Executive Board

Rounak granted approval to fundraise

RPI Rounak was given approval to fundraise for costumes and props.

Executive Board

Women’s Club Basketball jump starts season

Women’s Club Basketball was approved for the start of their season, and clubs under the Rensselaer Music Association were consolidated into one.

Student Senate

Senate holds Q&A session with President Schmidt

The Student Senate conducted a Q&A session with President Schmidt, asking questions that ranged from mental health, Greek life, and Schmidt’s day-to-day.

Student Senate

Colonie B residents cannot move back until Spring

The Student Senate held a discussion led by Philip Paterson ’25 on the recent flooding of Colonie B. Jacob Fuhr was appointed as Class of 2025 Representative, and the Senate approved a motion to urge the Campus Card Office and Student Life to allow students to use their preferred names on their IDs.

Executive Board

Senate, CSSA, DDR, CSA get funding approved

The Executive Board approved funding reallocations for the Senate’s annual survey, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association’s Lunar New Year Celebrations, the Dance Dance Revolution’s game pad repairs, and approved the starter budget for the Caribbean Student Association.

Town Meeting

Schmidt holds first Town Hall as president

President Martin Schmidt ’81 held his first Town Hall where he discussed shuttles, the Arch, and his three-step plan for the future.

Executive Board

Discussion of new assistant director of wellness position ensues

The Executive Board sought to create a new position called the assistant director of wellness. Administrators insisted on closing the meeting; however, which led to a standstill.

Student Senate

Senate rejects proposal to increase class dues by one dollar

The Student Senate rejected a proposal to increase class dues by one dollar. Undergraduate President Ria Massoni ’24 submitted the proposal so that the class councils and Undergraduate Council could have more funds available for events and to send two students to the National Association for Campus Activities Conference. Also, Class of 2024 Senator Gabriel Tambalini was impeached.

Executive Board

Club mailboxes removed from Student Government Suite club library

The Executive Board unanimously passed a motion to remove the club mailboxes from the Student Government Suite club library.

Executive Board

Funding approved for Global Medical Brigades

Global Medical Brigades, Meitokukan Kendo, Gajjdge Sher Bhangra, and Chess Club receive extra funding, Sanay Tralshawala ’26 Appointed Marketing and Strategy Committee Chair.

Freshman Elections

Thomas wins Class of 2026 president

Miles Thomas was elected Class of 2026 President and Addison Mulder was elected Class of 2026 Vice President. Class senators and representatives were also elected.

Student Senate

Student Senate removes Class of 2024 senator, delays another

The Student Senate unanimously voted to remove Class of 2024 Senator Michael Mendez from his position. The motion to remove Class of 2024 senator Gabriel Tambellini was delayed until October 26.

Student Senate

Student Senate to impeach two Class of 2024 senators

Student Senate voted to impeach two Class of 2024 senators. The meeting of impeachment will be held October 19.


Enrollment Management grants Women's Leadership Scholarship to class of 2026

Women in the class of 2026 were offered a $20,000 grant in hopes of increasing women enrollment. The class of 2026 has the most women in a single class, although the class itself is made up of 30% women.

Executive Board

Rensselaer Pride Alliance gains funding, Ultimate Frisbee remerges

The Ultimate Frisbee team was approved for a new coach and the Rensselaer Pride Alliance were given the go-ahead for restoration.

Student Senate

Senate updates Undergraduate Council Budget Policy

The Student Senate unanimously approved a change to the Undergraduate Council Budget Policy clarifying how class dues are distributed to class councils.

On-Campus Event

Campus partakes in Schmidt’s inauguration

While most students enjoyed a block party on the ’86 Field, others sat in the EMPAC Concert Hall as notable figures welcomed Schmidt to Rensselaer.


Rensselaer mourns the loss of undergraduate student

The Rensselaer community grieves over the unexpected passing of 19-year-old sophomore Alana Tow.

Student Senate

Christopher D. Carothers appointed to Tenure and Promotion Committee representative

The Student Senate unanimously appointed Christopher D. Carothers to Tenure and Promotion Committee representative after they tabled the motion last week.

Executive Board

Political club RPI Sunrise gains Union affiliation

RPI Sunrise was granted Union affiliation, and the Badminton, ACHA Hockey, and Union Show Tech clubs all received subsidy reallocations.

Student Senate

Senate delays motion for Faculty Senate appointment

The Student Senate delayed a motion to appoint Professor Chris Carothers to Faculty Senate Tenure and Promotion Committee Representative as they did not have enough information about the candidate.

Executive Board

Flying Pigs Society becomes Union-recognized

The Flying Pig Society gained Union recognition. The club wants to hold workshops and bring in professional figures to speak.

Executive Board

Hockey Line returns, Young Democratic Socialists club fails to gain Union affiliation

Hockey Line returns for the first time in three years with a few changes, and a newly founded RPI Young Democratic Socialists of America club fails to gain Union affiliation.

Student Senate

Changes to Freshmen Elections Handbook draw criticism from senators

Freshmen Election ballots are now ordered from most nominations to least, drawing criticism from senators who believe the new system is unequal.