Editorial Notebook

Developing self-confidence

Reflecting on personal growth

By Anna Koenig March 21, 2018

Over Spring Break, I went to Miami, Florida with a few of my friends. Once we bought our tickets, we immediately began planning all of the fun things we could do there, becoming especially excited about going to the beach. Yet, as a trip to the beach might warrant, we all were pretty nervous having to deal with the so-called “perfect” beach body stereotype.

In the months leading up to our trip, each of us developed our own personalized regimens to try and get the desired body type. It was the main topic of most of our discussions, until I finally realized how arbitrary the concept really was.

Throughout my life, my weight has always fluctuated. Looking back at pictures, it’s so interesting to see how different my body was compared to now. Even in the past year, I have lost over 30 pounds. Though losing the weight felt like a great accomplishment, I am in no way a person who is completely confident with my body. No matter, leading up to my Spring Break, I have become much more okay with not having a flatter stomach or no stretch marks.

Diets and exercise are always good to help maintain personal health, but they shouldn’t be motivated by your fears and anxieties brought about by unreasonable standards for what you should be. Reminding myself of how there are no guidelines to a beautiful and healthy body will help push me to become more comfortable with how I look.