Editorial Notebook

Advice for springtime

By Peter Begonja March 28, 2018

As the temperatures slowly increase and the snow on the ground diminishes, it finally seems that winter is over. After a cold and snowy winter, spring has finally arrived. Soon, the warmer temperatures will give us more opportunities to spend time outdoors. The season of spring is the perfect time to go outside and enjoy nature. However, there are certain precautions that are to be considered in order to have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors. With it being a good exercise, hiking allows you to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer. With the forest experiencing new growth during the spring, there are many different types of flowers, trees, and other flora to experience. Within an hour drive of the capital region, there are many different trails of varying difficulties to hike. However, if you choose to go hiking, you should consider several things to make sure you have a pleasurable experience. First, you should make sure to check the weather forecast since spring weather can sometimes be unpredictable. Also, make sure that you wear the proper attire since hiking in the spring can often be wet as a result of the melting snow. Consider bringing a jacket or another layer of clothing since the temperatures can also vary significantly. Some of the advantages of hiking during this time include seeing waterfalls larger than their usual size from the snow melting and the lack of pesky insects in the woods.

Spring time is also known as the time for allergies. All the new growth outside produces a significant amount of pollen in the air. It is estimated by the FDA that over thirty six million individuals suffer from pollen related allergies in the United States every year. Your body mistakes the harmless pollen for something else and produces a response which causes many people to experience irritation and inflammation. Since there is no cure for this, it is best to take several actions to avoid the discomfort. First, you can avoid long time exposure outdoors when the pollen count is very high. Similarly, pollen levels are highest from midday into the afternoon. There are many different medications that can be taken in order to lessen the symptoms of allergies. Nasal sprays, eye drops, and anti-histamines are common types of medications that help individuals who suffer from pollen related allergies.

The spring time offers us with many opportunities to go outside and enjoy nature. As the days get longer, we have more opportunities to enjoy the bright sunshine and the warmer weather. As long as we keep certain precautions in mind, all of us can have a safe and enjoyable season.