December 2022

Executive Board

Senate receives funding for new shuttle tracker technology

By Alexander Orr December 14, 2022

The Student Senate requested a funding reallocation for new shuttle tracker technology, the Outing Club requested an additional subsidy as well as a funding reallocations, and the Union ShowTechs requested permission to fundraise for equipment repairs. Moreover, Director of Student Activities Cameron McLean reported that rules on cooking in the Union are being rewritten.

Men's basketball

No. 18 Engineers batter Bard for ninth win

By Andrew Days December 14, 2022

Five Engineers scored double digit points in their 82-44 win over the Bard Raptors. The victory brings Rensselaer’s season record to 9-1, 3-0 in the Liberty League.

On-Campus Event

Celebrating the holiday season with the RPI community

By Anna Zuniga December 14, 2022

Features Editor Anna Zuniga ’26 shares her experience at the Campus Seasonal Celebration.

Editorial Notebook

How to train your AI

By David Liu December 14, 2022

AI should always come with a killswitch, but Managing Editor David Liu ’22 argues that it’s a lot more complicated than we think.

Editorial Notebook

You’re not actually independent

By Mattaya Gibbs December 14, 2022

Copy Editor Mattaya Gibbs ’24 shares a recent experience of hers, while commenting on a mistake that some fall prey to, in the search for independence.

Student Senate

Student Senate reports on the investigation into the Interfraternity Council

By Alex Boyko December 13, 2022

Grand Marshal Cait Bennett ‘23G opened the meeting with an update on the recent investigation into the Interfraternity Council. Shortly into the meeting, a motion to close the meeting was seconded.

Editorial Notebook

The problem with copyrighting music

By Gavin MacKenzie December 8, 2022

I believe the idea behind copyrighting media is fair, but we’ve reached the point where it is no longer feasible or realistic to apply copyright rules to music.

Club Spotlight

Taking the ice with Club Hockey

By Andrew Days December 8, 2022

ACHA hockey is an entertaining combination of competition and pure love of the sport. Games are never held during the week to avoid academic conflicts, so I highly suggest going to one of Club Hockey’s games if you have a free weekend.

Student Senate

Student Senate raises class dues by one dollar

By Mohammed Kalefa December 8, 2022

Student Senate increased Class Council dues by one dollar. Treasurer Ibrahim Ali ’24 was also asked to step down after missing a budgeting deadline. Additionally, Philip Paterson ’25 presented the Resident Life Report on campus housing.


Goals for the future: an interview with President Schmidt

By Alexander Orr December 8, 2022

The Polytechnic interviewed Martin Schmidt ’81 to discuss goals for the future.

Student Senate

Konwerski presents draft of Student Life Performance Plan

By David Liu December 8, 2022

Vice President of Student Life Peter Konwerski presented a draft of the Student Life Performance Plan, outlining goals to improve student retention, make investments in housing, and “enhance the Arch.”

Executive Board

Rounak granted approval to fundraise

By Alexander Orr December 8, 2022

RPI Rounak was given approval to fundraise for costumes and props.

On-Campus Event

PSS: Undergraduate Diwali Festival Show

By Anna Zuniga December 8, 2022

Associate Features Editor Anna Zuniga ’26 shares her experience going to The Indian Student Association’s undergraduate Diwali Show.


Understanding the Union Annual Report

By Colleen Corrigan December 8, 2022

For the past month, the Rensselaer Union Executive Board has been focused on preparing for the annual budgeting process for Fiscal Year 2024. Currently, we are in Fiscal Year 2023 with the next fiscal year starting on July 1, 2023.

On-Campus Event

Diving into the displays at the Rensselaer Game Showcase

By Ryan Hickey December 8, 2022

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Game Development Club hosted its annual Rensselaer Game Showcase. Many students hosted various projects they had worked on throughout the year. There were many different genres of games, from side-scrolling storytellers to simulation games to card games, and even one VR game.


