April 2023

Editorial Notebook

Let’s watch sports

By Dylan Ohno April 26, 2023

What sport is right for you? Associate Sports Editor Dylan Ohno '26 goes through various sports and the appeals of watching each one.

Letter To The Editor

Hugs from Troy: building bikes and community with Daniel Lander

By Laura Zwirn April 26, 2023

Previous staff member Laura Zwirn '23 writes about Daniel Lander, Lecturer in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Women's Lacrosse

Heron hammers Engineers

By Rachelle Luo April 26, 2023

The Engineers took on the undefeated William Smith College. Despite the Engineers’ eight total saves and 12 turnovers, the Herons picked up another win against the Engineers with a final score of 17–7.

Executive Board

E-Board caps off semester granting starter budget to Club Softball

By Nilay Kapadia April 26, 2023

The Executive Board held its final business meeting of the year last Thursday. In contrast to the prior two meetings, the E-Board did not have issues reaching quorum as the Senate appointed 17 new voting members to the E-Board the night before.

On-Campus Event

Wrapping up the year with “The Last of The Pipes”

By Anna Zuniga and Soma Patra April 26, 2023

Editor-in-Chief Soma Patra ’26 and Contributing Editor Anna Zuniga ’26 watched the Rusty Pipes’ Spring Show this past Friday in EMPAC.

Student Senate

Senate approves Executive Board, Judicial Board appointments

By Alexander Orr April 25, 2023

Talulah Patch ’24 won the run-off for Class of 2024 President. Moreover, the Student Senate approved six Judicial Board appointments and 17 Executive Board appointments.


Engineers destroy Dutchwomen in doubleheader

By Anna Zuniga April 25, 2023

Engineers swept the Union Dutchwomen in a doubleheader on April 23.

Editorial Notebook

RPI's failure to feed

By Anna Zuniga April 19, 2023

Features Editor Anna Zuniga ’26 reveals students’ troubles with dining on campus for those with dietary restrictions.

Student Senate

Senate debates micromobility device concerns

By Anna Stubbs April 19, 2023

The Student Senate debated over possible future handbook changes regarding micromobility devices on campus.


Marintchev cannons Engineers past Saints in doubleheader

By Andrew Days April 19, 2023

Martin Marintchev drove in a third of the Engineers’ runs in the sweep over St. Lawrence, with 10‒7 and 5‒2 victories on Saturday. Rensselaer’s Andrew Gaughan and Ben Koomey each recorded wins in the two games.


Popping the bubble

By Megan Waller April 19, 2023

Features Coordinator Megan Waller ’26 describes her experience with how COVID-19 has continued to negatively affect her life as a college student. She also shares her attempts at breaking that cycle.

Women's Lacrosse

Saints steal overtime against Engineers

By Alex Boyko April 19, 2023

The Engineers faced the Saint Lawrence Saints on Saturday, April 15. After the Engineers jumped out to a 10–6 lead early in the 3rd quarter, the Saints clawed their way back to tie the game with a minute left, before claiming a nail-biting 13–12 overtime win.


Gallery: Engineers crush Cortland in doubleheader

By Rachelle Luo April 19, 2023

The Engineers secure two wins against the Red Dragons in a doubleheader.

Executive Board

E-Board approves funding reallocation for UPAC to host Field Day

By Gavin MacKenzie April 19, 2023

UPAC General was approved for a funding reallocation to host a Field day on April 23. For the last day of classes on April 26, UPAC comedy has invited two comedians to perform in the McNeil Room. RPI Wrestling received an additional subsidy to cover a portion of the cost for the team to travel to their national tournament in Puerto Rico.

Editorial Notebook

We should embrace AI progress

By Ryan Hickey April 19, 2023

Composing Editor Ryan Hickey ’25 discusses the potential of advanced AI like GPT-5 and argues against the call to pause its development.

On-Campus Event

McKinney Committee hosts 82nd annual writing contest

By Alex Boyko April 19, 2023

This past Wednesday, the McKinney Committee hosted their 82nd annual awards ceremony to honor the winners of their student writing contest in EMPAC. Here are this year’s winners.


Gallery: Engineers upend Utica Pioneers

By Rachelle Luo April 19, 2023

The Engineers destroyed the Utica Pioneers with a 7–1 victory; bringing them to 19–10–1 for the season.

Men's Tennis

Gallery: Engineers breeze past Dutchmen

By Anna Stubbs April 19, 2023

The Engineers brought home a 9-0 victory over the Union Dutchmen on April 11.

