Executive Board

The Executive Board approves multiple club-related motions

Editor's Note: This article was meant to be published on February 7, 2024.

The Executive Board received three proposals at their meeting last Thursday. Two clubs, the RPI Warhammer Club and the RPI Quantum Computing Club, approached the E-Board to receive official Union recognition for their organizations. Additionally, the RPI Pickleball Club petitioned the E-Board to approve a starter budget for their organization.

The RPI Warhammer Club presented to the E-Board first. The Warhammer club already has at least twenty to thirty active members and petitioned for Union support to raise awareness of the club and forward their goal of opening up the hobby to people who may have been unable to participate due to financial constraints. The motion for the Warhammer club to receive Union recognition was approved unanimously.

Next, the Quantum Computing Club, which aims to build a network for those interested in quantum computing and raise awareness of current research, took the floor to request Union recognition. The club, recently founded in response to the installation of the IBM Quantum System One at RPI, boasts over twenty active members and holds events, including last semester's quantum hackathon with IBM, that attract many new participants. After a lengthy questioning period, this motion was also passed unanimously.

Lastly, RPI Pickleball came to the E-Board to request a starter budget to cover expenses such as replacing old or broken equipment and gas for their upcoming regionals in Virginia. The starter budget of $250 was approved unanimously.

This Executive Board meeting was held on February 1. The next E-Board meeting is Thursday, February 8 at 7 pm in the Shelnutt Gallery.