Campus Event

I got second place at the Integration Bee (So you can do it too)

Features Editor Vaughn Greason ’25 shares his experiences at the Integration Bee, an event hosted by Pi Mu Epsilon and the Association for Women in Mathematics.

Club Event

Going Into the Woods with the RPI Players

Features Editor Vaughn Greason ’25 shares his experience watching and reviewing the RPI Players’ production of Into The Woods. The Players will be performing Into the Woods on April 22 and 23 at 8pm, along with a 1 pm matinee on April 24.

Downtown Troy

Cafe Euphoria, downtown Troy's new trans safe-space

Cafe Euphoria challenges traditional norms of labor, gender, and service in many new and interesting ways, writes Features Editor Vaughn Greason '25. At the cafe’s busy soft opening on March 5, Cafe Euphoria highlighted its extraordinary business model amid a buffet of Belgian waffles, smoothies, and coffee. Cafe Euphoria's grand opening is April 29.

Lesser-Known Locales

Bannerman’s Armory and the Scottish castle on the Hudson

Why is there a lonely stone castle sitting in the middle of the Hudson river? "Frank Bannerman built a castle and filled it with all of the coolest things he could get his hands on," writes features editor Vaughn Greason '25, who dives into the history of the curious Bannerman's Armory.

Game Review

Chess that even grandmasters find hard to comprehend

Staff writer Ryan Hickey '25 explores the complex systems of the PC game 5D Chess with Multiversal Time Travel.

Student Spotlight

RPI's Miss Tennessee breaks down the history of pageants

“People can’t imagine how you wouldn’t be ripping each other’s dresses and high heels like the movies…but it’s a sisterhood.” Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, graduate student Lily Donaldson is the 2021 Miss Tennessee title holder in the Miss United States division. In her interview with staff writer Maanasa Pulavarty '25, Donaldson goes into the history of American beauty pageants and her role as Miss Tennessee.

Book Review

Yōko Ogawa's The Memory Police is a book you won't forget

Objects mandatorily erased from consciousness and a writer struggling to find her place amongst it all. Publicity Editor Mattaya Gibbs ’24 discusses her views on The Memory Police by Yōko Ogawa.

On-Campus Event

Student Film Festival makes its RPI debut

The first-ever Student Film Festival occurred on Wednesday, March 23 hosted by UPAC Cinema in collaboration with the Department of Arts.


Mixing it up with Apple’s M1 Ultra

Apple released the Mac Studio with the new M1 Ultra chip on March 8. Apple argues that it matches and exceeds the performance of its high-end professional Intel-powered Apple desktops while being the same dimensions of the Mac Mini, at around 2.5 times its height.

Photo Short Story

PSS: Winter Carnival extravaganza

The Winter Carnival at the Rensselaer Union had a variety of events for students to participate in during Election Day of Grand Marshal Week. This included performances, carnival games run by various student organizations, and prizes.

Album Review

Haircuts for Men, Macroblank, and the new vaporwave aesthetic

Vaporwave expresses a variety of emotions that are otherwise hard to articulate through aesthetics and production. Features Editor Vaughn Greason ’25 examines the aesthetics and evolution of the bands Macintosh Plus and Haircuts for Men, and looks to the future of vaporwave.


En garde, Ready, FENCE!: An overview of modern fencing

While not the same combat sport that the Princess Bride would have you believe, modern fencing is still the same fast-paced world of technique, defense, and mind games.

Club Spotlight

Shooting for the stars with the Rensselaer Astrophysical Society

Features Editor Vaughn Greason '25 interviews the Rensselaer Astrophysical Society about their place in RPI's community.

Student Life

PSS: Noel from Nason

With finals week looming, Nason Hall has been looking for a way to liven students’ spirits. Over the weekend, several residents pitched in to purchase and decorate a tree that’s now displayed on the building’s north side. The Polytechnic interviewed a few of the main contributors to this project.


Army ROTC heads to West Point

Cadets in Rensselaer’s Army ROTC competed in a national military skills competition, the Ranger Challenge, from October 22 to 24. The Mohawk Battalion, a 12-member team with RPI, Siena College, University of Albany, and Union College cadets, placed second out of 45 teams, qualifying them to compete at the Sandhurst Military Skills Competition at West Point for the first time in over ten years.


Opening up and getting grounded with OpenCircuits

OpenCircuits, an online circuit designer, is seeing increased usage in classrooms at Rensselaer. Recently, Professor Konstantin Kuzmin decided to use OpenCircuits as his main circuit simulator when teaching Computer Organization. To learn more about the project, The Polytechnic interviewed the OpenCircuits RCOS project team.

On-Campus Event

RPI Players returns to captivate audiences with Clue

Despite the hiatus caused by the pandemic, the RPI Players still deliver with Clue—an infamous mystery story that’s been adapted into countless movies, shows, plays, and a myriad of board games since its inception.


A chat with QuACS

With Spring semester course registration right around the corner, many RPI students are trying to put together their course schedules. A popular scheduling tool among RPI students is QuACS, the Questionably Accurate Course Scheduler. To get a better understanding of QuACS, The Polytechnic interviewed the QuACS team.

The Poly's Recommendations

What's The Poly listening to?

Are you looking to spice up your playlist? Don't worry, The Poly's got you covered. Check out our Fall 2021 recommendations below, featuring music from Adele to Modest Mouse.

Poly Comics

The ghosts of West Hall

Exploring West Hall at night is a rite of passage at RPI. In the newest Poly comic, three students have a strange encounter in the rumored-to-be-haunted building.


The forgotten ghosts in the depths of West Hall

West Hall has a reputation at Rensselaer for its otherworldly, cryptic nature, with its eerie and complex history. Staff writer Vaughn Greason ’25 walks through the history of West Hall and what it represents to RPI.


Drag fever with Typhoid Mary

Laura Zwirn ’23 and Erik Cross ’23 interview local drag queen Typhoid Mary to learn more about their artistic endeavors and their lived experiences as an artist in Troy.

Campus Event

Borderline brilliance at poetry slam

Talk Without Borders organized Poetry Slam Night, an event aimed towards providing members of the Rensselaer community with an open space to express themselves in an artistic way.


How Parasite and Squid Game disprove the get-rich-quick myth

Bill Ni ’23 shares his thoughts on why Parasite and Squid Game are so successful and how they reflect on our society’s income inequality.