February 2024

Student Senate

Munoz-Valverde rejected for E-Board confirmation, possible changes to academic calendar and rules

By Anna Zuniga February 21, 2024

With heavy discussion following last spring's removal of Undergraduate Council and Executive Board voting member Ramesis Munoz-Valverde ’24, he was rejected for Class of 2024 E-Board Representative. Possible changes to the academic calendar and rules are to be proposed to the Provost. Union constitution amendments begin to be voted upon.

Executive Board

Rensselaer Economics Club gets affiliation, Rounak obtains subsidy to attend national competition

By Nilay Kapadia February 21, 2024

RPI Rounak secured a subsidy to attend a national competition. The Black Students' Alliance also had a subsidy approved for their annual Ebony Ball, while the Rensselaer Economics Club gained unanimous Union affiliation.

Staff Editorial

What are The Poly’s favorite places?

By The Polytechnic Editorial Board February 21, 2024

Looking for a new place to visit? Here are The Polytechnic members’ favorite places to visit.

Campus Event

Art Show of “Opulence”

By Eurydice Molina February 21, 2024

Black Student Association held their annual art show, where they had several of their member’s artwork on display for guests to spectate.


How I addressed negative thoughts

By Nirav Banerji February 19, 2024

News Coordinator Nirav Banerji ‘27 discusses how he dealt with negative self-talk.

Editorial Notebook

Exploring the hidden art scene: Art beyond the “Met” and the “MoMA”

By Annelise Eggen-McElmurry February 19, 2024

Museums and art galleries are a great way to spend your free time, and Associate Photography Editor Annelise Eggen-McElmurry ’27 explores local options.

Album Review

Green Day’s Saviors is a return to normalcy

By John Molloy February 19, 2024

Editorial/Opinion Editor John Molloy ’26 reviews the newest album from the legendary band, Green Day.


President Schmidt on RPI at 200 and the Institute’s future

By Nilay Kapadia February 15, 2024

An interview with President Schmidt on his goals for the year, RPI at 200, campus safety, mental health, the Arch and more.

Editorial Notebook

Trends I have personally been victimized by

By Sophie March February 14, 2024

Copy Coordinator Sophie March '27 reflects on her experiences with trends, acknowledging both her mistakes and happy accidents.

Executive Board

Film Club denied recognition, Flying Pigs Society budgeting woes

By Sophie March February 14, 2024

The RPI Film club approached the Executive Board for Union Recognition and was rejected, the Flying Pigs Society applied for a starter budget, and the RPI Men’s Lacrosse Club petitioned for Union funds to help cover practice space for their upcoming season. Additionally, Executive Board member Emryn Philogene ‘25 was confirmed to fill the empty Business Operations Committee seat.

Student Senate

Senate approves new safety motion and confirmation, amendment to Union Constitution

By Megan Waller February 14, 2024

The Student Senate approved new motion involving safety in an effort to urge the administration to make campus safer for students. Additionally, a new representative was confirmed and an amendment to the Union Constitution was discussed.

Student Senate

New amendment added to GM Week ballot, road safety project discussed

By Riley Sobel February 14, 2024

A new motion to alter the Constitution to use more gender inclusive language was added to the ballot for Grand Marshal Week. Also, discussion began for a new Student Senate project focusing on pedestrian safety on campus.

Executive Board

The Executive Board approves multiple club-related motions

By Sophie March February 14, 2024

The RPI Warhammer and RPI Quantum Computing Clubs were approved for Union recognition while the RPI Pickleball Club was approved to receive a starter budget.


RPI’s quantum computer finishes up construction, will go online in April

By Nilay Kapadia February 14, 2024

Construction on Rensselaer’s quantum computer is finishing up, with an unveiling set for April 5.

Student Senate

Senate approves Union constitution changes to GM and PU elections

By Anna Zuniga February 14, 2024

Senate approves Union constitution changes that will allow any member of the Union to run for Grand Marshal and President of the Union in the event of a vacancy. Additionally, two candidates can run together on the general ballot election if one knows they won’t be able to complete a full term. The board also discussed changing all pronouns in the constitution to be gender-neutral, but was tabled at the next meeting.

Executive Board

Clubs receive reallocations, Executive Board members confirmed to chairs

By Anna Stubbs February 14, 2024

Several clubs including the Rensselyrics, UPAC Cinema and Chess Club all received reallocations. In addition, many Executive board members were confirmed to their chair positions.

Executive Board

Students with Families becomes Union-recognized club

By Anna Stubbs February 13, 2024

Students with Families was approved to become a Union-funded club, and RPI TV was granted an additional subsidy for new headsets.

Student Senate

Discussions begin on changes to Union constitution

By Riley Sobel February 13, 2024

The Student Senate discussed a new amendment to the Union Constitution that would alter the election process for Student Government positions.

Breaking News

RPI looking to invest $25 million in new AI initiative

By Nilay Kapadia February 13, 2024

RPI is looking to invest $25 million in a new AI initiative, the Empire AI consortium. The $400 million initiative will be funded by several private institutions along with a $275 million grant from New York state.

Executive Board

Undergraduate Council to oversee busing to Mayor’s Cup Game

By Nilay Kapadia February 12, 2024

The Undergraduate Council will now oversee bussing to the Mayor’s Cup Game. RPI Red Zone had traditionally overseen the program, but since the club has become inactive the UC will now be in charge of the $750 program.

Editorial Notebook

Read The Poppy War to kick start this semester

By Sarah Min February 12, 2024

Associate Business Manager Sarah Min ’27 recommends the ultimate book to be an academic weapon this semester.

Editorial Notebook

Times of day, ranked

By Sarah Min February 7, 2024

Associate Business Manager Sarah Min ’27 ranks the times of the day.

Student Senate

Senate approves Catherine Philipps '24 as 135th President of the Union

By Soma Patra February 7, 2024

The Student Senate met virtually this past Thursday to approve Catherine Philipps ’24 as the 135th President of the Union.

Student Senate

Senate fails, reconsiders, and tables the motion to confirm new PU

By Anna Zuniga and Nilay Kapadia February 7, 2024

The Union will be left without a permanent president when Ava Gallagher ’23G steps down to graduate. The E-Board appointed Catherine Philipps ’24 to replace Gallagher but the Senate failed to confirm Philipps.

Executive Board

Gallagher resigns, Philipps appointed PU

By Anna Stubbs February 7, 2024

President of the Union Ava Gallagher '23 resigned from her position, leading current Club Operations Chair Catherine Philipps '24 to be appointed as the 135th President of the Union by a majority vote.

Executive Board

E-Board approves a flurry of motions in the penultimate meeting of the semester

By Nilay Kapadia February 7, 2024

The Executive Board held their penultimate meeting of the semester last Thursday as they were approached by seven clubs, most of which were seeking union affiliation or union recognition. The Board also appointed Jake Herman ’23G and Abigail Golden ’24 as Advisor to the President and Archduchess to the President, respectively, approved a room reallocation and renamed a fund.

Student Senate

Senate discusses changes to morning mail

By Anna Zuniga February 7, 2024

The Heffner Alumni House will be open for finals week studying on December 11. The Student Senate discusses morning mail improvements.