Executive Board

Replacements for third floor Union furniture coming this summer

The Executive Board approved the use of up to $33,000 for the purchase of new furniture for the seating areas on the third floor of the Union and $1,600 for a new projection system for the Shelnutt Gallery.

The furniture purchase is to replace the old tables and chairs, many of which are broken and have stains. Business Operations Chairperson Brian Mansaku ’20 estimated that they are approximately 20 years old. The new pieces are the same size and quantity, but will have wheels.

The furniture will arrive approximately six to eight weeks from now. Associate Director of Operations Joseph Campo said that, optimistically, the replacement could happen before graduation, but it could also be pushed to the beginning of June.

Barco, a new system that connects a projector to a computer via a wireless USB module, is now being used in Shelnutt Gallery. This was chosen largely to test run Barco, since it would cost the same as repairing the room’s pre-existing system. It can be checked out of the Admin Office and requires a small software download before it’s ready for use.