Engineers repeat defeat of Dutchmen for Shoes trophy

By Andrew Days December 8, 2022

Reigning-champions Rensselaer scored three touchdowns, two in the first quarter, to secure a 23-13 victory over Union in the annual Dutchman Shoes rivalry game. Not receiving an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament, the Engineers will finish their season at East Campus Stadium to take on the Morrisville Mustangs in the Scotty Whitelaw Bowl on November 19.


Exploring EMPAC

By Gavin MacKenzie December 8, 2022

Being fully open for the first time since COVID-19 is a big deal for EMPAC. Students can walk in from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays to study and hang out. Contributing Editor Gavin MacKenzie ’25 explores what EMPAC has to offer, including its various venues, events, in-house research, and more.

Photo Short Story


By Justin Chassin and Anna Zuniga December 8, 2022

Associate Features Editor Anna Zuniga ’26 and Justin Chassin ’22G attended the dress rehearsal and the 8 pm performance of Adam Weinert’s ANTHEM in EMPAC’s concert hall on November 4. The event employed layered symbolism, choreography, and film to criticize the American national anthem.

Editorial Notebook

The importance of better vegetarian options

By Marissa Ho December 8, 2022

Rensselaer should have better vegetarian options for students. Associate Composing Editor Marissa Ho ’26 provides some ideas on how to fix it.

Executive Board

Women’s Club Basketball jump starts season

By Anna Stubbs December 8, 2022

Women’s Club Basketball was approved for the start of their season, and clubs under the Rensselaer Music Association were consolidated into one.

Club Event

RPI Grad ISA celebrates a bright future with the Festival of Lights

By Gemma Beatty December 8, 2022

The Graduate Indian Students Association held a Diwali festival to celebrate the holiday as well as kick off the club’s first official event since COVID-19.

Club Event

Sink your teeth into the RPI Players’ production of Dracula

By Soma Patra December 8, 2022

The RPI Players presented an exemplary performance at the Playhouse this past weekend, displaying an outstanding production of Dracula.

Student Senate

Senate holds Q&A session with President Schmidt

By David Liu December 7, 2022

The Student Senate conducted a Q&A session with President Schmidt, asking questions that ranged from mental health, Greek life, and Schmidt’s day-to-day.

Editorial Notebook

Everything I Hate About My Favorites

By Soma Patra December 7, 2022

Delving into her love of literature, Features Editor Soma Patra ‘26 discusses some of her favorite novels, and everything she dislikes about them.

Student Senate

Colonie B residents cannot move back until Spring

By Nilay Kapadia December 7, 2022

The Student Senate held a discussion led by Philip Paterson ’25 on the recent flooding of Colonie B. Jacob Fuhr was appointed as Class of 2025 Representative, and the Senate approved a motion to urge the Campus Card Office and Student Life to allow students to use their preferred names on their IDs.

Editorial Notebook

The Appeal of Being Real

By Anna Stubbs December 7, 2022

Is BeReal worth the hype? Associate Editorial/Opinion Editor Anna Stubbs ’26 reasons it’s the social media the generation should be proud of.

Women's Hockey

Tigers take the victory in last two periods

By Andrew Days December 7, 2022

Olympic gold medalist Sarah Fillier contributed to all of the Tigers’ goals in Princeton’s 5‒1 victory over Rensselaer. Hannah Price netted the Engineers only goal; goaltender Amanda Rampado made 31 saves.

Executive Board

Senate, CSSA, DDR, CSA get funding approved

By Gavin MacKenzie December 7, 2022

The Executive Board approved funding reallocations for the Senate’s annual survey, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association’s Lunar New Year Celebrations, the Dance Dance Revolution’s game pad repairs, and approved the starter budget for the Caribbean Student Association.


Identifying engineering materials with Dr. Edwin B. Fohtung

By Soma Patra December 7, 2022

Dr. Edwin B. Fohtung, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, works with developing techniques for studying materials on the nanoscale and discovering new materials for use in all engineering and science disciplines. Features Editor Soma Patra ’26 recounts her discussion with Professor Fohtung and his research pursuits on campus.


Why you should incorporate Duolingo into your daily routine

By Audrey Lewis December 7, 2022

Photography Coordinator Audrey Lewis has been regularly using Duolingo for a year; here’s why they think you should start.