January 2020

On-Campus Event

Winter Carnival warms students’ spirits with fun, activities

By Sarah Shiang January 29, 2020

The Winter Carnival was held just in time as the snow melted away in Troy. The theme was “There’s Snow Place Like Home.” After students checked in, they were free to play games outdoors, free skate, or explore the activities.

Staff Editorial

The high price of GM Week

By The Polytechnic Editorial Board January 29, 2020

With only seven members listed in the Union Annual Report, the 2019 GM Week Committee was given about $52,000 to prepare for events; this is budgeted from a pool of money that includes student activity fees and income from Union vendors.

Editorial Notebook

Remembering Kobe Bryant

By Pragati Pant January 29, 2020

It’s been a few days since basketball legend Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash and I am still having trouble processing it.


The role of an Executive Board representative

By Caitlin Kennedy January 29, 2020

President of the Union Caitlin Kennedy explains the roles of Executive Board representatives and their relationships with Union clubs.

Top Hat

Why you should care about the Student Senate Survey

By Meagan Lettko January 29, 2020

Grand Marshal Meagan Lettko urges students to complete the Senate Survey—which is one of the primary ways that the Senate gathers constituent opinions—and addresses a privacy issue with the platform that has since been resolved.

Student Senate

“Hail!” endorsed as RPI student fight song

By Medhini Mankale January 29, 2020

“Hail! Dear Old Rensselaer” was endorsed as the official fight song of students by the Senate after a petition advocating for this change reached 275 signatures.

Men'S Hockey

Revenge is a dish best served Savory

By Andrew Days January 29, 2020

After losing in a shootout during last year’s Mayor’s Cup, the Engineers bring the Mayor’s Cup home to Troy after defeating Union in a similar fashion.

Staff Editorial

Tech problems at a tech school

By The Polytechnic Editorial Board January 22, 2020

As an editorial board, we believe it is important to discuss the reliability of the websites controlled by people at Rensselaer as well as the fluctuating Wi-Fi connection on campus. Both issues affect the daily lives of students and deserve a discussion.

Student Senate

Constituency report brings grad student situations to light

By Medhini Mankale January 22, 2020

The main issues brought to light through the report include low pay, comparatively low usage of Union resources, and tense student-advisor relations.


What makes Thunder Mountain Curry special

By John Stotz January 22, 2020

The Polytechnic sat down with the co-founder of Thunder Mountain Curry to discuss how it came to be and why it is loved on campus.

Editorial Notebook

Women’s hockey must do better

By Andrew Days January 22, 2020

Sports editor Andrew Days sheds light on the women’s hockey team’s season thus far.

Women's Hockey

Engineers outclassed in loss to Yale Bulldogs

By Andrew Days January 22, 2020

The Rensselaer women's hockey team suffered another defeat to Yale this weekend, bringing their record to 0‒23‒1 and extending their losing streak to 17 games.


Facility upgrades you may have missed

By Caitlin Kennedy January 22, 2020

I hope you had a great first week of classes and are ready to get back to work. While you were home resting, the Rensselaer Union was undergoing some quick upgrades.

Behind the URL

Why we don't publish anonymous letters to the editors

By John Stotz and Brookelyn Parslow January 15, 2020

Our feelings about anonymous articles have evolved over recent years, so we want to take this time to explain the thought process behind the decision not to publish the submission. This is a new type of article in our Opinion section—dubbed “behind the URL”—that will be used by members of the Editorial Board to give a behind-the-scenes look at our organization and decisions.

Club Spotlight

DFA offers unique solutions to community problems

By Medhini Mankale January 15, 2020

Recently, Design for America had two major events—the annual Design Expo and a fall Dinner Party—that highlighted the work that DFA members do to better the community.

Empac Event

Artfully acoustic architecture explained

By Anushka Potdar January 15, 2020

I attended acoustician Zachery Belanger's talk "Sound: A New Approach to Integrating Architectural Design and Acoustics" at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center last semester. This talk offered a rewarding deep-dive into the process of how EMPAC spaces are designed, the challenges of the collaboration of architects and acousticians, and a vision for the future of acoustics and architecture.


Accessibility on campus is important, but overlooked

By Audrey Beard January 15, 2020

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is morally obligated to provide accessibility to all parts of campus for all students, regardless of ability. I truly can’t believe this needs to be said, but this idea is apparently controversial.


Why I’m glad capstone is over

By Michelle Samour January 15, 2020

Multidisciplinary Capstone Design is a course where students across many majors take part in a semester-long project. It sounds like it has the potential to be a great resume booster for those lacking experience elsewhere, but some things are better in theory than in practice.

On-Campus Event

A not-so silent night: Rensselaer Music Association’s Winter Concert

By Sarah Shiang January 13, 2020

From Christmas classics to musical arrangements written by Rensselaer students, the annual Winter Concert hosted by the Rensselaer Music Association was a treat for all who attended.