Quinn Gangadharan

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  • Associate News Editor April 2019 to September 2019
  • News Editor December 2018 to April 2019
  • Associate News Editor September 2018 to December 2018

Your actions always define you

April 17, 2019
The notion that you are not defined by your actions is absurd and goes against the natural instinct that we judge people by their character.
Executive Board

$1,250 approved for BotFactory printer training in late May

April 10, 2019
President of the Union Caitlin Kennedy ’19 chaired her first Executive Board meeting on Thursday.President of the Union Caitlin Kennedy ’20 chaired her first Executive Board meeting on Thursday.
Executive Board

What does the E-Board do? It budgets your money.

March 26, 2019
Student government at RPI is broken up into four components: the Student Senate, the Judicial Board, the Class Councils, and the Executive Board.
Executive Board

$5,150 subsidy for BotFactory printer approved

March 14, 2019
In one of its last meetings of the year, the Executive Board saw a wide array of clubs on its agenda.
Executive Board

Statler & Waldorf office revoked, RMA funds reallocated

February 20, 2019
The Executive Board “revoke[d] Room 3332 in Rensselaer Student Union from Statler & Waldorf, effective at the end of Fiscal Year 2019” and reallocated money in the Rensselaer Music Association’s budget toward a jazz clinic on Thursday.
Editorial Notebook

Searching for balance between health and success

February 13, 2019
People who are sleep deprived are nearly three times more at risk for Type 2 diabetes, see a 48 percent increased likelihood in developing heart diseases, and are three times more likely to catch a cold than their rested peers according to researchers at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
Executive Board

Rensselyrics taken off probation

February 6, 2019
The Rensselyrics were taken off of probation on Thursday January 31 2019. In September, the Executive Board places the a cappella group on probation for violating Union procedures; it had spent around $3,300 on recording a CD without a purchase order.
Executive Board

Rensselaer Union Guidelines & Procedures approved

February 6, 2019
The Executive Board approved an internal policy overhaul, reallocation of funds for student performers and a fist installation at the Black Students’ Alliance annual fashion show, and new jackets for RPI Ambulance on January 24.
Executive Board

Construction of hearthstone, fireplace in McNeil approved

January 23, 2019
Director of the Union Charlie Potts and President of the Union Justin Etzine came before the Rensselaer Executive Board seeking approval of “up to $45,000 from Union Reserves” for the “construction of a hearthstone (including an electric fireplace)” in the McNeil Room and “any necessary design and labor fees associated with the project.” The motion called for relocating, to this new hearthstone, the plaques dedicated to the Grand Marshal, President of the Union, donors towards the 2000 renovation, and portraits of former Director of the Union Rick Hartt and founding Director of the Archer Center Linda McCloskey.
Executive Board

Union renovations set for Winter Break

December 14, 2018
On Wednesday, December 5, the Executive Board met after several weeks of budgeting to discuss and vote on Union renovations, a future RPI Players’ program, and some new clubs.

Vaccines: balancing individual freedoms and public health

November 28, 2018
In 2000, not a single internal transmission of measles occurred in the United States, due to strong immunization.
Executive Board

RMA funding postponed again

November 14, 2018
The Rensselaer Music Association came before the Union Executive Board requesting the reallocation of funds and subsidy for the lease of two baritone saxophones and one timpani drum.
Executive Board

Ambulance purchase approved

November 7, 2018
On Wednesday, October 31, RPI Ambulance requested $60,000 from the Executive Board to use towards the purchase of a new box style ambulance.
Executive Board

RPI Ambulance back in service temporarily

October 31, 2018
While waiting to request a new ambulance altogether, RPI Ambulance asked to go back into service with their current vehicle, expecting to do repairs in the near future.
On-Campus Review

Talk with Nobel laureate Dr. Arnold

October 24, 2018
Just 12 days after receiving the Nobel Prize in chemistry, Dr. Frances H. Arnold visited RPI and presented her research.
Executive Board

RPI Ambulance taken out of service temporarily

October 24, 2018
On Wednesday, the Executive Board took RPI Ambulance out of service until cleared to return, approved an additional bottle filling water fountain, and passed changes to the club starter constitution.
Executive Board

Humans vs. Zombies reinstated with new safety precautions

October 17, 2018
In Wednesday’s E-Board meeting, Humans vs. Zombies’ funding request for safety precautions was approved, Assistant Activity Director Maria Roberts presented feedback by club officers, and the Three Year Plan for the Club Management System was presented and approved.
Editorial Notebook

Participating in random acts of kindness

October 10, 2018
During my senior year, I was talking with one of my friends, and you know, we had done all the college tours over the summer, and she was talking about how she went on a tour of Princeton.
Executive Board

Men’s club basketball now Union recognized

October 3, 2018
On Wednesday, September 26, the Executive Board meeting approved the men’s club basketball team, an event for the Philippine American League, and changes to the Club Affiliation & Recognition Policy.
Executive Board

Halal Shack approved for Rathskeller, now open

September 26, 2018
On Wednesday, the Executive Board approved the opening of Halal Shack in the Union, gave money for buses to Alpha Phi Omega, and granted the African Students Association a starter budget.
Executive Board

Rensselyrics placed on probationary status, internal policy changes passed

September 19, 2018
The Executive Board held its second meeting of the year last Wednesday; it included the “punishment” of the Rensselyrics for neglecting financial policy and revisions of the policies regarding room reservations and events.