October 2018

Editorial Notebook

Finding, collecting treasure

By Lisa Knuckey October 31, 2018
My roommate calls me a hoarder; my parents, a dumpster diver; my friends, a hazard to my own health and safety.

Making Strides rallies 18,000, raises $680,000

By Alexandre Ait-Ettajer October 31, 2018
On Sunday, October 21, many people gathered around in support of breast cancer awareness and funding.
Research Spotlight

Using consumer behavior to leverage marketing

By Anahit Hovhannisyan October 31, 2018
Rich in marketing experience, Associate Professor Jeffrey F. Durgee is on the hunt to better understand consumer behavior.
Event Review

Spirits, specters, storytelling at RPI

By Namish Gali October 31, 2018
“Colleges are great places to find ghost stories. They are old, and are places with lots of extreme emotion,” said Maeve McEneny, our tour guide.
Editorial Notebook

The Polytechnic has taught me to face my fears

By John Stotz October 31, 2018
If you asked any of my high school friends what clubs I would have joined in college, I am 99 percent sure they would have never guessed the school newspaper.
Executive Board

RPI Ambulance back in service temporarily

By Quinn Gangadharan October 31, 2018
While waiting to request a new ambulance altogether, RPI Ambulance asked to go back into service with their current vehicle, expecting to do repairs in the near future.
Downtown Troy

Food trucks, music, costumes

By Madeline Wilson October 31, 2018
This month’s “Troy Night Out” on October 26th hosted the Harvest Festival, a small gathering of food trucks and music in downtown Troy.
Tv Review

Making a Murderer kills it

By Namish Gali October 31, 2018
When Making a Murderer first arrived on Netflix in late 2015, it caused a maelstrom of unrest, excitement, hate, and righteous fury among those who’d watched it.

Director of the Union Potts prioritizes trust

By Brookelyn Parslow October 31, 2018
“Before, during, and after,” responded Director of the Union Charlie Potts when asked if he was fully aware of the context of his hiring before he accepted his job as director.
Staff Editorial

Students, faculty should go to Fall Town Meeting

By The Polytechnic Editorial Board October 31, 2018
Today, on Wednesday, October 31, President Shirley Ann Jackson will hold the Fall Town Meeting from 2–3 pm in the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center.
Top Hat

Town meeting: opportunity to share ideas, concerns

By Stefanie Warner October 31, 2018
Hello, RPI! I cannot believe how quickly this semester is going by. In the blink of an eye, we have already completed more than half of the fall semester.
Student Senate

Senate discusses transfer difficulties

By Akanksha Singh October 31, 2018
The Student Senate held its weekly meeting this Monday, October 22. The meeting started off with Grand Marshal Stephanie Warner ’19, introducing the new senators for the class of 2022: Emi Ahlo ’22, Rhea Banerjee ’22, Aloni Jordan ’22, and Naya Murdock ’22.
Staff Editorial

Go vote!

By The Polytechnic Editorial Board October 24, 2018
The midterm elections are fast approaching, with only two weeks left until election day on November 6.
Top Hat

Welcoming five new members to Student Senate

By Stefanie Warner October 24, 2018
Hi, RPI! I hope you all enjoyed the festivities of Family Weekend. For those of you who had family visit campus, I hope they were able to get a glimpse into our daily lives and I hope you enjoyed spending time with the people you may not have seen in quite some time.  The Student Senate is excited to welcome a few more members!
Editorial Notebook

Women deserve to be heard

By Pragati Pant October 24, 2018
For one of my writing classes this semester, I have to write a piece about what irritates me. As I am new to this type of self-expression, this class has really opened my eyes to healthy ways of questioning aspects of my life.
Tv Series Review

Hilda, a new Netflix cartoon with potential

By Namish Gali October 24, 2018
There’s been a resurgence of new, quality cartoons lately. However, most are no longer on traditional networks, such as Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon; they’re on Netflix, and Hilda is another solid addition to its portfolio.
Editorial Notebook

I love RPI, but I feel deceived

By Madeline Wilson October 24, 2018
To say I have fallen in love with my school is an understatement. Since I’ve arrived at Rensselaer, I have far more than profoundly come to admire so many of its qualities: the small, green campus, the uniquely beautiful buildings, the feeling of community within our class, and the endless array of opportunities to learn and grow as a science student.
On-Campus Review

Talk with Nobel laureate Dr. Arnold

By Quinn Gangadharan October 24, 2018
Just 12 days after receiving the Nobel Prize in chemistry, Dr. Frances H. Arnold visited RPI and presented her research.
Executive Board

