Staff Editorial

Students, faculty should go to Fall Town Meeting

By The Polytechnic Editorial Board October 31, 2018

Today, on Wednesday, October 31, President Shirley Ann Jackson will hold the Fall Town Meeting from 2–3 pm in the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center. In past meetings, Jackson and her cabinet have spent considerable time fielding questions from the Rensselaer community. 

If you are a student here, you have a direct stake in the success of the Institute. This is one of the best forums in which you can ask questions and voice your opinions. Jackson and most of her cabinet are often in attendance, and this is an opportunity to speak directly to them and ensure you are heard. They serve not only to answer any questions you may have, but to inform the campus as a whole on changes to, and plans for, Rensselaer. The best way to shape these plans as a student is to tell those present exactly how you think you’ll be affected. 

The most recent Spring Town Meeting saw both students and alumni prepared with meaningful questions on a range of topics to be fielded by Jackson and her cabinet members. Since then, Director of the Union Charlie Potts was hired, the Student Senate expressed “dissatisfaction” with the process by which he was hired, the Greek Life Task Force was created, a Safe Ride vehicle was involved in a collision, the GM Week elections were audited, and Sodexo’s contract was renewed.

Whatever the concern, attendance should be your priority. Even as an observer, you’ll get a sense for the campus climate if you’ve been unsure where you stand on certain campus issues. Don’t let your community engagement at RPI stop at quiet expressions of discontent through social media—use this valuable forum to ensure your voice is heard.