March 2023

Letter To The Editor

Addressing our complacent and unengaged student body

By Cait Bennett March 29, 2023
Editor's note: The following is an unedited article from Cait Bennett. The opinions in the article do not necessarily represent the opinions of The Polytechnic nor its affiliates.
Town Meeting

Faculty applauds updates at Spring Town Meeting

By Alexander Orr March 29, 2023

President Martin A. Schmidt ’81 gave an update on what future finances will look like, as well as a few institution changes that many faculty appreciated. Some changes include no charge on paid time off when the school is closed for holiday break and adding Juneteenth to the faculty holiday calendar.

On-Campus Event

Saint Motel ignites the stage for GM Week 2023

By Anna Stubbs March 29, 2023

In celebration of GM Week, Saint Motel and Under the Den played for students in the ECAV arena.

Editorial Notebook

Snapshots of the past: the resurgence of film photography

By Gemma Beatty March 29, 2023

Associate Business Manager Gemma Beatty ’26 discusses the recent popularity of film photography and whether this vintage trend is worthwhile for both the industry and its customers.

GM Week 2023

A week full of fun festivities: Grand Marshal Week 2023

By Anna Zuniga March 28, 2023

Features Editor Anna Zuniga ’26 shares the many events during Grand Marshal Week, including Union After Dark, the Provost Picnic, and the Hatting Ceremony.

Executive Board

Colleen Corrigan hosts her final E-Board meeting as President of the Union

By Nilay Kapadia March 28, 2023

Former President of the Union Colleen Corrigan ’23G held her final E-Board meeting as President last week. She will be succeeded by Ava Gallagher ’23G.

GM Week 2023

GM Week election results: Viner, Gallagher elected GM, PU, Massoni reelected UP

By Nilay Kapadia March 24, 2023

Ben Viner ’24 has been elected Grand Marshal and Ava Gallagher ’23G has been elected President of the Union. Ria Massoni '24 was reelected as Undergraduate President.

Letter To The Editor

The RPI RA Union Election is approaching

By RPI RA Union March 21, 2023

RAs at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) have been fighting for fair pay, better work distribution, and improved communication with RPI administration for around 3 years. After significant effort and organizing, the RA union at RPI is poised to win their labor union election, which will take place next week on March 28th and March 29th.

Candidate Questions

President of the Union candidate profile

By The Poly March 20, 2023

The Polytechnic asked the President of the Union candidate to discuss her goals and to reflect on her experiences in Student Government. Here is her response.


Ben Viner for Grand Marshal

By The Polytechnic Editorial Board March 19, 2023

The Polytechnic endorses Ben Viner ’24 for Grand Marshal. With goals to improve campus resources, expand the work of senate committees and increase communication between the student government, student body, and administration, Viner outlined several key ideas he had for the Student Senate.


Ava Gallagher for President of the Union

By The Polytechnic Editorial Board March 19, 2023

The Polytechnic endorses Ava Gallagher ’23G for President of the Union. Along with improving communication, Gallagher plans to ensure all clubs are well-represented, rebuild the E-Boards’ relationship with the student-athlete population, and establish new spaces around campus and within the Union for different organizations.


Ria Massoni for Undergraduate President

By The Polytechnic Editorial Board March 19, 2023

The Polytechnic endorses Ria Massoni ’24 for undergraduate president. Massoni’s goals to further improve the Arch Task Force and establish communication between the class councils can create a stronger Undergraduate Council for the year to come.

Candidate Questions

Undergraduate President candidate profile

By The Poly March 19, 2023

The Polytechnic asked undergraduate president candidates to discuss her goals and leadership experience and to reflect on Student Government as a whole. Here are her responses.

Candidate Questions

Grand Marshal candidate profile

By The Poly March 19, 2023

The Polytechnic asked the Grand Marshal candidate to discuss his goals and to reflect on his experiences in Student Government. Here is his response.

