Student Senate

Senate debates potential new Greek Senator position

Grand Marshal Cait Bennett ’23G announced upcoming potential changes to the Rensselaer Union Constitution. Senators will vote to approve the amendments to the Union Constitution in the next few weeks before the changes are introduced to the student body, who will vote on it in a referendum during Grand Marshal week. While the new clauses are subject to change, the current goal is to add an Multicultural Fraternity and Sorority Council senator. The change would bring a total of three Greek senators, one from the Interfraternity, Panhellenic, and Multicultural Fraternity and Sorority Councils, increasing the number of voting members in Student Government from 26 to 27.

Earlier, Colette Fishkin ’23 was appointed as Facilities and Services Committee Chair because Talulah Patch ’24, who served as the chair before, is currently studying abroad in New Zealand and is unable to attend to her governmental duties. Both Bennett and Patch expressed their faith in Fishkin, who worked with Patch and served as the Vice Chair last semester. Bennett pointed to her work and leadership on a recent compost project, saying, “due to her work in composting, I have such confidence in her ability to get things done and to bring people together.” After Fishkin spoke to the senators about her plans for the position, she was appointed unanimously.

Tomas Gonzalez-Zugasti ’24 was next on the docket. He was nominated by Bennett and President of the Union Colleen Corrigan ’23G to be the Student Government Communications Chairperson. Corrigan noted that Gonzalez-Zugasti is “looking to prioritize external communication,” which he has prior experience with as he served as the secretary for the Senate last semester and does similar work with his fraternity. Gonzalez-Zugasti acknowledged the Senate’s communicatory shortcomings and believed he could make strides to improve the situation as he has “quite a big passion for managing communication networks.” After a lengthy questioning from the senators, which included confirming there would be a secretary in place with him leaving the position, Gonzalez-Zugasti was unanimously appointed.

Next was Henry Robbins ’26, appointed by Bennett and Corrigan to be the Club and Organization representative. Corrigan mentioned he joined the Executive Board last semester and was “looking to become a voting member.” After a brief introduction by Robbins, the Senate voted unanimously to approve him.

Finally, Scott Visser ’25 spoke in front of the Senate after being appointed Member-At-Large representative. Visser has spent a lot of time with Union Show Techs, where the majority of his previous experience with Student Government comes from. During his introduction, he stated, “it’s really important to me that students on campus have a voice, and that’s why I’m very interested in joining Student Government in this capacity.” The Senate unanimously voted to appoint Visser into the position.

This Student Senate meeting was held on January 18. The next Senate meeting is Wednesday, January 25 at 8 pm in the Student Government Suite.