Editorial Notebook

Let’s watch sports

Becoming invested in a new sport may seem a little daunting at first. Your family member or friend may be a lifelong fan but you’re just getting into it, so you may have some uncertainty whether or not that sport is for your or not. There’s also a possibility that there are people telling you that sport A is worse than sport B. You're going to get mixed reviews, but everyone has their own opinion and I’m here to give you an elevator pitch for each sport that I enjoy watching.


If you want a fast-paced entertaining brand of sports, basketball is definitely for you. With numerous scoring records broken in the past season, it is more than fair to say the National Basketball Association is trending upwards in entertainment. And whether you prefer skill or physical domination, the NBA’s got you covered. From Kyrie Irving’s crafty handles to Steph Curry’s silky smooth shooting, you’ll find a player that’ll turn you into a fan. Don’t forget that former and active players such as Russell Westbrook and Michael Jordan have also been part of a cultural shift in fashion. Jordan’s name is not only synonymous with basketball, but also with his shoes. If you decide to watch the NBA, you can appreciate the culture and the game.

Ice Hockey:

Do you want an even more high-octane brand of sports? Hockey’s got you covered. While the scoring is sparse in comparison to basketball, the amount of action happening on the ice is second to none. It is a fast and physical game, but in the midst of that, players still need the requisite finesse to be able to score. While ice hockey may seem a bit difficult to get into at first, once you hop on the hockey train, there’s no turning back.


Soccer is truly the most global sport, with multiple leagues in soccer that are considered top-flight. The Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga all have teams capable of beating each other, with tournaments pitting the best of each competitor against each other. This is unlike basketball or hockey because only one league can be considered the best. While it is a little slower compared to ice hockey and basketball, the suspense of scoring a point creates legendary and crowd-erupting moments. If you’re willing to be patient and watch the tactical battle play out on the pitch, this sport is definitely for you.


The real football is of course American football. Football is one of America’s most popular sports and for good reason. The concept for football is uncomplicated to understand, as all you want to do is get the ball and reach the other side. While it may be obvious with the number of tackles that happen each game, football is a physical sport. Yet, within all of this physicality exists chess-like maneuvers that the teams' coaches plan. The players in the simplest way are the coaches' chess pieces. Sometimes some teams may seem like they have a lot of queens while others may seem filled with pawns, but that’s the beauty of the game. Football fans get to watch their favorite players go to war for their coaches. Don’t forget the Super Bowl halftime show as well. There are plenty of reasons to check out football, so maybe you should give it a try.


I consider baseball the second most boring sport, just above golf. However, it also goes to show that baseball is a bit laid back compared to other sports. If you don’t like all of the physical aspects of hockey and football, baseball may be for you. With low scoring and less fast-paced action, baseball is also a methodical sport with a clearer set of rules. Baseball is still entertaining as the sport still produces moments that get you out of your seat.


As another sport with a clear set of rules, I’d consider tennis to be more of a logical sport than others. At the surface level tennis players are playing a game where they hit the ball back and forth, but that’s not the only game they’re playing. They’re also playing a battle of wits. They have to think about where and how they’re going to hit the ball, while considering their opponent's tactics. Also, the most talented tennis players can hit the ball from anywhere to anywhere, so the mind games get even more intense as their skillset is larger. Not only that, but the passion you see from the players seeps through the TV, but the best part about it is how they still manage to keep their emotions in check, for the most part. It’s a gentleman’s sport with not a lot of showboating and trash talking as all of the speaking is done on the court.

Formula 1:

The biggest motorsport in the world, Formula 1, pits the best drivers in the fastest cars against each other. If you like cars that go as fast as 220 miles per hour, F1 is going to be entertaining for you. F1 isn’t only about cars that go fast, though. It’s also about the strategy, where there are multiple tires to select that specialize speed or durability. The tires the team can end up either harming them or winning them the race. Everything a team does is to make the car go faster, with millions of dollars poured into their projects, and that’s what makes F1 so entertaining.