Editorial Notebook

Backing the birds

By Alex Boyko March 15, 2023

Associate News Editor Alex Boyko '26 writes about his experience with piping plovers and a recent opportunity to support them with help from the Audubon Youth Advocacy Program.


Is synthetic breastmilk a viable alternative for baby formula?

By Fallon Sannes March 15, 2023

Efforts to make synthetic breastmilk are underway, with companies such as Biomilq, TurtleTree Labs, and Helaina seeking to create artificial human breastmilk. Why artificially create breastmilk is there any benefit?

Executive Board

Cognitive Science Graduate Students Association becomes Union-affiliated, Rensselaer TV fails funding for news program

By Anna Zuniga March 15, 2023

UPAC Grand Marshal Week is allowed to use the McNeil room for Grand Marshal Week, the Rensselyrics received a funding reallocation for microphones, the Cognitive Science Graduate Students Association becomes Union-affiliated, and the badminton club gained funding for tournaments while RPI TV was rejected for funding for a news show.

Editorial Notebook

RPI needs to improve its response to on-campus threats

By Theo Olinkiewicz March 15, 2023

An individual by the name of Tyriek McGraw was arrested for criminal trespass on campus on February 9. Posters issued by Public Safety were placed around on campus, warning students about the individual.

Student Senate

Senate approves changes to Good Samaritan Policy

By Nilay Kapadia March 14, 2023

The Senate approved changes to the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy along with changes to the Judicial Process. Both sets of changes were aimed at providing more clarity to students about when certain policies apply.

Women's Basketball

Engineers top Saints, bomb in semifinals versus Ithaca

By Alex Boyko March 1, 2023

The Engineers outlasted the Saint Lawrence Saints in overtime to advance to the Liberty League Semifinals. The Engineers lost in the next round against the top-seeded Ithaca Bombers.

Men's basketball

St. Lawrence slaughters Engineers in overtime for Liberty League title

By Andrew Days March 1, 2023

After defeating Skidmore and the first-seeded Ithaca Bombers to reach the Liberty League championship, the Engineers failed to score in overtime and gave the title to the St. Lawrence Saints in a 50‒42 defeat.


Rensselaer’s Greens grows life lessons

By Soma Patra and Anna Stubbs March 1, 2023

Contributing Editor Anna Stubbs ’26 and Editorial/Opinion Editor Soma Patra ’26 met with Christopher Mansfield to learn more about the hydroponic farm he runs next to Commons Dining Hall.

On-Campus Event

Music and comedy collide in Sheer Idiocy’s Music Show

By Soma Patra March 1, 2023

Editorial/Opinion Editor Soma Patra ’26 visited Sheer Idiocy’s Music Show where they collaborated with RMA’s NQB and Ceili Band to perform an outstanding musical comedy set.

On-Campus Event

Artistic attire billows down the runway in BSA’s Fashion Show

By Anna Zuniga and Soma Patra March 1, 2023

Editorial/Opinion Editor Soma Patra ’26 and Features Editor Anna Zuniga ’26 attended BSA’s Fashion Show last Saturday night, featuring a variety of modern, vibrant, and chic pieces.

Student Senate

Senate approves motion in favor of RA Union

By Anna Stubbs March 1, 2023

President Martin A. Schmidt ’81, Vice President of Student Life Peter Konwerski, and Dean of Students Travis Apgar attended the 24th Senate meeting to address the formation of the RPI RA Union.

Executive Board

Young Democratic Socialists Club fails again to become affiliated

By Anna Zuniga March 1, 2023

Pickleball becomes affiliated with the Union while the Young Democratic Socialists of America Club fails affiliation for the second time. The Humans Vs. Zombies club gets approved reallocation of funds.

Editorial Notebook

Saying bye bye to HelloFresh

By Marissa Ho March 1, 2023

The idea of HelloFresh makes sense but it doesn’t always work for everyone. Associate Composing Editor Marissa Ho '26 explains why.