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Students angered by selective restrictions placed on multicultural events

February 17, 2020

While Big Red Freakout and Winter Carnival went on without a hitch, administrators placed severe restrictions on some students’ biggest events of the year, citing concerns with coronavirus. “It’s discriminatory and wrong,” said Multicultural Leadership Council member Sundjata Suma ’20 while discussing the issue in a meeting.

Campus Security

Rensselaer lobbied for peace officer bill to expand PubSafe powers

February 17, 2020

Rensselaer lobbied for the New York State Senate bill that would grant peace officer status to certain public safety officers, which was posted publicly on the government website earlier this month and sparked concern in the RPI community. There has been no communication about this initiative to the student body, besides the bill’s posting.

Rensselaer Union

Upgraded mail center moved to Union from Commons

February 1, 2020

The student mail center has been relocated to the first floor of the Rensselaer Union and will open on Monday. It now features an “intelligent parcel locker” system for packages aimed at decreasing wait times.

Behind the URL

Why we don't publish anonymous letters to the editors

January 15, 2020

Our feelings about anonymous articles have evolved over recent years, so we want to take this time to explain the thought process behind the decision not to publish the submission. This is a new type of article in our Opinion section—dubbed “behind the URL”—that will be used by members of the Editorial Board to give a behind-the-scenes look at our organization and decisions.

The Arch

Student survey reveals negative views of Arch

November 20, 2019

A survey conducted by the Student Senate showed that 78 percent of respondents were unsatisfied with the Arch after they participated in it. 94 percent of respondents thought that students should be able to live in off-campus housing during the Arch. 64 percent of respondents said they would not participate in the Arch if it were optional.

Town Meeting

Jackson: Arch will not be optional

October 28, 2019

President Shirley Ann Jackson confirmed that she would not consider making the Arch optional, when asked by The Polytechnic during her biannual town meeting on Wednesday, regardless of if the majority of students wanted it to be.

Breaking News

Rensselaer community unsettled by police presence on campus

October 16, 2019

Over five police vehicles and a SWAT team were seen on campus stopping a vehicle and apprehending multiple people on Tuesday around 9 pm. Near the time of the stop on 15th Street, uniformed officers with guns lined the Darrin Communications Center walkway near Russell Sage Dining Hall, where an arrest took place.

Student Senate

Senate backtracks decision after six months

October 9, 2019

Six months after the Student Senate declined to consider the Union Annual Report because the Executive Board was "strong-armed" into making the changes it entailed, members unanimously approved the same document without discussion.

Student Activism

Climate action plan petition passes 250 signature threshold

April 24, 2019
“THERE IS NO PLANET B!” was just one of the phrases written across the banner at the Student Sustainability Task Force’s four-hour demonstration on the ’86 Field on Monday.
Downtown Troy

Dinner party: a must-have RPI experience

April 24, 2019

To start the celebration of Earth week, Design for America held a dinner party in partnership with the Student Sustainability Task Force on Saturday. This event was open to all community members, and yielded about 50 attendees, ranging from RPI students to families with small children.

Student Activism

Save RPI Greek Life march cancelled

April 18, 2019
Three days after its announcement, the March Against Deferred Recruitment was cancelled by “Save RPI Greek Life,” the anonymous organization that had planned the event.
Rensselaer Union

Administrators reject, request changes to Union budget

April 5, 2019
For the first time in at least 49 years, the Institute rejected the student-proposed Union budget and did not submit it to the president and Board of Trustees for approval.

Lettko, Kennedy win GM, PU races

March 29, 2019
Meagan Lettko ’20 and Caitlin Kennedy ’20 have been elected Grand Marshal and President of the Union, respectively.
Executive Board

Replacements for third floor Union furniture coming this summer

March 27, 2019
The Executive Board approved the use of up to $33,000 for the purchase of new furniture for the seating areas on the third floor of the Union and $1,600 for a new projection system for the Shelnutt Gallery.
Gm Week 2019

Elections Commission fails to maintain public record

March 6, 2019
Though the Elections Commission has issued at least two decisions and one warning, only one decision has been made public as required by the Student Government Elections Policy.
Gm Week 2019

Campaigning for GM Week 2019 elections has begun. What does this mean for students?

