Mattaya Gibbs

Mattaya is a Communication, Media, and Design major from Parsons, Kansas, who writes the second best headlines.

Previous positions
  • Copy Coordinator April 2023 to September 2023
  • Copy Editor May 2022 to April 2023
  • Publicity Editor December 2021 to May 2022
  • Publicity Coordinator October 2021 to December 2021
Editorial Notebook

Everything I learned in a day

February 1, 2023

Copy Editor Mattaya Gibbs ’24 recounts all that she learned while going about her day.

Editorial Notebook

You’re not actually independent

December 14, 2022

Copy Editor Mattaya Gibbs ’24 shares a recent experience of hers, while commenting on a mistake that some fall prey to, in the search for independence.

Editorial Notebook

In the beginning

October 5, 2022

What makes a good opening line for a book? What is it about the first couple of sentences that connect with a reader on some deeper level, committing them to the rest of the novel with just those few words? Copy Editor Mattaya Gibbs ’24 provides her thoughts on the subject, as well as a list of the best beginning lines in history.


Twilight: a killer sports movie

September 21, 2022

If you don’t believe that the 2008 cultural phenomenon Twilight is first and foremost a baseball movie, then you’ll have to step up to bat against Copy Editor Mattaya Gibbs ‘24.

Book Review

Yōko Ogawa's The Memory Police is a book you won't forget

March 31, 2022

Objects mandatorily erased from consciousness and a writer struggling to find her place amongst it all. Publicity Editor Mattaya Gibbs ’24 discusses her views on The Memory Police by Yōko Ogawa.

Editorial Notebook

Why Frozen is a more culturally impactful movie than Citizen Kane

March 9, 2022

One sled named Rosebud and one taken to fetch a rogue queen of ice—despite this central tie, these two movies could not differ more in their plots, themes, and social influence. Publicity Editor Mattaya Gibbs ’25 argues that the cultural impact of Disney's Frozen far outweighs that of Orson Welles' 1941 classic Citzen Kane.


En garde, Ready, FENCE!: An overview of modern fencing

March 9, 2022

While not the same combat sport that the Princess Bride would have you believe, modern fencing is still the same fast-paced world of technique, defense, and mind games.

Student Life

PSS: Noel from Nason

December 8, 2021

With finals week looming, Nason Hall has been looking for a way to liven students’ spirits. Over the weekend, several residents pitched in to purchase and decorate a tree that’s now displayed on the building’s north side. The Polytechnic interviewed a few of the main contributors to this project.