Executive Board

Executive Board revokes Union membership of policy-violating student

The Union Executive Board revoked the Union membership of a student for violating the Rensselaer Union’s COVID-19 policies. The student, who is currently on their away semester, had been attending various in-person student government meetings and events in violation of the Union’s policy restricting entrance to Union facilities to Rensselaer Community members with campus access.

Student Senate

Cooking up solutions for late-night dining

The Student Senate held a presentation to improve late-night dining. A motion was passed to make immediate changes, including collecting student feedback, creating a list of meals for dining staff to make, and investigating changes into U-Cook and Father's Marketplace.

Executive Board

Union recognizes Positive Psychology Club and Caribbean Students Association

On Thursday, the Union Executive Board approved the Positive Psychology Club as a Union-recognized club, effective immediately. The Caribbean Student Association will become Union-recognized upon approval of a starter constitution by the Club Operations Committee.

Executive Board

RPI Chess Club becomes Union-funded

The Union Executive Board unanimously approved RPI Chess Club as a Union-funded club. The approval happened over a year after the group initially gained Union recognition.

Student Senate

Riaz Rao appointed Union Annual Report chairperson, Executive Board liaison

Riaz Rao was appointed to serve as Union Annual Report chairperson and Executive Board liaison, adding on to his current role as Senate parliamentarian.

Executive Board

Music masks and outdoor volleyball approved

This week, the Executive Board approved a reallocation of funds for the Rensselaer Music Association to purchase new instrument covers, approved Club Volleyball’s outdoor games, and elected Faizah Rabbye ’23 secretary of the Board for the Fall semester.

Student Senate

HSAC, MAL, Representative appointments approved

Appointments for the Hospitality and Services Committee, member-at-large, and representative positions were approved within the Student Senate and Executive Board on Tuesday.

Executive Board

Nguyen appointed Marketing and Strategy Committee chair

The Union Executive Board unanimously approved the appointment of Minh Nguyen ’22 as Marketing and Strategy Committee Chair. The position focuses on branding, marketing, and promoting events for the Rensselaer Union.


New multi-factor authentication rules to take effect November 1

New multi-factor authentication rules are set to go into effect for all Rensselaer employees beginning November 1. Anyone who has payroll and W2 information in the Self-Service Information System will be counted as an employee. This includes students employed by the Institute. The new protocols will apply to all Institute websites that use the Rensselaer Self Service login.

Student Senate

Senate approves Judicial Board appointments, seeks new treasurer

The Student Senate approved new Judicial Board appointments on October 19. The J-Board oversees “a huge variety” of cases, ranging from reckless driving to suspending fraternities. The members appointed at this meeting will eventually make the decisions for future cases.

Freshman Elections

Mike Slass elected Class of 2025 president

A total of 376 students cast votes in Wednesday's Freshman election. It marked the first in-person election Rensselaer student government has held since the Fall of 2019.
Executive Board

Confusion surrounds Red Army podcast funding

On Thursday, the Union Executive Board passed RPI Red Army’s proposal for a new podcast, but motioned to postpone a budget reallocation that would cover the cost of a new microphone for the program.

Executive Board

RPI TV proposal for student wages denied

RPI TV's proposal suggesting that certain RPI TV members be paid $15 an hour to cover home hockey games during the 2022-23 season was unanimously denied.

Freshman Elections

Class of 2025 elections underway

Today, the Class of 2025 will choose their student government officers. Voting will be open from 8 am to 8 pm at the Rensselaer Union and the Commons Dining Hall.

Student Senate

Marketing and Strategy Committee resurrected

The 52nd Student Senate approved changes to the Executive Board’s bylaws on October 5 in order to bring back the Marketing and Strategy Committee, which had been dissolved in 2019.

Executive Board

Emergency funds approved for UPAC projector repair

The Union Executive Board approved an emergency subsidy for UPAC's Cinema division via an electronic vote on October 14.


Jackson maskless at D.C. conference

President Shirley Ann Jackson appeared without a mask in Washington, D.C. on September 28 for the Amazon Web Services Summit, while Rensselaer continues to enforce mask mandates and travel restrictions for students.

Executive Board

Lavender Alliance retires, Statler & Waldorf to return

The Union Executive Board unanimously voted to designate the Lavender Alliance as inactive due to budgetary issues and low membership on September 23.


Unvaccinated students to comply with additional COVID-19 restrictions

Assistant Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students Travis Apgar presented rules in place for unvaccinated students on campus in front of the Student Senate. Restrictions include more frequent testing, wearing a mask at outdoor events, and following special dining hours.

Student Senate

Senate creates MSFC Liaison position

The Student Senate voted to create the position of Multicultural Sorority and Fraternity Council Liaison, allowing the appointed liaison, Karina Sandoval ’22, to give her report during Senate meetings.

Executive Board

Club leadership privileges affirmed for Arch students

The Rensselaer Union Executive Board passed a motion September 23 approving club leadership and food subsidy related changes to the Rensselaer Union Guidelines and Procedures.

Student Senate

Undergraduate Council amends bylaws

The Student Senate approved changes to the Undergraduate Council’s bylaws.

Student Senate

Freshman Elections Handbook changes approved

The Student Senate approved changes to the Class of 2025 Freshman Elections Handbook, adding new nomination eligibility clauses and reverting to in-person campaigning and election procedures.

Student Life

Union and Mueller Center return to full capacity

The hours of operation for the Union, Mueller Center, Clubhouse Pub, Playhouse, J Building, and Auto Shop have been finalized and will return to full capacity for the Fall semester.