On-Campus Event

Family fun at Fall Fest

During this year’s Family Weekend, Fall Fest celebrated autumn and entertained students and their families alike.

Club Event

Delving into diversity at I-Fest

From the vast assortment of food around the McNeil Room to seeing the smiles of family and friends, Rensselaer’s annual International Fest is a celebration of RPI’s diverse student body.

Tv Series Review

Over the Garden Wall: a fall-themed feature you’ll fall in love with

So far during my time at Rensselaer, many people have asked me about the television shows I enjoy watching. Usually the answers vary depending on who’s asking. I, however, always make sure to mention Over the Garden Wall, the animated miniseries created by Patrick McHale that aired on Cartoon Network in 2014. In fact, this is a show that I often call “essential fall viewing,” because the aesthetic of the show meshes so well with the changing colors of the leaves outside and the spookiness of Halloween, but, this show can, and should, be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Club Event

RPI aims to become 'Stronger Than the Stigma'

The Active Minds “Stronger Than the Stigma” event, held October 9 on the ‘86 Field, was a great way to showcase the various mental health resources available on campus.

On-Campus Event

Josh Groban brings audience to tears

Josh Groban, the Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and actor, mesmerized audience members by performing many of his classic numbers in the Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center Concert Hall on Saturday.

Lesser-Known Locales

Where to recharge: the perfect places to cry on campus

When you were little, crying was natural. If you fell down while running and scraped your knee, you cried. If your parents didn’t let you buy the coolest new toy, you cried. But, somewhere along the road of growing up, you were told crying is weak, that what you’re feeling doesn’t matter, and that you should just deal with it.

Community Recipes

A remedy for homesickness: crowdsourced recipes

Every year, Rensselaer brings together a group of diverse individuals, each from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, who are passionate in pursuing varied academic interests and are all unified in our shared experience of building a new life away from home.

On-Campus Event

Mesmerizing magic at RPI

The Union Programs and Activities Committee organized an open house for students and alumni on Saturday.

Downtown Troy

Troy Night Out exceeds ex-pup-tations

On Friday, Troy Night Out took place in Downtown. The month’s theme was “All About Animals (and pets),” and the event definitely lived up to its name.

On-Campus Event

Ground Zero hosts "Sick Gig"

Ground Zero Basement held an underground music concert in the East Campus Class Community Center on Friday.

Getting familiar with RPI's friendly fifer

The Polytechnic sat down with the fifer that has been heard playing across campus to learn more about his life.

Club Spotlight

Giving sustainability a scrumptious spin

Out of the many clubs promoting sustainability on campus, Terra Café is definitely the yummiest one. They’ve partnered with Sodexo to bring affordable and alternative dining options every Wednesday. Located in the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Terra Café tries to use local produce as often as they can when making these meals.

On-Campus Event

Knoblauch shares her story of success and mental illness

On Saturday, the Rensselaer Union hosted the 2019 Student Leader Summit. The event included conference-style “choose-your-own” workshops, breakfast, lunch, and a special keynote presentation featuring Heidi Knoblauch, the owner of the Plumb Oyster Bar in Downtown Troy.

Downtown Troy

Troy’s thriving eateries celebrate Restaurant Week

Restaurant week is a celebration of the diverse, dandy, and dapper dining establishments of Troy, NY. It runs from September 9 to September 15, and special deals are offered just for the week. These are a selection of restaurants in Downtown Troy that members of the Polytechnic enjoy.

On-Campus Event

Welcoming incoming freshmen with a Fest

Welcome Fest, the penultimate Navigating Rensselaer & Beyond event for the incoming class, started off with the traditional handshake from President Shirley Ann Jackson at the Approach.

Downtown Troy

Your guide to Troy: Exploring the outdoor farmers market

Almost three years ago—wow—I started my freshman year at Rensselaer. I was super nervous about making friends and getting involved on campus, as most freshmen are.
Committee Spotlight

Multicultural Leadership Council: a liaison for cultural clubs on campus

On a campus where the difference between the majority and the minority can feel quite evident, the Multicultural Leadership Council is proving to be an important resource for cultural clubs.
On-Campus Event

Students march through campus during Take Back the Night

Chants condemning sexual assault could be heard across campus late on April 17 during Take Back the Night, a march in solidarity against violence of any kind.
Club Spotlight

Sitting down with the Idiots of Sheer Idiocy

After being introduced the hilarious improv of Sheer Idiocy during the Evening of Performance, I had the pleasure of going to three more amazing shows. During these, they play a variety of improv games ranging from creating rhymes using a word from the audience, to telling a brand new fairy tale from different perspectives.I sat down with Molly Kerwick, Max Carey, Dante Mancinelli, Leith Reardon, Billy Pedoto, Lucas Sheldon, Ciaran Young and Hannah LaTourette, and Connor Griffin to learn more about how they function as a club and how they manage to be so so funny.
Downtown Troy

Dinner party: a must-have RPI experience

To start the celebration of Earth week, Design for America held a dinner party in partnership with the Student Sustainability Task Force on Saturday. This event was open to all community members, and yielded about 50 attendees, ranging from RPI students to families with small children.

On-Campus Event

PAKSA’s Jashn: fun, friendly, nostalgic

Stepping into the Academy Hall auditorium at 6 pm on Saturday felt like being transported to South Asia.
On-Campus Event

RPI Players enthralls, impresses with Sweeney Todd

As much as I enjoyed the play RPI Players put on for An Evening of Performance, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street was unlike anything I saw from them so far.
Research Spotlight

Exploring 2D material structures for energy, transport properties

Passionate about physics and computational methods, Professor and Head of the Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy Department Vincent Meunier works to optimize materials at their lowest level, playing with atomic structure to maximize their electronic properties on a quantum scale.
Club Spotlight

Club aims to make coding more accessible for local youth

In early 2017, Coding&&Community was founded on campus by a small group of students. This addition to the Rensselaer community serves to educate local youth about computer programming and problem solving. The goal is to bridge the gap between coding and different roadblocks a student may face, including gender, race, socioeconomic status, and more.