March 3, 2019
Election season is now underway, and students may campaign for elected Student Government positions until March 27.
Executive Board

Global Medical Brigades denied additional funding for medical mission trip

February 27, 2019
The Executive Board broke precedent on Thursday when it failed a motion to give Global Medical Brigades an additional $900 toward bus transportation to the airport for its medical mission trip to Honduras.
Student Senate

Grad student activity fee decrease recommended

February 13, 2019
The Senate approved the Union Annual Report Committee’s recommendation for the Fiscal Year 2020 activity fee and the Union Annual Report Fiscal Year 2020 on January 28.
Executive Board

RPI Quidditch given additional $5,000 for travel to nationals

February 13, 2019
The Executive Board gave RPI Quidditch an additional $5,000 to attend the 2019 U.S. Quidditch Cup, approved a new ticket sale program for the RPI Players, and approved the purchase of six additional Chromebooks—primarily for use during elections—on Thursday.
Greek Life

Deadline for public comment on Greek life suggestions extended by one week

February 11, 2019
The Greek Life Review Committee extended the deadline for public comment on the Draft Report of the Greek Life Task Force by one week on Friday.
Greek Life

Takeaways from the Draft Report of the Greek Life Task Force

January 30, 2019
The Draft Report of the Greek Life Task Force, a document outlining the state of Greek life and recommendations for improvement, was released on Friday.
Student Senate

Elections Reform Task Force presents recommendations for future elections

January 24, 2019
Grand Marshal Stef Warner ’19 and Elections Commission Chairperson Zachary Taylor ’21 presented The Elections Reform Task Force Report—a culmination of recommendations regarding the GM Week 2018 elections—on January 14.
Town Meeting

Takeaways from the Fall Town Meeting

November 14, 2018
Students and faculty filled the Concert Hall of the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center for President Shirley Ann Jackson’s Fall Town Meeting on October 31.

RPI-Sage Hillel hosts remembrance after shooting

November 7, 2018
On Saturday night, members of the Rensselaer community gathered around the fountain near Commons Dining Hall to remember the lives of the 11 people who were murdered in an anti-Semitic attack in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh on October 27.
Club Event

BSA hosts first art show

November 7, 2018
On Friday, the Black Students’ Alliance hosted its first-ever art show in the Greene Building Gallery, as a prelude to its annual fashion show in February.
Campus Event

Union After Dark features Black Tie Stereo, student performances

November 7, 2018
On Saturday, the McNeil Room was cleared of tables to make room for Union After Dark: Board Games Edition with Black Tie Stereo, a four-piece pop band based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Director of the Union Potts prioritizes trust

October 31, 2018
“Before, during, and after,” responded Director of the Union Charlie Potts when asked if he was fully aware of the context of his hiring before he accepted his job as director.
Student Senate

Senate expresses dissatisfaction with director of the Union hiring process

October 10, 2018
On Monday, October 1, the Senate unanimously voted to create the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and passed a resolution expressing its “dissatisfaction” with the hiring process for the director of the Union.

Safe Ride vehicle involved in collision

September 29, 2018
Around 9 pm on Friday, there was an incident at Peoples Avenue and 15th Street involving a Safe Ride vehicle and another vehicle.
Editor's Corner

The Polytechnic no longer printing regularly

September 19, 2018
This past spring, our Editorial Board unanimously voted to end our regular printing schedule and to instead refocus our efforts toward online publication.
Rensselaer Union

Jackson appoints Union director without E-Board vote

August 17, 2018
In an email to the Rensselaer community on August 13, President Shirley Ann Jackson announced the appointment of Charlie Potts to the position of director of the Union.
Student Senate

Elections Reform Task Force chair removed days after appointment

May 2, 2018
On April 25, Interim Vice President for Student Life LeNorman J. Strong announced via email the creation of the Elections Reform Task Force of the Student Senate.
Judicial Board Decision

‘2018 GM Week election results are valid’

April 25, 2018
“In summary, the 2018 GM Week election results are valid, and there is no need to run a new election,” wrote the Judicial Board in an email sent to members of the Union on Sunday.

‘Smells rotten’: Administrators meet with Elections Commission

April 17, 2018
The Elections Commission was summoned to a meeting with Vice President for Student Life LeNorman Strong, Vice President for Information Services and Technology and Chief Information Officer John Kolb ’79, General Counsel and Secretary of the Institute Craig Cook, and Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students Travis Apgar via an email sent on Sunday. The meeting occurred yesterday at 5 pm.

Strong questions validity of elections

April 17, 2018
“Last night I met with the 2018 Elections Commission to discuss the reported issues. Given the lack of integrity in the election process, the Commission is now determining whether any of the election results should be invalidated,” wrote Interim Vice President for Student Life LeNorman Strong in an email to the Rensselaer community.

Warner, Etzine win GM, PU races

April 7, 2018
Stef Warner ’19 and Justin Etzine ’18 have been elected Grand Marshal and President of the Union, respectively.
Gm Week 2018

Warner, Etzine lead in preliminary election results

April 5, 2018
These are the raw, uncertified results from today’s elections, including any discrepancies that may have been introduced by duplicates and the improper inclusion of candidates on the ballot.
Gm Week 2018

Elections marred by falsified sanction, ballot issues, lines

April 5, 2018
The Elections Commission chairperson falsified a sanction and issued it unilaterally, without a vote of the members of the Commission.

