Student Senate

Student Senate reports on the investigation into the Interfraternity Council

Grand Marshal Cait Bennett ’23G opened the meeting with an update on the recent investigation into the Interfraternity Council. The investigators believed there may have been a “potential violation of their statement of relationship with the Institute.” Bennett proclaimed that no violation occurred but rather that there were some “collaboration and communication issues.” Later in the Grand Marshal’s report, she mentioned that there would be a discussion during next semester’s first meeting regarding changes in the handbook, particularly with “the way that we’re writing mandatory minimums and alcohol and other drug policies.”

Shortly into the meeting, a motion to close the meeting was seconded. Attendants that were not student senators, members of the Executive Board, or Student Activities Resource persons were told to leave. However, after a student pointed out that Union administrator Martha McElligott would then not be allowed to partake, Vice Grand Marshal Alexander Patterson ’23 motioned to allow her to stay, and the motion passed unanimously.

This Student Senate meeting was held on December 7. Student Senate meetings are held Wednesdays at 8 pm in the Student Government Suite.