RPI Ambulance taken out of service temporarily

By Quinn Gangadharan October 24, 2018
On Wednesday, the Executive Board took RPI Ambulance out of service until cleared to return, approved an additional bottle filling water fountain, and passed changes to the club starter constitution.
Student Senate

Free textbook library discussed, chairperson appointed

By Nicholas Luczak October 24, 2018
On Monday, October 15, the 49th Student Senate convened to discuss a free textbook library service proposed by the Web Technologies Group and vote on the appointment of the chairperson for the newly created Diversity and Inclusion Committee.
Freshman Elections

7.8% turnout for freshman elections, down from 22.1% last year

By John Stotz October 17, 2018
On October 3, freshman elections were held across campus with the lowest turnout in at least six years.

Exciting Union events you can attend for Family Weekend

By Justin Etzine October 17, 2018
Hello, RPI! With Family Weekend this weekend, I wanted to take a moment to welcome all the visiting families to campus and to our Union.
Game Review

Can you escape the nightmare?

By Rachel Mailhot October 17, 2018
Do you remember your childhood dreams? What about your nightmares? Well, be prepared to add some new ones to your list with the delightfully terrifying game, Little Nightmares.
Editorial Notebook

Matters of life and death: every bit helps

By Namish Gali October 17, 2018
I remember reading a story about a man named Kevin Hines. In September of 2000, he, a 19 year old college student, dropped all his classes and took a bus to the Golden Gate Bridge, crying hysterically all the way.
Editorial Notebook

Reaffirming my faith in journalism

By Nicholas Luczak October 17, 2018
Oftentimes journalism can make me jaded. With all the work that goes into covering events, writing articles, putting them through our editing process, photographing, and even finding the money to be able to print, I must admit, sometimes I forget the excitement that drew me to The Polytechnic.

China’s quiet imprisonment of Muslims should disturb you

By Akanksha Singh October 17, 2018
The Chinese government started a campaign, called the de-extremification policy, to socially re-engineer the Uighur Muslims of the province of Xinjiang through the use of technological surveillance and modern-day internment camps.  The Uighur Muslims are a Turkic ethnic group who live primarily in the Xinjiang autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China.
Empac Event

Goebel explains the future of computers as time capsules

By Namish Gali October 17, 2018
“And then we have the marriage in the heavens[…]we have a clock and a calculator. Had they decided to get married, they’d beget computers,” said Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center Director Johannes Goebel in the introduction of his talk.
Executive Board

Humans vs. Zombies reinstated with new safety precautions

By Quinn Gangadharan October 17, 2018
In Wednesday’s E-Board meeting, Humans vs. Zombies’ funding request for safety precautions was approved, Assistant Activity Director Maria Roberts presented feedback by club officers, and the Three Year Plan for the Club Management System was presented and approved.

Troyasia Night Market: important, but poorly executed

By Pragati Pant, Akanksha Singh, and Rex Hu October 17, 2018
This past Friday, Troy’s third annual Troyasia Night Market dazzled event goers with a plethora of Asian cuisine and amazing aesthetics.

Domestic Abuse Awareness Month: an interview with Kristine Guzman

By Nicholas Luczak October 13, 2018
Kristine Guzman, the assistant dean of intervention support, describes her job as “cover[ing] a lot.” She is responsible for organizing events surrounding domestic and sexual abuse, counseling students, assisting in judicial processes, and is a member of the Bias Assessment and Review Team.
Tv Series Review

Maniac surprises with exciting plot

By Nicholas Luczak October 10, 2018
Watching Netflix’s new mini-series, Maniac—written and directed by Patrick Somerville—is like going out with that super cute, manic, artsy girl you’re inexplicably attracted to: confusing but exciting, leaving you wondering if you just experienced something profound you don’t yet understand, or if you were just beguiled by the novelty of the idea of her.

Incorporating a technical perspective into our professional development programs

By Anahit Hovhannisyan October 10, 2018
“I want a job.” These four little words resonate with many students at Rensselaer; whether they are instilled in us by our parents, our guardians, or ourselves.
Tv Series Review

My Hero Academia: best current modern anime

By Namish Gali October 10, 2018
My Hero Academia has been the single most popular Japanese anime since its launch in 2016. It’s captured the hearts and minds of millions in Japan, America, and people across the world—and for good reason.
Letter To The Editor

Dangers, losses of publishing online

By Sam Brewer October 10, 2018
I read about your decision to stop printing the school newspaper. I hope you understand that the future includes both screens and paper, and that many people make conscious decisions to get their information from paper sources because of the constant tracking and privacy concerns endemic to digital information access.
Student Senate

