedicated to the Grand Marshal, President of the Union, donors towards the 2000 renovation, and portraits of former Director of the Union Rick Hartt and founding Director of the Archer Center Linda McCloskey.
Campus Security

Anti-president graffiti found, removed

Graffiti was found at two locations on campus on Thursday morning, both bearing the same message: “FUCK SHIRLEY ANN.” One was located at the top of the stairs to Freshman Hill and the other at the stairs that connect the Quadrangle Complex to the 15th Street Footbridge.
Executive Board

Union renovations set for Winter Break

On Wednesday, December 5, the Executive Board met after several weeks of budgeting to discuss and vote on Union renovations, a future RPI Players’ program, and some new clubs.
Student Senate

Senate recaps College Union Conference visit

On November 26, the Senate met to discuss the 2018 Association of College Union International Conference at the University of Hartford.
Campus Event

Brave Space: a forum for students to express themselves

Brave Space is an open forum for students to talk about about issues or experiences that concern them and bring about positive change at RPI, hosted by the Multicultural Leadership Council alongside the Black Students’ Alliance and facilitated by Assistant Director of Student Activities Miciah Yehudah.