Editorial Notebook

Trends I have personally been victimized by

Having never out-grown my dress-up phase, I am prone to falling victim to a multitude of trends, some more practical than others. I get a lot of my inspiration from social media apps like Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok, so when something trends I’ll at least give it a try. More often than not, I end up loving whatever it is and sit with it in my cart for two years before realizing I am too old and too tired for heels that high. Other times, I discover an item I absolutely adore and may never stop wearing.

Speaking of heels too high for me, one of my most prized (albeit widely criticized) possessions is my pair of five inch stiletto heel converse sneakers. A majestic chimera of hard rubber soles, rough canvas, and ankle-breaking height, I wear them out once a semester to remind myself that I too am mortal.

Another opponent to my continued well-being is my collection of micro-mini skirts and low-rise jeans. Relics of the recent 2000s revival on social media, I have found myself with an impressive amount of skirts and pants that can only be worn until you drop something or need to sit down. Unless, like me, you’ve learned to adapt to such hurdles by simply mourning the loss of your favorite pen, credit card, or family heirloom, I would approach these two trending items with great caution.

A more reasonable trend I’ve adopted as part of my daily wear wardrobe is a nice pair of legwarmers. They’re soft, warm, and give your “I just rolled out of bed in my pjs for this 8 am” outfit a pleasant feeling of intentionality. Unfortunately, they do not make the 8 am go away. Personally, I think legwarmers go with just about anything, which is why I own three pairs and endorse them constantly. I greatly enjoy wearing them with my ridiculous micro-mini skirts.

A look into the future of my fashion victim-hood: google “Tabi shoes,” they are absolutely fantastic in my opinion.