March 2018

Album Review

Vance Joy’s Nation of Two offers listeners relaxing, somber sound

By Pragati Pant March 28, 2018
Released late February, Vance Joy’s second studio album, Nation of Two, showcases the singer’s signature sound through a variety of songs.
Town Meeting

Jackson addresses recent concerns

By Brookelyn Parslow March 28, 2018
“I’ll be happy to answer questions, but what I thought we would do is, since I know a number of you received this flyer—we thought we would just walk through these questions and give you answers to them,” said President Shirley Ann Jackson during the Spring Town Meeting at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center on March 22.
Executive Board

Process for handling conflicts of interest codified in new policy

By Jonathan Caicedo March 28, 2018
Vice President of the Union Rasika Ekhalikar ’18 opened the March 22 meeting of the Executive Board with three major items on the agenda.
Top Hat

GM reflects on past year, thanks all who helped

By Justin Etzine March 28, 2018
RPI, I am stunned at how quickly the year has flown by! Today marks my final Top Hat column to you all as your 152nd grand marshal.

Withholding Union donations hurts students

By Matthew Rand March 28, 2018
Since its inception in 1890, the Rensselaer Union has been an organization dedicated to the advancement of students.
Student Senate

Faculty Senate rep now student-elected

By Nicholas Luczak March 28, 2018
The Student Senate held its second to last meeting on Wednesday. The Senate planned to wrap up the year by presenting a finished senator guide, announcing the annual Lupus Walk, and approving a motion which aimed to outline the election and appointment of a student representative on the Faculty Senate.
Letter To The Editor

Responses to student concerns at Spring Town Meeting misleading, disappointing

By Save the Union March 28, 2018
To the RPI Community: According to Dr. Jackson, the concerns of hundreds of students are nothing more than over amplified dissent, worthy only of a dismissive acknowledgement.
Editorial Notebook

Advice for springtime

By Peter Begonja March 28, 2018
As the temperatures slowly increase and the snow on the ground diminishes, it finally seems that winter is over.
Research Spotlight

Using high tech in circular economies

By Anahit Hovhannisyan March 28, 2018
Driven by interests in humanities and science, Professor Ron Eglash conducts research surrounding “generative justice,” a research framework he has created.
Top Hat

RPI foils free speech again

By Justin Etzine March 21, 2018
Hello RPI, I hope you had an enjoyable Spring Break, and that it gave you the chance to recharge before we begin our last leg of the academic year.
Album Review

Indie album showcases versatility in new sound

By Pragati Pant March 21, 2018
Released March 9, The Neigbourhood came out just as Spring Break started. I knew I was about to spend a relaxing week at home, and an album by The Neighbourhood, one of my favorite bands, was exactly what I craved.
Movie Review

Red Sparrow different than expected

By Elena Smalline March 21, 2018
The Red Sparrow, starring Jennifer Lawrence, is a strange movie with many varying sequences of events.
Campus Security

Students told to leave campus

By Darby Burns March 21, 2018
While handing out “Renew Rensselaer” buttons to the student population, graduate student Michael Gardner was ordered by Public Safety officers to either stop or leave campus.
Editorial Notebook

Developing self-confidence

By Anna Koenig March 21, 2018
Over Spring Break, I went to Miami, Florida with a few of my friends. Once we bought our tickets, we immediately began planning all of the fun things we could do there, becoming especially excited about going to the beach.
Executive Board

Changes made to Special Rules of Order

By Jonathan Caicedo March 21, 2018
This week’s meeting of the Executive Board was opened by President of the Union Matthew Rand ’19, with the agenda containing several proposals from various on-campus organizations, and discussion on changes to the Board’s Special Rules of Order.
Food Review

Instant noodle review

By Anahit Hovhannisyan March 21, 2018
Ramen is classic to college campuses all around the US. Have we ever considered which brand is the best? Members of The Poly, including Anna Koenig ’21, Serge Piskun ’20, Crystal Vejar ’20, and I aim to find out.
Student Senate

Division of Student Life presents accomplishments, future plans

By Brookelyn Parslow March 21, 2018
On Wednesday, March 7, members of the Division of Student Life gathered in the Shelnutt Gallery to present on the past year of progress and goals for the future, and get input and feedback from the Student Senate.
Movie Review

Hola horror genre, adios sleep schedule

By Weston Brousseau March 21, 2018
I am not usually a horror movie person, so when my best friend and I sat down to watch Veronica while we teased “I’m not scared, you’re scared,” we had no idea what were in for.
Staff Editorial

Why not change Rensselaer?

By The Poly Editorial Board March 21, 2018
With seemingly high levels of discontent and complaints coming from the Rensselaer community through protests and social media, The Polytechnic Editorial Board hopes to see students act on these feelings through increased civic engagement.
Editorial Notebook

Take advantage of every single moment

By Jonathan Caicedo March 7, 2018
On average, each of us gets 27,375 days. That’s it. 657,000 hours. Each and every moment of our existence is an opportunity—an opportunity to do great things, to enjoy life, and be the best version of ourselves we can be.
Executive Board

Dance Team funds approved for nationals

By Darby Burns March 7, 2018
On Thursday, the Dance Team received additional funds to help cover the cost of attending nationals, and the Global Medical Brigades asked for the rest of the money necessary to cover the cost of a bus to the airport for their trip to Honduras.
Joint Top Hat & Derby

Addressing transparency issues in StuGov

By Justin Etzine and Matthew Rand March 7, 2018
Hello everyone! We are joining you this week to talk together about how the Senate and the Executive Board plan to address issues regarding transparency and accountability in our organizations.
Student Senate

New official Union logo approved

By Nicholas Luczak March 7, 2018
The Student Senate opened with a busy agenda of special orders including a ceremonial motion, ratification of a composting proposal, approval of the new Union Logo, and the discussion and vote on proposed constitutional amendments.
On-Campus Event

Genericon: unique, inclusive, organized

By Nicholas Luczak March 7, 2018
This weekend, students found themselves walking into or around the Darrin Communications Center and wondering, ”What is going on?” Genericon is on its 31st year, and never fails to draw all types of people—from the dedicated furry, to the anime-obsessed, to the hardcore gamer.
Editorial Notebook

Make sure you vote

By Darby Burns March 7, 2018
I know many of you are already aware, but in case you missed it, election season is starting here at Rensselaer.
Drink Review

Trendy alcohol option underwhelms in taste

By Maria Kozdroy March 7, 2018
After seeing multiple Facebook news articles raving about Angry Orchard’s new Rosé Cider, I really wanted to try it.