Judicial Board Decision

‘2018 GM Week election results are valid’

“In summary, the 2018 GM Week election results are valid, and there is no need to run a new election,” wrote the Judicial Board in an email sent to members of the Union on Sunday.

The Judicial Board met and found there to be no evidence of any misconduct by any candidates or their assistants. It did note a “number of procedural oversights,” but concluded that their effect on the elections was “likely minor.” 

It addressed and voted on a number of problems, including the amendments not being included on the ballot, voting starting late, a write-in candidate appearing on the ballot, duplicate names, the voting system being compromised, the early release of the elections results, and the failure to consistently check voter identification at polling sites. While it determined that there was no reason for further concerns regarding the validity of the elections with respect to these issues, the J-Board was “concerned” by the Commission’s decision to abandon the previous precedent of checking student identification via scanners or Commission members. 

A full write-up of their decisions  can be found at poly.rpi.edu/s/jborde.

All 2018 Elections were certified by the Elections Commission as valid 3-2.