November 2023

Editorial Notebook

The benefits of digital thrift shopping

By Sophie March November 28, 2023

Associate Copy Editor Sophie March ’27 explains some of the possible benefits of digital secondhand shopping as well as strategies to shop online more effectively.

Editorial Notebook

Horror movies are really for Christmas

By Riley Sobel November 28, 2023

Associate Sports Editor Riley Sobel ’27 explains why horror movies are best after Halloween.

Editorial Notebook

Why you should read Warbreaker and Leviathan Wakes

By Xenia Khusid November 28, 2023

Warbreaker and Leviathan Wakes are very different books but a comparison highlights why each one is so engaging.

On-Campus Event

Leveling up at the Rensselaer Games Showcase

By Anna Stubbs November 28, 2023

Rensselaer’s Game Development Club hosted their 2023 Game Development Showcase, featuring creative projects from many RPI students.

On-Campus Event

HackRPI X sets out to “Change the World

By Anna Stubbs November 27, 2023

Rensselaer’s HackRPI Organizing Team held their tenth annual hackathon in the Darrin Communications Center, providing participants with competition, advice and experience.

Restaurant Review

Bubble tea splashes into Troy

By Anna Zuniga and Marissa Ho November 27, 2023

A new Gong cha location opens in Troy.

Student Senate

Grand Marshal, Provost hold discussion

By Nilay Kapadia November 20, 2023

The Student Senate hosted Provost Dr. Rebecca Doerge for a discussion on the future of Rensselaer on Monday, November 6.

On-Campus Event

Exploring Dungeons & Dragons with the RPI Players’ performance of She Kills Monsters

By Soma Patra November 20, 2023

Editor-In-Chief Soma Patra ’26 recounts the RPI Players’ colorful performance of She Kills Monsters this past weekend.

Executive Board

Budget released for Fiscal Year 2025

By Riley Sobel November 20, 2023

The Executive Board prepared for the release of Fiscal Year 2025 budgets.

Women's Hockey

No. 5 Clarkson claims win with five unanswered goals

By Andrew Days November 8, 2023

After Rensselaer’s Marah Wagner scored early in the first period, the No. 5 Clarkson Golden Knights tallied five unanswered goals to secure a 5‒1 victory over the Engineers.

Editorial Notebook

The Beatles release a final song 46 years in the making

By John Molloy November 8, 2023

Associate Editorial/Opinion Editor John Molloy ’26 discusses the last Beatles song that will ever be released with all four members.

Album Review

Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP2 ages decently after 10 years

By John Molloy November 8, 2023

Associate Editorial/Opinion Editor John Molloy ’26 reviews Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP2, released in November 2013.

Executive Board

Executive Board receives new furniture for the Student Government Suite

By Alexis Vallier November 8, 2023

The Executive Board discussed the couches, tables, and chairs they received from Jon Kessler ’79 ’82G and continued administrative budgeting.

Student Senate

Senate to implement facilities projects

By Nirav Banerji November 1, 2023

The Senate passed a motion to begin work on several Facilities and Services Committee projects. In addition, Vivian Rost-Nasshan ’26 was appointed an Independent Senator.


Engineers exterminate Yellowjackets

By Theo Olinkiewicz November 1, 2023

The Engineers defeated the University of Rochester Yellowjackets 49‒10.

Album Review

Taylor Swift gives the “Taylor’s Version” treatment to 1989

By John Molloy November 1, 2023

Associate Editorial/Opinion Editor John Molloy ’26 reviews Taylor Swift’s latest re-recorded album, 1989 (Taylor's Version).

Editorial Notebook

How reading became my favorite hobby and saved my grades

By Alexis Vallier November 1, 2023

Associate Features Editor Alexis Vallier ’27 shares how reading instead of scrolling has altered her lifestyle and how she believes it can help others.