Ria Massoni endorsed for GM by Active Minds, Sole Survivors, Disabled Students at RPI DREAM, Autism at Rensselaer, and Comma

Ria Massoni ’24, ’25G has been endorsed for Grand Marshal by Active Minds, Sole Survivors, Disabled Students at RPI DREAM, Autism at Rensselaer, and Comma. The presidents of each club have each provided the following statements to The Poly.

Active Minds: “Ria's robust platform embodies Dr. Schmidt's vision for moving Rensselaer forward, addressing campus accessibility, pedestrian safety, increased academic support, student mental health and wellness, improved housing resources, food insecurity, graduate student issues, sexual misconduct and Title IX policy, and last but not least, reinstating students to be the primary leaders of effecting change on our campus. Her commitment to helping her peers is unmatched, and we at Active Minds give Ria Massoni our full support and endorsement for Grand Marshal.”

Sole Survivors: “With Ria Massoni’s stance on improving Title IX training/education and reviewing the Institute’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures, Sole Survivors is proud to announce our endorsement of Ria Massoni for Grand Marshal.”

Disabled Students at RPI DREAM: “Ria is dedicated to making campus inclusive and accessible to all students. Her own experience as a student and willingness to work with those who currently face accessibility challenges will help her support meaningful change. This is why the Disabled Students at Rensselaer gives Ria our endorsement.”

Autism at Rensselaer: “Considering Ria's progressive stance on making campus more welcoming to LGBTQ+ students and students with disabilities, I am happy to endorse Ria as for Grand Marshal.”

Comma: “Ria is passionate about creating an accessible, inclusive campus environment. Her dedication to mental health support, support for underrepresented students, campus safety, and bringing more power back to students will allow RPI to be a safe, welcoming place for all students. For these reasons, Comma is proud to endorse Ria for Grand Marshal.”