Hockey tickets made free in an Institute first

Rensselaer students, faculty, and staff will be admitted to the stands of the Houston Field House for free, on a first-come first-serve basis, to watch the Engineers battle for victory within the Eastern College Athletic Conference.

Rensselaer Union

Union hours set for Fall semester

The Rensselaer Union will be open from 8 am to midnight, Monday through Saturday, and 11 am to midnight on Sundays. Additionally, all entrance doors will be card-access only.

Executive Board

RPI Raaga becomes Union recognized

RPI Raaga, a new South Asian a capella group, was granted Union recognition.

Student Life

RPI mandates unlimited meal plan for first-year students

The new unlimited meal plan, available for all students, replaces the 19 on-demand plan as the mandate for residential first-year students. The unlimited meal plan costs $7,270 a year and credits students with both $150 in Flex Dollars and an unlimited number of meal swipes, but has brought up concerns from current students.


RPI releases return-to-campus plan for the Fall semester

An email sent to the Rensselaer community provided details of the Institute's plan for classes, events, and safety protocols for this Fall semester with consideration for the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson announces retirement

On Friday afternoon, President Shirley Ann Jackson announced that she will be retiring from her position as President of Rensselaer in July 2022. Jackson has served as president since 1999.

Student Senate

52nd Student Senate confirms student government appointments

The 52nd Student Senate confirmed the appointments of the new Executive Board representatives, Senate cabinet members, and Vice Grand Marshal over meetings from April 14 to May 5.


Online services to be partially reinstated

Some services dependent on Rensselaer servers will be partially reinstated, starting today. The Learning Management System (LMS) currently works for a limited timeframe. The Student Information System (SIS) only works on campus, and Rensselaer Webmail is not yet running.


Monday, Tuesday finals canceled due to cyberattack

An announcement was posted this afternoon to all of Rensselaer’s social media stating that “all final exams and submissions (e.g., term papers, project reports) scheduled or due for Monday (May 10) and Tuesday (May 11) are cancelled” as a result of the cyberattack on RPI servers that occurred on Friday.


RPI takes down servers in response to cyberattack

Earlier this morning, Rensselaer servers were shut down in response to a cyberattack leaving many students unable to access LMS course materials, contact professors through email, take their final examinations, or submit final projects.

Student Rights

Student Handbook updates reflect acts of discrimination, clarify community health requirements

This semester, the Rensselaer Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities was updated to include a section pertaining to “Acts of Bias, Discriminatory Behavior, and Harassment.” This change was incited by the Rensselaer Black and Latinx Student Coalition, after they realized there were no explicit disciplinary actions against acts of racism at Rensselaer in the Student Handbook.
Student Life

New members inducted to Phalanx and White Key Societies

The newest members of the Phalanx Honor Society and White key society were inducted in a "tapping ceremony" on April 17. The Phalanx Honor Society and White Key Society recognize Rensselaer students and faculty with outstanding records of leadership and service.


RPI Ambulance services reinstated

After 13 months of inactivity due to COVID-19 restrictions, RPI Ambulance services resumed on April 12. The decision to do so comes after the Senate passed a motion addressing the concerns of residential assistants on February 3.

GM Week 2021

Austerity measures could leave graduating seniors mugless

The Rensselaer Union plans to purchase 1800 mugs for the 1755 students who voted in this year's Grand Marshal Week elections. Union Programs and Activities Committee Chair Eddie Weisser ’21 presented four options to distribute GM week mugs to students during last week’s Executive Board Meeting.

Town Meeting

Jackson discusses support for underrepresented students during Town Meeting

Rensselaer students and faculty members asked Institute President Shirley Ann Jackson and other administrators about plans for the Fall semester, advocacy for underrepresented students, and condemnation of the recent spike in anti-Asian hate crimes during the Spring Town Meeting on March 25. Dr. Jackson also announced intentions to hold commencement in-person and have the campus operate almost normally by the Fall semester.


RPI secures 1700 Johnson & Johnson vaccines for distribution

President Shirley Ann Jackson announced that 1700 Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses have been allocated for RPI students.

Student Senate

Residential students speak out against unsatisfactory quarantine living conditions

The 51st Senate concluded its term with the passing of the ‘Quarantine Communications' motion prompted by the extension of the Trigger Level One quarantine on March 17. In a meeting attended by over 180 people, students discussed a potential refund for the quarantine food, the quality and nutritional value of meals, and outdoor time.

Student Life

Mueller Center reopens for students

For the first time this year, the Mueller Center will be open to students. Here’s what you need to know.


Bennett, Mahmoud, elected as GM, PU

Cait Bennett ’22 and Yaseen Mahmoud ’22 have been elected to the positions of Grand Marshal and president of the Union, respectively, and Rhea Banerjee ’22 was elected as the next Undergraduate President.

Campus Health

Trigger Level 1 Quarantine extended through March 21

In an email to the Rensselaer community on Wednesday afternoon, President Shirley Ann Jackson announced that the two-week mandatory quarantine-in-place will end at midnight on March 21 instead of March 17 as previously scheduled.

Executive Board

RPI Fire Emblem Approved as new Union Club

The Union Executive Board passed a motion to approve RPI Fire Emblem as a Union-recognized club.

Rensselaer Union

Baba’s Pizza replaces Cusato’s Pizzeria

After six years of operation, Cusato’s Pizzeria closed in December 2020. Baba’s Pizza made its Rensselaer Union debut in February 2021 with the start of the Spring semester.

Student Senate

Senate passes motion to reinstate RPI Ambulance services

RPI’s ambulance service was shut down last semester due to COVID-19 restrictions. In response to a joint letter by a group of resident assistants and RPI ambulance members, the Senate motioned “to urge the Institute Administration to allow RPI Ambulance to go back in service.”


Fifteenth Street Housing disregards RPI quarantine policies, continues room tours

Though the Institute enacted a campus quarantine on Wednesday, Fifteenth Street Housing proceeded to give housing tours yesterday, after acknowledging RPI’s quarantine policies in an email to residents prior to house tours.