Bush, Warner win GM primary

April 4, 2018
On April 3, the Elections Commission released the results of the primary election, certifying that Grand Marshal candidates Nancy Bush ’19 and Stef Warner ’19 will be on the final ballot.
Gm Week 2018

Sanctions issued to Chaudhary, Bush, Warner

April 3, 2018
The Elections Commission has released the following sanctions regarding the GM Week 2018 elections: Sanction 1 Noting that the GM Week 2018 Elections Handbook, Section 6, 15 states: ‘Excessive postering in a singular area is prohibited.’ Due to violations of this rule, the Elections Commission has decided to sanction Trishala Chaudhary with the following: Candidate Chaudhary’s posters have been removed, and she has been sanctioned with two (2) hours of community service.
Town Meeting

Jackson addresses recent concerns

March 28, 2018
“I’ll be happy to answer questions, but what I thought we would do is, since I know a number of you received this flyer—we thought we would just walk through these questions and give you answers to them,” said President Shirley Ann Jackson during the Spring Town Meeting at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center on March 22.
Student Senate

Division of Student Life presents accomplishments, future plans

March 21, 2018
On Wednesday, March 7, members of the Division of Student Life gathered in the Shelnutt Gallery to present on the past year of progress and goals for the future, and get input and feedback from the Student Senate.
Editor’s Corner

Union E-Board should prioritize transparency

February 21, 2018
Since resigning from the Rensselaer Union Executive Board, I have had a bunch of people ask me why. In the Board’s most recent meeting, President of the Union Matt Rand ’19 said that it was because of The Poly.
Student Senate

Senate overrides E-Board policy on livestreaming

February 15, 2018
On Wednesday, the Student Senate passed a resolution regarding the recording and livestreaming of open student government body meetings, approved the Grand Marshal Week 2018 Handbook, and failed to approve the appointment of an Executive Board representative.
Empac Event

Porn industry’s implicit design explored

February 14, 2018
“They’re part of a $97 billion industry, whose revenues in the [United States] alone exceeds baseball, basketball, and football combined,” said Patrick Keilty, referencing the pornography industry in his talk, “Pornography’s Graphical Interface,” at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center on Thursday.
Editor's Corner

Lack of discussion around UAR concerning

February 14, 2018
I was initially going to write a short piece about our recent lack of a sports section—stay tuned or skip to the end of the article for that—but then I went to the emergency meeting of the Student Senate on Sunday.

Jackson thanks Bystroff for email

February 7, 2018
“That was a very brave thing you did, and I deeply appreciate it. These things are hard, and I just wanted to thank you for being willing to speak up on my behalf,” wrote President Shirley Ann Jackson in an email to Professor and Director of the Bioinformatics Program Chris Bystroff.

Projected cost of SafeRide: $120k

February 7, 2018
SafeRide is the newest addition to Rensselaer’s Student Living and Learning arsenal of student resources, chosen “in response to students’ requests for another transportation option.” The door-to-door service has been designed with the safety of student users in mind, and acts within a similar boundary to the RPI Campus Shuttle.
Editor's Corner

Poly given subsidy for Fiscal Year 2019

January 31, 2018
If you found me a year and a half ago and told me I would eventually be the editor in chief of The Polytechnic, I would have almost certainly said, “What is an editor in chief?” Looking back, the amount that I’ve learned from the paper alone is unbelievable to me.

Eastin shares contentious email

January 31, 2018
“OK, I’ll say it. Shame on you,” wrote Professor and Director of the Bioinformatics Program Chris Bystroff, in an email directly addressing alumni who have stopped donating to Rensselaer since President Shirley Ann Jackson assumed her position.
Editor's Corner

Have you been considering going vegan?

January 31, 2018
With the new year and all of the resolutions that come along with it, I’ve had a few friends and family members ask me about going vegan: how to do it, how to enjoy it, and how to make it easy.

Alumnus: ‘I want to fix RPI’

January 24, 2018
This weekend, Renew Rensselaer—a collective of alumni led by former President of the Union Bill Criss ’69, Ted Mirczak ’66, Peter Vanderzee ’70, and John Krob ’78—launched, a website that outlines perceived issues with Rensselaer and a platform geared toward fixing them.
Student Senate

Winter Break shortened due to Arch

January 24, 2018
The Student Senate adjourned its first meeting of the semester after only 24 minutes, having addressed the reduction of the length of Winter Break in the 2018–2019 academic calendar, the few vacant Senate positions, and progress on committee projects.