Women's Tennis

Gallery: Engineers serve Raptors tenth loss

By Anna Stubbs April 12, 2023

The Engineers hosted Bard College last Wednesday, emerging victorious with a 9‒0 win against the Raptors.


Gallery: Engineers wreck Williams

By Rachelle Luo April 12, 2023

The Engineers demolish the Williams College Ephs 9‒1, extending their winning streak to three games. Jack Moncur and Aidan Safar led the charge for RPI, combining for seven RBIs.


Gallery: Panthers stave off Engineer comeback

By Rachelle Luo April 12, 2023

The Engineers fell to the Middlebury Panthers 5‒4 after Mitchell Schroeder put the game out of reach with a three-run homer in the fifth inning.

Club Event

RPI Players slay their performance of Heathers: The Musical

By Soma Patra April 12, 2023

Editorial/Opinion Editor Soma Patra ’26 attended the RPI Players’ first performance of Heathers The Musical in EMPAC.

Student Senate

Viner holds first meeting as Grand Marshal

By Alexander Orr April 12, 2023

Grand Marshal Ben Viner ’24 runs his first Senate meeting as Grand Marshal. The Senate held basic introductions.


Gallery: Engineers pummel Panthers in doubleheader

By Anna Zuniga April 12, 2023

The Engineers swept the Purchase College Panthers in a doubleheader on Saturday, winning 12–4 and 6–2.

Top Hat

Out with boring lectures, in with experiential learning

By Ben Viner April 12, 2023

We all know the classic lecture, homework, and exam course structure. Unfortunately, not too many students have experienced classes where they can interact with what they’re learning. This is why newly elected Grand Marshal Ben Viner ’24 encourages the incorporation of experiential education at RPI.

Editorial Notebook

The joy of vlogging

By Annelise Eggen-McElmurry April 11, 2023

Vlogging can keep precious moments active in time. Photography Coordinator Annelise Eggen-McElmurry ’27 explains how the art of videography creates joy.

Executive Board

UAR 2024 approved, Dance Team receives subsidy

By Nilay Kapadia April 11, 2023

President of the Union Ava Gallagher ’23G has announced that the Union Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2024 was approved by the Institute. RPI’s Dance Team received a subsidy to attend the National Dance Alliance competition in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Executive Board

RPI Rugby receives tournament funds in first Gallagher-run Executive Board

By Anna Zuniga and Megan Waller April 5, 2023

RPI Rugby gains funding for upcoming Beast of the East tournament, while Dance Team’s additional subsidy for National competition gets tabled for next meeting. The board discusses marketing and solidifying one shade of red for the Union.

Student Life

Introducing Puckman, RPI’s new experimental chatbot

By Nilay Kapadia April 5, 2023

Rensselaer has begun testing a new chatbot named Puckman, an initiative being led by the Department of Undergraduate Education. The chatbot sent out text messages to most of the freshmen cohort on March 30. An email from Keith Moo-Young, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, explained that the goal of the initiative is to boost student success.

On-Campus Event

PSS: students waltz into April with RPI Ballroom

By Soma Patra April 5, 2023

RPI’s Ballroom Dance Club hosted a DanceSport Competition in the Armory this past Saturday.

Editorial Notebook

What I see in NYC

By Soma Patra April 5, 2023

Editorial/Opinion Editor Soma Patra ’26 recounts her recent journey to New York City with her fellow staff members of The Polytechnic.

Breaking News

RA Union approved in 55-9 majority

By Nilay Kapadia April 5, 2023

Resident assistants voted overwhelmingly 55-9 to approve the RA Union. The election, administered by the National Labor Relations Board, took place last Tuesday and Wednesday in the Union. Rensselaer will now be required by law to bargain collectively with the union in relation to RA compensation, benefits, and working conditions.

Executive Board

E-Board denies free menstrual products, allocates funds for golden toilet in SGS

By arnold zucchini April 1, 2023

Executive Board denies free menstrual products in all bathrooms on campus and allocated $100,000 for a golden toilet in the Student Government Suite.

Breaking News

Student lost in ’87 gym, has not been seen in several days

By Carrier Pigeon April 1, 2023

A Rensselaer student was missing for six days before being found taking a swim on the fifth floor of the ’87 gym.

Student Life

Time tickets adjusted, all students must re-register

By Joe King April 1, 2023

A readjustment in how time tickets are calculated will require all students to re-register classes for the Fall 2023 semester.