Senate expresses dissatisfaction with director of the Union hiring process

By Brookelyn Parslow October 10, 2018
On Monday, October 1, the Senate unanimously voted to create the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and passed a resolution expressing its “dissatisfaction” with the hiring process for the director of the Union.
Top Hat

Excluding members of the RPI community is unacceptable

By Stefanie Warner October 10, 2018
Hello, RPI! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. Whether you got the chance to travel home and see family this weekend, took a whole day to catch up on Netflix shows, or went on a hike or another outside adventure, I hope you all had the chance to take a well-deserved break.
Album Review

Logic’s latest release doesn’t disappoint

By Serge Piskun October 10, 2018
I’m gonna start this review off by saying I’m a massive Logic fan. Under Pressure is one of my favorite albums of all time, and every other album is solid within its own right.
Editorial Notebook

Participating in random acts of kindness

By Quinn Gangadharan October 10, 2018
During my senior year, I was talking with one of my friends, and you know, we had done all the college tours over the summer, and she was talking about how she went on a tour of Princeton.
Movie Review

First Man, a modern masterpiece

By Namish Gali October 10, 2018
There are precious few experiences in life that give you a euphoric high like a truly amazing movie does, but those types of films are hard to come by.
Movie Review

Venom: enjoyable despite undercooked plot

By Pragati Pant October 10, 2018
This past Friday, Sony Pictures released Venom: an introductory movie about an anti-hero. Focused on an outbreak of an alien symbiote on Earth, this film incorporates humor and action-packed effects to entertain viewers.
Game Review

OFF: immersive, bizarre, highly recommended

By Rachel Mailhot October 10, 2018
The way I pick games to write about varies. Sometimes, it’s a game I think needs more recognition, a game that is a little-known gem, or a game that gets a lot of bad rep due to its fan base.
Student Senate

Kolb presents Greek Life Task Force updates

By Akanksha Singh October 4, 2018
On September 25, the Senate meeting began with the grand marshal’s report, during which Stefanie Warner ’19 informed the Senate that the Student Government website will be up this week and will be under the Web Technologies Group’s control.
Executive Board

Men’s club basketball now Union recognized

By Quinn Gangadharan October 3, 2018
On Wednesday, September 26, the Executive Board meeting approved the men’s club basketball team, an event for the Philippine American League, and changes to the Club Affiliation & Recognition Policy.

Club budgeting just around the corner

By Justin Etzine October 3, 2018
Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed Reunion & Homecoming Weekend! For all the club officers reading this—along with anyone who’s interested—I wanted to share some helpful information on the upcoming budgeting timeline.
Tv Show Review

The Dragon Prince grabs attention of animated fantasy audiences

By Namish Gali October 3, 2018
Netflix’s track record of putting out good animated shows has been fairly solid, with titles like Dragons, BoJack Horseman, Trollhunters, and Voltron.
Letter To The Editor

Waiting for a real “Transformation”

By Nicholas Boni October 3, 2018
To the Office of Annual Giving, Thank you for your letter asking for a donation. I find it ironic and darkly humorous that, in light of recent events on campus, the Institute would send me a letter in an envelope marked “Transformative.” Indeed, the transformation of RPI in recent years has been notable: For these reasons, I will stop contributing to RPI, and please expect the same from  thousands of my fellow alumni until Dr.
Top Hat

Board of Trustees updated on Senate initiatives

By Stefanie Warner October 3, 2018
Hi, RPI! I hope you all enjoyed Reunion & Homecoming Weekend. On Friday, September 28, the Board of Trustees and the Student Life Committee held a meeting.
Letter To The Editor

An open letter to the Board of Regents

By Joseph RR Templin '94 October 3, 2018
Dear Chancellor Rosa, This letter will illuminate a series of matters of grave concern among students, faculty, and alumni at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, which for almost two centuries has been a beacon to students around the world and particularly in New York State as a leader in applying science, engineering, and technology to improve the world.
Editorial Notebook

Finding structure, organization in a bullet journal

By Rex Hu October 3, 2018
My day-to-day life had no structure when I was growing up. I would wake up, go to school, and go home.
Empac Event

Panel hosted at EMPAC answers, “Are we going to Mars?”

By John Stotz October 3, 2018
As a huge space nerd, I was ecstatic to hear that Rensselaer would be hosting a panel to discuss the question, “Are we going to Mars?” I was also intrigued by the panelists: President Shirley Ann Jackson, Theoretical Physicists at Brown University James Gates,  former Director of Johnson Space Center Ellen Ochoa, and Space Foundation CEO Thomas Zelibor.