Executive Board

E-Board approves funding reallocation for UPAC to host Field Day

UPAC General is hosting their first Field Day in four years. The Field Day is scheduled for April 23 on the ’86 Field. Since the last Field Day, the prices for supplies have increased, so UPAC solicited the Union Executive Board for a funding reallocation to cover the additional costs. UPAC currently has a budget of $3,000 for the Field Day and their contract with the entertainment company providing the activities and supplies is $4,700. E-Board unanimously approved the $1,700 reallocation.

Earlier in the night, RPI Wrestling appeared before the E-Board to request an additional subsidy for the club team’s trip to their national tournament hosted in Puerto Rico. Nine out of the 13 team members qualified for nationals, and the location increased the per person price for the team. Out of the about $20,000 total cost for the trip, RPI Wrestling was covering about $16,000 per person and asked for funding to cover the remainder to reduce the per person cost. For the second week in a row, E-Board could not meet quorum on their initial vote of their first motion, so a 10 minute recess was taken to allow additional members to show up. After the recess, the Executive Board unanimously granted a subsidy of $8,750, which equates to $125 per-person per day. Additionally, the E-Board passed an honorary motion to recognize RPI Wrestling coach Brad Nelson for being named 2023 Northeastern Conference Coach of the Year.

For the last day of classes on April 26, UPAC Comedy is bringing two comedians to perform in the Union. This performance is part of their Last Day of Classes Series, and UPAC Comedy needed approval from the E-Board to use the McNeil Room from 5 pm to 12 am. After ensuring the allotted time allowed for set-up and take-down, the E-Board unanimously passed the motion to approve the use of the McNeil Room.

This Executive Board meeting was held on April 13. E-Board meetings are held every Thursday at 7 pm in Shelnutt Gallery.