March 2024

Executive Board

Union hires Cait Bennett ’23G without Executive Board approval

By Anna Zuniga March 27, 2024

Previous Grand Marshal Cait Bennett ’23G was hired as an Administrative Specialist for the Rensselaer Union. However, she was hired under the discretion of the Director of the Union Dr. Charlie Potts without the knowledge and approval of the Union Executive Board. As per the Union Constitution, the E-Board “shall approve the hiring and continuance of all administrative personnel of the Union.”

GM Week 2024

A week of fun: GM Week 2024

By Anna Zuniga March 27, 2024

Grand Marshal Week 2024 was full of fun campus-wide events and activities. This year’s festivities included the Mxmtoon concert, Provost Picnic, and Formal.

Breaking News

Second debate for GM to be held on April 1, runoff election set for April 3

By Nilay Kapadia March 27, 2024

The Elections Commission has announced a second debate for Monday, April 1 between Grand Marshal candidates Ria Massoni ’24, ’25G and Vivian Rost-Nasshan ’26. The Commission has also set Wednesday, April 3 for the runoff election.

Men'S Lacrosse

Engineers beat down Brewers

By Annelise Eggen-McElmurry March 23, 2024

The Engineers won against the Brewers of Vassar College in an 18-10 game.

Student Senate

Provost discusses first year at Rensselaer

By Riley Sobel March 23, 2024

In the last Student Senate meeting before Grand Marshal Week, Provost Rebecca Doerge meets with members to discuss her first year at Rensselaer.

Executive Board

The Executive Board approves multiple club and Grand Marshal Week related motions

By Megan Waller March 23, 2024

The McNeil room was approved for use for multiple events related to Grand Marshal Week. Subsidies were approved for the Indian Students Association and Badminton Club, a financial reallocation was approved for Bhangra, and the Rensselaer Pride Alliance received permission to hold a club formal.

GM Week 2024

GM Week preliminary election results: Philipps, Khoury elected PU, UP, runoff election to be held for GM

By Nilay Kapadia March 23, 2024

Catherine Philipps ’24, ’25G has been elected President of the Union. Paul Khoury ’26 has elected as Undergraduate President. A runoff election between Ria Massoni ’24, ’25G and Vivian Rost-Nasshan ’26 will be held to elect the Grand Marshal.

GM Week 2024

Candidates face off in GM Week 2024 debates

By Anna Zuniga, Anna Stubbs, and Danlong Zhang March 21, 2024

Five candidates took the stage for the Grand Marshal Week debate moderated by Elections Committee Chairperson Timothy Miles ’24. The debate offered one last chance for the candidates to present themselves to the student body and share their opinions on various topics and issues.


Panhellenic Council endorses Rost-Nasshan, Philipps for GM, PU

By The Panhellenic Council March 20, 2024

The Panhellenic Council endorses Vivian Rost-Nasshan ’26 and Catherine Philipps ’24, ’25G for Grand Marshal and President of the Union.


Catherine Philipps for President of the Union

By The Polytechnic Editorial Board March 17, 2024

The Polytechnic endorses the current-serving President of the Union, Cat Philipps ’24, ’25G. Philipps has put years into student government, already helping numerous clubs gain footing on Rensselaer campus. Within the Executive Board and student government as a whole, she wants to improve communication and accessibility, sharing the work they do with the student body.


Vivian Rost-Nasshan for Grand Marshal

By The Polytechnic Editorial Board March 17, 2024

The Polytechnic endorses Vivian Rost-Nasshan ’26 for Grand Marshal. Rost-Nasshan’s goals to advocate for RPI students through accessibility plans, increasing student projects and improving the Student Senate’s relationships with the student body paves the way for a bright, cohesive future within the Student Senate in the coming year.

Candidate Profile

Vivian Rost-Nasshan candidate profile

By Vivian Rost-Nasshan March 17, 2024

Grand Marshal candidate Vivian Rost-Nasshan ’26 answers questions about her candidacy.

Candidate Profile

Catherine Philipps candidate profile

By Catherine Philipps March 17, 2024

President of the Union candidate Catherine Philipps ’24, ’25G answers questions about her candidacy.

Candidate Profile

Joseph Bowers candidate profile

By Joseph Bowers March 17, 2024

President of the Union candidate Joseph Bowers ’25 answers questions about his candidacy.

Candidate Profile

Paul Khoury candidate profile

By Paul Khoury March 17, 2024

Undergraduate President candidate Paul Khoury ’26 answers questions about his candidacy.

Candidate Profile

Ria Massoni candidate profile

By Ria Massoni March 17, 2024

Grand Marshal candidate Ria Massoni ’24, ’25G answers questions about her candidacy.


Current Grand Marshal Ben Viner endorses Vivian Rost-Nasshan for GM

By Ben Viner March 17, 2024

Current Grand Marshal Ben Viner ’24 endorses Academic Affairs Committee Chairperson and Independent Senator Vivian Rost-Nasshan ’26 for GM.

Editorial Notebook

How I addressed social anxiety

By Nirav Banerji March 15, 2024

News Coordinator Nirav Banerji ’27 discusses how he has learned to deal with his social anxiety and other insecurities effectively.

Editorial Notebook

Healing aura or deadly radiation?

By Ryan Gibeau March 13, 2024

Associate Composing Editor Ryan Gibeau ’26 discusses how some stores that advertise healing rocks and crystals potentially unknowingly sell radioactive items, which could lead to adverse health effects.

Editorial Notebook

Why you should watch Severance

By Riley Sobel March 13, 2024

Associate Sports Editor Riley Sobel ’27 recommends the Apple TV+ original show, Severance, created by Dan Erickson.

Executive Board

RPI Math Club gets affiliated, budgetary motions passed

By March 13, 2024

RPI Math Club approached the Executive Board for Union affiliation, RPI Code Red, Union Show Techs, RPI Quadball presented their need for additional subsidies

Student Senate

Senate works on temporarily reducing parking ticket costs

By Anna Zuniga March 13, 2024

The Senate passed a motion urging the administration to reduce parking fees until May 26, 2024.