Editorial Notebook

The joy of vlogging

Wanting to store your memories is as prominent as ever. From photos and videos on your camera roll to posts on social media accounts, now more than ever, people want to remember key moments in their lives in a permanent form. The art of photography has been around for many years and has always been considered precious to people as another way to capture ‘moments in time.’ Something that previously took hours of painting, carving, or sculpting now takes literal seconds, all through the click of a button. Additionally, the invention of smartphones made photography and videography more accessible than ever before, as people quickly learned how to capture their most precious moments. From surprise parties to cute puppies to the waves washing onto the beach, videography allows a person to keep these memories alive in a simple way.

What makes a vlog so special? A vlog is a compilation of videos that records memories or a set of experiences in a compiled form. Capturing a video allows a person to experience a moment repeatedly through a few clicks of a button. Instead of precious moments being lost in time, they can be brought back to life through a screen. Vlogging allows a person to live through selected moments in their life. This creates a personal memoir that can act like a live photo album. In today’s age, we see the art of vlogging and videography becoming more popular. Specialists are hired to document weddings and other events that people want a personal collection of. As videography is becoming more prominent, it’s important to take a step back and realize what makes it so special.

By definition, the technique of vlogging in itself is a creative process. Although many consider vlogging to require high-end equipment or professional education, a vlog can be as simple as a compilation of videos from an iPhone. Through apps like Splice, iMovie, or even TikTok, people have found that vlog-making is quite accessible. Vlogging could become a lifetime hobby or simply be a one-time gift to someone special. It can also jumpstart a career in advertising, social media management, or video production.

Vlogging allows anyone to find joy in their surroundings. Documentation is an important process of enjoying a moment. Oftentimes people enjoy filming loved ones growing up, trips around the world, or a home-made movie. However, the joy of vlogging something as simple as what you see on a walk can lead to happiness, a sense of creativity, and a personal experience with the world around you. In my opinion, the process of documenting your life allows you to find joy wherever you go.