Executive Board

$5,150 subsidy for BotFactory printer approved

New equipment will decrease wait time from two weeks to 90 minutes

In one of its last meetings of the year, the Executive Board saw a wide array of clubs on its agenda. The RPI Players requested $10,000 for sound equipment, following a $5,150 purchase approval by the RPI Embedded Hardware Club. RPI Ballroom Dance was granted $1,700 due to unexpected circumstances with their annual competition. RPI TV asked the Board to front the cost for coverage of ECAC Hockey at Lake Placid, which they plan to repay with the proceedings from the event. UPAC Cinema asked for a subsidy of $1,500 for the warranty for their faulty projector. Finally, RPI Men’s Club Basketball was given a starter budget of $245.

The RPI Players are putting on Sweeney Todd, a musical with a cast of 24 actors and an orchestra of 26 musicians. Artistic Director of the RPI Players Nick Karalexis ’19 presented, claiming that much of the current sound gear is around 25 years old, and that some was poorly put together by students at the time. Because of this, The Players requested $10,000 to rent sound equipment for the show. President of the Union Justin Etzine asked how this equipment was different from the equipment provided by UPAC Sound. Karalexis responded that UPAC Sound’s speakers are for music-based performances, while their recording is for “intelligibility” and “art” purposes.  

The RPI Players are due for a $70,000 to $90,000 renovation soon. Club Operations Committee Chairperson Caitlin Kennedy ’19 expressed discomfort with approving this rental as well as the impending larger purchase. Club and Organization Representative Cody Kazakoff also added that he did not see how this helped the club long-term. Business Administrator Martha McElligott also pointed out that the group that uses the facility over the summer would not have this sound equipment if it is rented.

Kazakoff asked if it would be possible at all with UPAC Sound equipment. Karalexis responded that they “wouldn’t be able to do an A-Rig show,” although they are borrowing another speaker from them.

The discussion was tabled to allow for other discussion, however upon returning, The Players and Etzine had discussed amending the motion to $8,500 instead of $10,000. This tied 7-7-0. Breaking the tie in favor of the amendment was Secretary Samantha Spano, who had chaired that portion of the meeting due to Etzine stepping out. Then the motion was voted on to allocate the $8,500 for the rental, which passed 13-1-0.

Another requested purchase was $5,150 in additional subsidy for a BotFactory printer by Embedded Hardware. The purchase is intended to “further student abilities in practical electrical engineering,” to allow for a 90-minute iteration time on projects instead of a two to three week wait. The total purchase is $13,000, the rest of which had been from a gift fund. The Board expressed support for this idea, however with several concerns; Etzine said that the School of Engineering should be kept from abusing this student-owned resource, and McElligott said she wanted to have an experienced faculty person more involved with this decision. A motion to approve the purchase passed 14-1-1. This was followed by a unanimous vote to require a faculty advisor as well as another unanimous vote to require training and provide records of use of the printer.

RPI Ballroom Dance explained the situation they were currently in; they have built up the RPI Ballroom Competition over the past 12 years. Last year, over 200 competitors were entered from various colleges, and there were “several hundred spectators.” On very short notice, after having booked the Armory in the fall for the spring event, the competition was kicked out of the venue due to varsity field hockey needing the space. This is the only day that all of the judges are available, this is the day it has been marketed for, and RPI Ballroom Dance no longer had a location. They eventually found a suitable location: Troy’s Boys and Girls Club. They requested $1,700 for the event venue. This passed 15-0-0, however with dissatisfaction that the school had done this on such short notice.

RPI TV has been in contact with ECAC Hockey, which offered to pay for coverage of an event in Lake Placid. In order to cover the event, they need new fiber cables as well as several cameras. ECAC Hockey is covering the cost of housing and transportation. RPI TV requested $10,000 to be fronted for the equipment which would be repaid to the Union, passing 15-0-0.

UPAC Cinema asked for $1,500 for a subsidy on the warranty for their projector. It needs maintenance frequently for the seven-year-old projector, and a replacement would be close to $70,000. This passed 15-0-0.