Drink Review

Trendy alcohol option underwhelms in taste

By Maria Kozdroy March 7, 2018

After seeing multiple Facebook news articles raving about Angry Orchard’s new Rosé Cider, I really wanted to try it. Five days later, I finally got the chance; a friend of mine purchased a variety pack of ciders, and lo and behold, the newly acclaimed Rosé was in the pack.

First off, the color of the beverage itself is a pretty pink, typical of a rosé drink. I took my first sip with excitement, only to be a tad underwhelmed. It reminds me of a champagne and not so much an Angry Orchard Cider. Made from a variety of apples, including rare ones from France, I was expecting an exotic apple taste, but failed to find it. It’s worth saying I tried it, as it has been hyped up tremendously, but I think I’ll stick with the classic crisp apple flavor next time.